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Crop marks are usually used in professional printing to indicate where to place the trim marks for cutting the paper to size. You will want to do this, specifically if the document has bleeds or features that extend over the edge. But since you will not need the trim marks when printing from a desktop printer, and for some reason, you may remove crop marks from PDF before printing.

Automated crop mark removal is more efficient and lets you remove them from all pages simultaneously. The technique for removing crop marks from PDFs includes using a PDF editor. Keep reading to learn more about crop marks and how to remove crop marks from PDF documents. Toward the end of this article, we will answer some of your frequently asked questions about crop marks.

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  1. What Are Crop Marks From PDF?
  2. Wondershare PDFelement - Easy-To-Use PDF Editor To Remove Crop Marks From PDF
  3. Why Choose PDFelement for Removing Crop Marks From PDF?
  4. What Other Special Marks Can PDFelement Remove?
  5. How To Remove Crop Marks From PDF Online?

Part 1. What Are Crop Marks From PDF?

A variety of markings are required when preparing a document for print production. Printer markings show the edges of document boxes that PDFelement can handle, such as crop marks and bleed boxes.

You can use trim marks and crop markings interchangeably. Crop marks are thin lines on the corners of the sheet of paper used for your publication that tell the printer where to trim. Marks and bleeds work together to ensure that colors or pictures extend to the edge of your marketing brochure. You will get rid of everything beyond the trim mark.

blank page showing crop marks

Part 2. Wondershare PDFelement – Easy-To-Use PDF Editor To Remove Crop Marks From PDF

It is common for people to get crop marks on PDF documents, specifically when exporting those PDFs from another source. Using an application makes this easy, so you don't have to spend time manually removing marks. The best way to remove cop marks from PDFs is to use a PDF editor that can do so.

With PDFelement's intuitive interface, you can quickly remove print marks. To remove extraneous information from your document or resize your pages, you may use the Crop tool to choose a segment of a page to keep and remove the areas outside of your selection. The tool lets you select a part of the page and delete everything outside of that area.

pdfelement interface

The techniques outlined below should help you learn how to remove crop marks from PDF files.


Download and install PDFelement on your desktop. Run the application.


Upload the PDF file you want to edit. Click Open PDF.

pdfelement quick tools interface

Click Organize on the top navigation menu. Then click Crop.

pdfelement interface with open pdf

Adjust the Crop Margin on the Set Crop Box dialogue box.

pdfelement set crop box
Tip: You can choose which pages you want to remove crop marks in PDFelement. Select from the Page Range drop-down menu the pages where you want to remove crop marks from PDF.

Once done with adjusting the cropping area, click Apply.

Part 3. Why Choose PDFelement for Removing Crop Marks From PDF?

For several reasons, PDFelement, a well-known and dependable program for working with PDF files, is a good option for removing crop marks from PDF documents.

  • Simple to use. Even new users can swiftly remove crop marks from PDF files thanks to PDFelement user-friendly interface and intuitive design.
  • Reasonable pricing. PDFelement is a good choice for those who want a robust PDF editor but don't want to break the bank.
  • Cross-platform compatibility. PDFelement is a flexible software option for users on many platforms because it is functional in either Windows or Mac operating systems. You can also use it on iOS and Android smartphones to edit PDF documents anywhere.
  • Extensive editing features. PDFelement has powerful editing capabilities that allow you to alter text, photos, and other material in your PDF documents. It implies that PDFelement makes it simple to make any further adjustments you might need to make to your PDF file.

Overall, PDFelement is an excellent option that offers a variety of editing tools to assist you with the task fast and effectively if you need to remove crop marks from PDF files.

Part 4. What Other Special Marks Can PDFelement Remove?

As a PDF editor, Wondershare PDFelement has lots of cutting-edge tools to work with PDFs. In addition to removing crop marks from PDF documents, PDFelement also can remove other kinds of markings like watermarks.

