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Steps to Separate PDF Pages on Windows

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There are numerous tools available on the internet to separate PDF pages; you can easily do it by downloading free, paid or online applications. The separation of a PDF file is surprisingly easy using the highly rated PDFelement which is regarded as the best desktop application for this task. The following is the best PDF separator - Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor that can separate pages on Windows.

There are many ways to separate PDF pages. However, the best desktop tool for this purpose is PDFelement. It only takes a few clicks to separate a PDF file. By following the instructions given below you can easily do it.

PDFelement is the best tool for this purpose due to the all-encompassing feature it has over others. Take advantage of it now, and use it to separate PDF pages.

4 Methods to Separate PDF Pages

PDFelement is the most suitable PDF page separator, it provides two ways to separate PDF files.

To obtain this high-quality PDF editor, download and install PDFelement. The installation will be finished within minutes, and you are ready to work with this program.

how to separate pdf pages

Method 1. Separate PDF Files by Split Tool

The program would be activated automatically after installation. Open the PDF files which are expected to be separated in PDFelement, click the "Split" button under the "Page" menu, select the way you prefer to separate the pages. Separated pages are there as you need.

separate pdf

Method 2: Separate PDF Files by Number of Pages

In the popup window, you can select "Number of Pages", then set the number that you want. For example, if you set 1, then it will help you separate the PDF document into several files equally, and each file will have only 1 page. After the process, it will open the output folder automatically.

how to separate pdf pages

Method 3: Separate One Page into Two in PDF

If you need to separate content in one PDF page into different pages, PDFelement can do that, too. After installing PDFelement, all you need is to go to Page > Insert > Blank Page to add a blank page after the page you want to separate.

add a new page

Then go to Edit and copy texts or images that you would like to put in another page and paste them into the blank page.

how to separate one page into two in PDF

Method 4: Separate PDF Files by Bookmarks

If you have set bookmarks for different pages, then you can use this method to separate PDF files by top-level bookmarks. It will separate PDF documents by bookmarks. If you have not added any bookmark for your PDF file yet, you can also refer to this article about how to add bookmarks to PDF.

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How to Separate PDF with Google Chrome

It is surprisingly easy to separate a PDF file using Google Chrome. But first, you must make sure the PDF viewer plug-in is enabled.

Step 1: You can open a PDF file on chrome by just dragging the PDF file into the Chrome window. The PDF file will open in a Chrome window; you will see that the PDF toolbar will appear in the right bottom corner.

Step 2: Click on the Print option, you will see the option to save the PDF file. Now save the PDF file, you will see an option to select pages in the form of a Radio button. On checking the radio button, you can select only the pages you want in the output PDF file.

Step 3: Enter the number of pages individually you want in the PDF file and click on the save the file to create the new PDF file.

how to separate pdf

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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