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A Guide on How to Separate PDF Pages Online

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PDF is a popular and highly used file format across many fields because of the ease of sharing and portability. Handling large PDF files is time-consuming and tiresome. If you only need some sections/pages of a PDF file, you can separate these pages and spare your time and energy.

Fortunately, you can easily tap on the many options to separate PDF pages online. However, this is not an easy ride if you are an amateur. This article takes you through 3 methods to separate PDF pages online.

separate pdf pages online

Separate PDF Pages With Online PDF Editing Tools

Online PDF editing tools are websites that provide users with the interface and features to edit PDF files. Therefore, you need the internet to access and use these online tools. There are a handful of good online PDF editors to separate PDF pages, and HiPDF is one of them.

HiPDF is designed with simplicity but with great functionality. This tool allows users to separate PDF pages based on different criteria, including all pages, equal parts, and even pages. This program lets you preview your selections and separate your PDF pages without limitations. It is free, secure, efficient, fast, and compatible with many browsers and devices.

How To Separate PDF Pages Online With HiPDF

Separating pages in PDF with HiPDF is easy and can be done by anyone. Without further ado, let's jump into how to separate PDF pages online with HiPDF.

Step 1. Upload PDF to the HiPDF split page.

Open a suitable browser on your device and visit the HiPDF separate PDF pages online. Click the "CHOOSE FILE" button and upload the target file from the subsequent file explorer window. Alternatively, drag the PDF file and drop it on the program's interface.

hipdf separate pdf page

Step 2. Choose the page separation criterion.

When the PDF file is uploaded, head to the "Split PDF file" section and choose a suitable PDF page separation criterion.

hipdf separation pdf page criterion

Step 3. Tap the "SPLIT" button.

When satisfied, click the "SPLIT PAGES VISUALLY" or "SPLIT" option.

hipdf split pdf page

Step 4. Download the separated files.

The program will immediately commence the process of separating your PDF pages. When the process is over, click the "Download" button to fetch the separated files to your device.

hipdf download separated pdf

Separate PDF Pages With Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a popular browser, but many people don't know that they can use Chrome to separate PDF pages.

Google Chrome provides additional functionalities, such as printing a PDF directly from its interface. With this printing functionality, you can separate PDF pages with ease. You simply select the desired page range and save that segment/page as a separate PDF. You then repeat the entire process until you obtain the desired pages.

How To Separate PDF Pages With Google Chrome

Follow the steps below to separate your PDF pages online with Google Chrome.

Step 1. Open PDF with Chrome.

Right-click the target PDF file on your computer, then hover the cursor over the "Open With" option. From the options displayed, select "Google Chrome." Your PDF file will open in a new tab on Google Chrome.

chrome open pdf

Step 2. Click the "Print" icon.

Go to the top-right of the page and click the "Print" icon to access the "Print" window.

chrome print page

Step 3. Print the selected pages as a separate PDF.

Click the "Destination" drop-down icon and select the "Save as PDF" option. Click the "Pages" drop-down arrow and select the "Custom" option. Enter the desired page range in the respective field, then click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

chrome save pdf

On the subsequent output window, choose the desired file location and click "Save" to save the separated page range. Repeat the process for the other page ranges until you are done.

chrome separate pdf

Separate PDF Pages With Chrome Extension

Other than using Chrome's inbuilt functionality, you can use a suitable Google Chrome extension to separate PDF pages online. A Chrome extension is a program that you install in the Chrome browser. It is like an app attached to Chrome that you can open and access directly from the Chrome page.

There are many Chrome extensions in the market that you can use to separate PDF pages. Curating the long list will consume your time and energy. Split PDF Files is one of the best tools to separate PDF pages online. The interface is simple, and you won't experience major navigation challenges. Just install it on your Google Chrome and get started.

How To Separate PDF Pages With Chrome Extension-Split PDF Files

The following steps illustrate how to separate PDF pages with Chrome extension - Split PDF Files.

Step 1. Install the "Split PDF Files" extension.

To begin with, install Split PDF Files in Chrome. To do this, open your Chrome browser, navigate to Google Workspace Marketplace, and search "Split PDF Files." Select the app and click the "Install" button. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation.

split pdf files extension

Step 2. Open PDF with the "Split PDF Files" extension.

Open your Google Drive account and select the PDF file you want to separate its page. Right-click and hover the cursor over the "Open With" option. Select "Split PDF Files" from the displayed list.

On the Split PDF File interface, you should see your uploaded PDF file. You can upload it from Google Drive or PC by clicking the respective button if it is not there.

open split pdf files extension

Step 3. Choose the pages that you want to separate.

In the "Choose Pages" section, enter the range of pages you want in your final output file. When satisfied, click the "Split" button and wait for the process to complete.

choose separate page range extension

Step 4. Download the separated files.

When the process is completed, click the "Download to your Computer" or "Save to Google Drive" button.

split pdf files download separated pdf

Limitations of Separating PDF Pages Online

Although separating PDF files online is free and can be done anywhere, these platforms have inherent drawbacks. You cannot, therefore, bank on them for complex or important PDF tasks. Some of the limitations of separating PDF pages online include:

  • Online tools require a steady internet connection. They cannot function without an internet connection.
  • There is an increased vulnerability to security and privacy threats because files are uploaded online. It is not, therefore, suitable for files with private data.
  • Online platforms have limited features and are unsuitable for handling complex PDF tasks like those with rich media files.
  • They are slow with larger PDF files.

Wondershare PDFelement – Separating PDF Pages Online Alternative

The limitations of online tools mean they cannot be trusted to handle complex, important, and sensitive PDF files. The good news is that offline PDF editor tools overcome these shortcomings and give you a good platform to separate PDF pages. However, you cannot get effective and quality output without suitable offline PDF editing software.

Fortunately, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor offers the best platform to separate your PDF files offline. This program is feature-rich, fast, easy to use, affordable, and compatible with many devices. This program allows users to separate PDF pages based on the number of pages or top-level bookmarks. Wondershare gives you the freedom to customize how you want to separate your PDF files and meet your needs.

How To Separate PDF Pages With Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is straightforward, and all levels of users can navigate it with ease. The following steps illustrate how to separate PDF pages with Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 1Open PDF with Wondershare PDFelement.

Download, install, and launch Wondershare PDFelement on your computer. Click the "Open Files" button and upload the PDF file you want to separate its pages.

wondershare pdfelement interface
Step 2Click the "Split" button and choose the separation criteria.

Once uploaded, head to the "Page" tab and click the "Split" icon from the secondary menu. From the subsequent "Split" window, select the criteria you want to use to separate your PDF pages. Just choose the "Split by number of pages" option and enter the desired maximum number of pages per file.

wondershare pdfelement separation criteria
Step 3Set the output folder and separate the files.

When you are done, click the "OK" button to exit the dialog box and trigger the process of separating PDF pages on your PDF file. When the success notification is displayed, click the "OK" button and find the separated PDF pages in the destination folder.

wondershare pdfelement separate file


After going through this article, it is clear that you can use several ways to separate PDF pages. While all these ways are helpful, they don't have the same capabilities. Therefore, you ought to choose a method that is best for you.

For quick and easy PDF separation tasks, an online method would be your choice. While separating large PDF files or handling complex PDF tasks without active internet connections, you can easily see that an offline tool, like Wondershare PDFelement, offers immense capabilities. You can download the free trial version or upgrade to the premium version to get an unmatchable experience.

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