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Tools You Can Use to Deskew a Scanned PDF File

Did you scan a document, but the output looks skewed? Don't worry. There's an easy solution to this problem. Here are the best tools you can use to deskew the PDF.

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So, you have a scanned document in hand. However, you can't pass the skewed one on to someone else. Or, you can't review your lesson properly because the skewness triggers your OCD. So, you must deskew that PDF. Of course, you would need a reliable PDF tool to do that.

In this article, you will find three of the best PDF tools that allow you to correct the alignment in your PDF file. Also, you will find tutorials about how to use the said tools.

skewed scanned document screenshot

The Problem With Skewed PDF Files

Picture this. Your exam is tomorrow. You asked your classmate for a reviewer, and they sent you a scanned PDF. However, they did not scan the document properly - it is not straight. While you can still use it as a reviewer, it's not preferable.

The document in question has a problem with readability. Therefore, it would not be effective as a reviewer. You need to tilt your head to read the content quickly. That could cause physical discomfort. So, instead of making do with the skewed PDF file, why not deskew it first?

How To Straighten A Scanned PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

acrobat pro enhanced scans feature

You can use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to fix scanned PDF files that are lopsided. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.
  2. Open the skewed scanned PDF.
  3. On the top menu, click
  4. You can use two tools from this software: a.) Enhanced Scans and b.) Optimize PDF. Select either one.

A. Using the Enhanced Scans tool

  1. After opening Enhanced Scans, click Recognize Text at the top center of the screen.
  2. Click In This File.
  3. On the menu that will drop down, click Recognize Text. You can also specify the page you want to straighten first.
  4. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC will use its OCR function to deskew the document. Wait for the loading to finish, and you are done.

B. Using the Optimize PDF tool

  1. After clicking Optimize PDF, click Optimize Scanned Pages on the top center of the screen.
  2. Adjust the quality you want the deskewed PDF to be using the slider, then click
  3. You will see a text at the bottom saying "Optimizing." Once it is done, you will see a straightened version of the PDF.

Note: Sometimes, this method makes some characters unrecognizable.

How To Deskew A Scanned PDF Using PDFelement

For any problem with PDFs, Wondershare PDFelement has a solution. PDFelement is a PDF tool filled with many features users like you would find very handy. It allows you to create, convert, merge PDFs, and do many others. And with the tools that PDFelement offers, you can deskew a crooked PDF file.


1. Open the skewed scanned PDF on PDFelement.

a skewed pdf on pdfelement

2. Click Perform OCR from the notification bar or OCR from the floating buttons on the right side of the screen.

ocr buttons in pdfelement

3. In the "Scan Option" section, select Scan to Editable Text.

pdfelement ocr scan options

4. Specify the pages of the PDF you want to straighten. (Optional)

pdfelement ocr page range options

5. Select the languages used in the scanned PDF.

pdfelement language recognition options

6. Click.

submitting ocr settings on pdfelement

7. Wait for PDFelement to finish performing OCR on the document. After it is done, you will see that the text is no longer lopsided.

deskewed pdf on pdfelement

8. Edit the document as you please.

edited pdf on pdfelement after straightening


Very rarely, PDFelement would put words on individual boxes. That makes it difficult to edit. When that happens, close the document outputted by the OCR. Then, perform OCR on the original file again.

After deskewing the PDF, you may notice that the background is a little messy. If it is not important, select it and press Backspace or Delete from your keyboard.

Other Things You Can Do Using PDFelement

PDFelement's reliability as a PDF tool is unparalleled. Why? Because it allows you to do so many things.

For starters, PDFelement allows you to edit PDFs as if you are editing documents on Microsoft Word. You can change the font styles, colors, and sizes of the text on the PDF. Similarly, you can change the styles and colors of shapes.

Not only that, but PDFelement also allows you to add text, images, and shapes to the document. Do you need to add links or watermarks to your PDF file? PDFelement also allows you to do that.

You can also turn non-fillable forms made in Word, Excel, or another application into a fillable and editable PDF form. It only takes one click.

PDFelement's toolkit also contains many markup tools. You can use this software to add highlights and comments. You can also take notes, annotate, and monitor changes.

Adding signatures to your PDFs is also important, especially for professionals. You can sign documents or create legally-binding signature fields using PDFelement.

You just learned how to deskew PDF files using PDFelement's OCR tool. That's only one of many uses. You can also use this tool to extract from images.

For example, your friend in Korea sent you an item. It comes with a note, but you can't comprehend it since it is written in Korean. Using PDFelement's OCR tool then its translation tool will help you understand what the note says. PDFelement can translate into over 100 languages.

Again, these are only a few things you can do with PDFelement besides deskewing a PDF file.

How To Deskew A PDF File Online

Don't you have enough space on your computer for another program? Do not worry; there are online alternatives for deskewing a PDF file. Sejda stands out among these options. Here's how to use this tool:

sejda website interfacee
  1. Open a web browser on your device.
  2. Visit Sejda's website.
  3. Click Upload PDF Files. Optionally, expand the drop-down menu to select Dropbox, Google Drive, or You can also use the URL of the PDF you want to deskew.
  4. Select the PDF files you want to straighten.
  5. Click Sejda's deskew algorithm will fix the alignment of the PDF file's content. Then, Sejda would delete the original PDF.
  6. After Sejda rotates the PDF file's content, click Download to get the deskewed PDF. Sejda will delete the file after 2 hours. So, download it as soon as possible.


To deskew a PDF file is not that difficult. All you need is to know the right tools for the job. The three mentioned above are the most reliable ones. PDFelement is an attractive option as it is for more than just straightening your PDF file. It also comes with many other tools that can help increase your productivity.

With this knowledge in mind, lopsided scanned PDF files will no longer bother you. You know what to do to easily and quickly fix them.

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