A PDF file frequently has a watermark placed to show who owns it, deter illicit use or distribution, or add visual appeal. Yet there are several reasons why you would wish to get rid of the watermark in a PDF:

  • Watermarks sometimes make PDFs hard to read or see because they obstruct text or graphics. Using a PDF editor, you can remove the watermark to make the document more readable.
  • Taking off the watermark can make a PDF file appear more polished and professional when used for a business presentation or shared with others.
  • Personal preference. You may want to erase watermarks from your papers because there is a chance you don't like how your documents look with watermarks.

Here is how you can use PDFelement to remove watermarks:


Open the PDFelement application and upload your PDF file.


Click Edit on the top navigation menu. From the Watermark drop-down list, select Remove Watermark.

pdfelement edit watermark

Click Yes in the dialogue box to remove the watermarks.

Essentially, PDFelement is an all-purpose PDF editor that lets you remove different kinds of print marks from PDF files.

Part 5. How To Remove Crop Marks From PDF Online?

HiPDF, a web-based tool also by Wondershare, is less dependent on your hardware than desktop apps are. Therefore, computers of all ages and speeds can use the app. It also means users can access the applications anywhere with an internet connection, making them more convenient. HiPDF online works with a web browser, so you don't need to install any software. Just register for an account, log in and begin.

Find out how to remove crop marks from PDFs online by checking these steps.


Visit the HiPDF website and drop the PDF files or click Choose File to upload.

hipdf choose file interface

Customize the page's margins to suit your needs. Crop the page to a specific region.

hipdf crop pdf page interface

Click Crop, then wait until the online tool finishes processing your document.

hipdf document processing interface

Click Download to save your updated PDF file.

hipdf download crop pdf file


Hopefully, this post will help you better understand crop marks and what to do when you see them. It is crucial to know how to remove crop marks from PDFs, but it is also significant to know when not to remove these marks.

Some tasks require you to add crop marks and watermarks. It is easy to remove these types of marks from PDFs with PDF editing apps, and you can also find plenty of free resources online.

Use PDFelement to add or remove crop marks from PDFs. It has a seamless and user-friendly interface, is accessible on any device, and has multiple tools to help with your usual PDF editing needs. Overall, PDFelement is a helpful PDF editing tool that lets you customize your PDF files as needed.

People Also Ask

  • 1. Is Removing Crop Marks From PDF Necessary?
    The individual use case and the intended user of the document will ultimately determine whether to remove crop marks from PDFs.
    Keeping the crop marks intact is usually a good idea when printing PDFs on commercial printers. You should add crop and bleed marks if you want to clip your document and have assets covering the whole page. Otherwise, there may be minor inconsistencies in the margins of the final print.
    But removing crop marks from PDFs is necessary if the document you are generating is precisely the size you want it to be when trimmed. Also, crop marks aren't always needed if the PDF is solely for viewing or digital distribution. Eliminating crop marks from a document might occasionally make it simpler to read and navigate.
  • 2. Can You Add Crop Marks From PDFs?
    A PDF document may indeed have crop marks added to it. If you ever need to crop a PDF, you could use a PDF editor that is easy to use for beginners. PDFelement, a PDF editor that makes it simple to add crop marks to a document, modify the tile scale, and examine the changes before printing, is one way to do it.
    You might need to upload the PDF file to the PDFelement program to apply crop or cut marks. Click the printer icon in the top left corner of the navigation pane. Then click Poster under Print Mode on the Print dialogue box. Tick the Cut marks after that. Once the crop marks are in, you can download the revised PDF.
    pdfelement print dialogue box
  • 3. How Do You Remove Crop Marks in Adobe?
    You can change the viewable page area with the Set Page Boxes dialog box or the Crop Pages tool. The secondary toolbar shows the Edit PDF toolkit. Choose Crop Pages from the secondary toolbar.
    Set Page Boxes shows cropping rectangles and margin measurements. You can override the crop area you specified by making other selections in the dialog box before you click OK.
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