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5 Solutions to Free Up iPhone/iPad Space on iOS 13

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2024-04-07 11:22:53 • Filed to: Free Apps • Proven solutions

iPads and iPhones have different storage sizes, which should be well managed to avoid having had experiences. Some iDevice users get to enjoy 16 GB of space, while others are luckier with 512 GB. Since some of the most interesting apps continue increasing in size as your media galleries grow bigger, you may have to free up space on your iPhone 13/12/11/XR/XS/8/7/6 or iPad on iOS 13.

There are multiple ways to free up storage on your iPhone iOS 13 including to clear the cache on iPhone or iPad iOS 13. Use this article’s information to know how to free up space.

How to Free Up Space on iOS 13

Most of the things that occupy your iPad’s or iPhone’s space include applications, photos, music, videos, documents, books, and cache, among others. They are all fun to have in your iDevice until your storage becomes full and you become limited to have others. When your storage fills up, the ultimate solution is to free up space on iOS 13.

The iOS 13 free up space process is not difficult, since you only have to decide which things to let go of or store somewhere else like in your Mac. Full storage causes bad experiences, which you can evade if you free up iOS 13 space.

1. Target Apps You Don't Use

It is highly likely that you have apps that you do not use and when you do, it is on rare occasions. Such apps are not that important to you and so you can do without them. When it is time to free up space on your iPhone or iPad on iOS 13, you should begin with these applications since they occupy some significant storage space together with their files.

To free up storage on your iPhone iOS 13, you can either delete or offload these applications.

Deleting the unnecessary apps to free up space on iOS 13 can take place in two ways;

  • If you are on the device storage page, find these apps, select them by taping, and then choose “Delete App.” It may be hard to do so if you enjoy having these apps. However, you can always re-download later at no charge if you use the App store.
  • If you are looking at these apps from the home screen, first select the apps by placing your fingers on them and hold. The applications will wiggle as a certain X appears on each icon. Ensure that you press the X on those apps you wish to delete. When done, you can press the “Home” button or select done to stop the wiggling.

Offloading apps in the iOS 13 free up space process is different from deleting them. It involves temporarily disabling applications, without deleting their settings. They normally remain on the home screen, though you must tap to re-download.

  • Find the apps you want to offload on the storage list
  • Tap on them
  • And then choose “Offload App”

offload deleting unnecessary apps

2. Remove Unwanted Music

Storing music in the iPhone or iPad storage is common among the majority of the iDevice users. However, since music videos and audio tracks take up a lot of space, you may have to get rid of those you don’t listen to, to free up iOS 13 space.

Deleting music videos and audio files to free up space on your iPhone or iPad on iOS 13 can take place in two ways;

From the “Settings”

  • Go to the “Settings”
  • Select “General”
  • Then go to “(device) Storage.”
  • Choose “Music”; At the bottom, there is a summary of the albums and songs stored on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Remove the unwanted by swiping left; the “Edit” button can also delete multiple albums and tracks at once.

From within the App

  • Access the “Music” app
  • Reach for the “Library”
  • Select “Downloaded Music”; this will give you a view of the music stored locally and the space it occupies.
  • Delete by pressing on each album; when a pop-up menu shows up confirm the “Delete from Library” option.
  • When deleting specific songs tap “Remove”

3. Half App to Reduce Image Size

Some of the images stored in your iPhone or IPad might be in JPEG or PNG formats, which take up a lot of space. Since you must free up storage on your iPhone iOS 13, you need to find a way to have these images in better versions that do not take up too much storage space.

The Half app is the best solution to free up space on iOS 13, since it cuts media storage in half. All you have to do is install the Half app through App Store. You must give permissions when requested so that the app can have access to your photos.

As soon as you grant permissions, the application will feature the entire photo library in your iDevice. Go ahead to select images and tap “Half It.” Tapping this option prompts the application to conduct a photo analysis for potential space savings. Upon tapping the option, the app will replace the original version of the photo with a smaller-sized version.

This tip helps to free up iOS 13 space from the gallery section because it is capable of saving as high as 90% of the space for certain images. In continues to store the new smaller version in HEIF format and so there is little loss in quality.

reduce image sizes

4. Optimize iPhone/iPad Storage

Since the iPhone or iPad camera produces great quality photos, you may be addicted to shooting many videos and photos every now and then. However, if they are stored in high-definition, your storage will begin to run out very fast.

Your focus is to free up space on your iPhone or iPad on iOS 13 as you enjoy your life as usual. The only way to achieve these two is by optimizing iPad or iPhone storage. The secret here is turning on iCloud Photos and thus back up the media library to iCloud. Then, proceed to configure your iDevice to keep lower-resolution copies of the videos and images locally.

To do this;

  • Access the “Settings” app
  • Select “Photos”; iCloud Photos should be on.
  • Underneath, select the “Optimize iPhone/iPad Storage” option.

Automatically, iOS 13 will replace high-definition copies with lower-resolution videos and images, whenever the device storage begins to run slow. Therefore, optimizing iPad or iPhone storage is effective and really helps to free up space on your iPhone or iPad on iOS 13.

optimize idevice storage

5. Use Google Photos

The phenomenal offering from Google, Google Photos, allows users to back up as many photos as they can to the cloud without limitations.

Therefore, using Google Photos can help you as you free up storage on your iPhone iOS 13 since it is a better alternative to iCloud. You can remove the backed-up images stored in your iOS and so your storage can stay clear of videos and images.

To free up space on iOS 13 using Google Photos;

  • First, download and install it from App Store
  • When done, open Google Photos
  • Sign in with a Google account
  • From there, your photos should automatically start backing up
  • As the backup procedure continues, select “Free Up Space” periodically; this ensures the finding and deleting of locally stored photos with backups.

When online, you can access your photos through Google Photos at all times.

free up space with google photos

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