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How to Use Skype Meeting

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2024-04-02 16:20:04 • Filed to: Software for Reseller • Proven solutions

You may be familiar with Skype, but most people are unfamiliar with Skype Meeting. Skype Meeting is a new video conferencing tool owned by Microsoft. It is a free service that allows small businesses to hold meetings remotely. Like most other video conferencing tools, you can schedule meetings using Skype Meetings and share the permanent URL they can use to join the meeting.

In this article, we are going to share with you how you can use Skype Meeting to schedule and hold meetings. We are also going to share with you some other tools that you can use in place of Skype Meeting.

What Skype Meeting is and How to Use

Like we've already mentioned, Skype Meeting is a video conferencing tool by Microsoft aimed at small businesses. It is completely free to use and comes with a number of very useful features to choose from. With this tool you can create and schedule meetings, join a group video meeting and even share the screen or use white board feature using PowerPoint.

Using Skype Meeting is also very easy to use. Just follow these simple steps to use Skype Meeting:

  • Step 1: Go to Skype Meeting official page to access the tool.
  • Step 2: Click on the "Start a Free Meeting" button to begin the process.
  • Step 3: Now, enter your first name, last name and email address. It is important that these credentials match your Office 365 login. If you don't have an Office 356 account, you may have to create one before you can use Skype Meeting.
  • Step 4: Once you enter your details, a Skype Meeting installer will be downloaded. Click "Run" to install the tool on your computer.
  • Step 5: You will need to verify your email address before you can continue. To do that, simply click on "Verify address" and follow the instructions provided.
  • Step 6: You can the invite people via email address to join a meeting. Enter their email addresses and click on "Send Invitations" You can also copy the meeting URL and send the link to them via email.
  • Step 7: At the time of the meeting, click on "Meet Now" to start the meeting and a Skype chat window will open where you can hold your meeting.

Top 3 Skype Meeting Alternatives in 2022

Skype Meeting is a great tool but it has a few limitations such as the fact that you have to have an Office365 account. If you would rather not use Skype Meeting, the following three alternatives should come in handy:

1. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is the best Skype Meeting alternative for businesses whose main goal is to hold webinars to share product demonstrations or provide information about a service. It is built to make it easy for businesses to hold webinars and meetings with additional features geared towards lead generation.

skype meeting


  • It is the ideal tool for product demos and marketing webinars.
  • A call to action button that can appear during the live webinar offers the best way to generate leads for your business.
  • It comes with a fully featured free trial that allows up to 25 attendees on the webinar or meeting.
  • Customize invitations, profile, timeline and your logos etc.
  • The tool will analyze all your events and generate report of the attendee statistic for you to predict and improve.
  • Host HD video meetings and webinars for better experience.
  • It has a thank you page for you to connect with the attendee.
  • It is the best tool to help you get business leads.


  • Nothing find till now.

2. Google Hangouts

This is a great free alternative to Skype Meeting and all you need to access it is your primary Google account. Although this option may limit the number of people who can attend the meeting, it easily integrates with all other Google features including Gmail and calendar for easy scheduling.

join skype meeting


  • It is free to use with no premium options
  • It easily integrates with all other Google services
  • It is easily available on all browsers and works well on Chrome


  • You need a plugin to use it
  • It lacks most advanced features including dual video streaming
  • The video and audio quality is not great

3. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting and its sister tool GoToWebinar was for the longest time the go-to solution for video conferencing and webinar services for most businesses. Although it has lost some of its market share, it still remains a viable alternative to Skype Meeting. It is easy with numerous advanced features that allow users to even record the meeting or webinar and share the recording with attendees easily.

skype group call


  • It is very easy to use with a very simple to follow user interface
  • Creating and scheduling meetings with GoToMeeting is a very simple process
  • It comes with a fully featured free trial version that doesn't require a credit card


  • Although it has numerous features, it lacks some advanced meeting features like polling
  • The premium tool can be very expensive
  • You must get GoToWebinar separately if you want to host webinars

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