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[Updated] How to Scan JPG to PDF in 4 Steps Easily

If you handle JPG files regularly, you might have encountered situations where you cannot share many photos with other platforms due to the file size. Well, this is where a PDF file comes to your rescue.

With a PDF file, you can share your photos across various platforms without compromising their quality, orientation, or size. Plus, it's a great way to protect your photos from getting altered by unknown personnel when you share them.

If you're wondering how to convert JPG to scanned PDF, you've come to the right place. Here, we will show you the most reliable way to carry out the operation without requiring technical knowledge. All you just have to do is stick with us till the end.

Part 1. Tips Before You Scan JPG to PDF

To successfully scan JPG to PDF without difficulty, you need to adhere to some tips that will help you operate smoothly. These tips include the following;

  1. File Privacy & Security is Crucial: If the JPG file you intend to scan to PDF contains sensitive data, ensure you password-protect the PDF file to restrict unwanted access.
  2. Invest in the right PDF Management Tool: You need the best PDF management software for the best quality. So, ensure you only acquire PDF tools that offer the right features like OCR editing, image converter, and many more that are required to enhance your PDF management skills.
  3. Look Out for affordable and lightweight tools: A PDF tool can be inexpensive and still support the best features. So, go for affordable PDF tools that boast the best quality. An example of such a tool is PDFelement.

Part 2. How to Scan JPG to PDF in 4 Easy Steps

There's no better way to scan JPG to PDF than using the PDFelement software. The tool supports modern technology features that allow you to get the job done in just four steps.

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a top leading PDF editing software that boasts many tools for managing PDF files. It can come in handy to scan JPG to PDF, and it supports a helpful OCR editing feature that allows users to edit scanned documents without complications.

Also, besides scanning JPG to PDF, PDFelement can also create, annotate, password-protect, and do lots more on PDF within just a few clicks, and the app is lightweight, meaning it does not take up a large storage of PC.

Key Features

  • Advanced OCR Editing - Allows easy editing of scanned documents.
  • PDF Converter - Convert PDF into various formats in just one click
  • Password-Protect - Supports the best PDF protection technology that allows users to protect their PDFs with two different types of passwords.
  • Sign PDF documents efficiently - Add signatures to your PDF files flawlessly.
  • Batch Processing - Efficiently work on more than one PDF document simultaneously without complications.
  • Bates Numbering - Add bates number to PDF pages quickly and easily.
  • Annotation - Offers a wide range of annotation tools to annotate PDFs quickly and easily.

The guide below explains how to scan JPG to PDF;

Step 1Start PDFelement & Open Scanner

Download and install the latest version of the PDFelement tool on your computer. Then, launch it and select Create PDF > From Scanner.

scan jpg to pdf
Step 2Create Scanned JPG

Click the drop-down icon next to the Scanner and choose the target scanner. Then, set the scanning parameters and click Scan. Doing this will allow PDFelement to scan your JPG and convert it to PDF instantly.

convert jpg to scanned pdf
Step 3Edit, Annotate, Translate, and Sign Scanned PDF (Optional)

Your scanned PDF file will be displayed on a new page where you can apply different editing operations. From there, you can use the "Protect" tool to password-protect and sign the scanned PDF file, and "Translate" tool to translate the language of the file, and lots more.

scan jpg to pdf high quality
Step 4Save the Scanned PDF

After you complete the editing, click File from the top-right corner and select Save As to save the PDF document to your PC's local storage.

how to scan jpg to pdf

Part 3. How to Convert Scanned JPG to PDF

If you're looking to convert scanned JPG to PDF, PDFelement can also be used to perform the operation quickly and easily. However, the process varies depending on whether you're looking to convert a single scanned JPG file or various scanned JPG.

We've explained how to get the job done regardless of the number of scanned JPG you intend to convert. Just keep reading;

1. Convert Single Scanned JPG to PDF

The process of converting scanned JPG to PDF with PDFelement is pretty simple. You just have to do the following;

Step 1 Open PDFelement on your Mac or Windows computer and click Create. Then, choose From Scanner.

scan jpgs to pdfs

Step 2 Select Scanner and edit the relevant parameters. After that, click Save, and your scanned JPG will be automatically converted to PDF.

Step 3 Once you convert the scanned JPG to PDF, click the File button from the top-left corner. Then, select Save As or Save to Save the file to your computer.

2. Combine Multiple Scanned JPGs into One PDF

If you're looking to convert more than one scanned JPG to PDF, PDFelemt offers a Combine feature that facilitates combining multiple files of the same or different formats in just one PDF. For example, you can combine files in JPG, PDF, PPT, XLS, and lots more into one PDF document.

See how the process in the steps below;

Step 1 Open PDFelement and select Combine from the home interface.

scan multiple jpg to pdf

Step 2 Click Add File and upload the scanned JPG files that you wish to combine. You can also upload files in other formats if preferable.

scan jpg to pdf in batch

Step 3 After you upload the Files, click Apply at the bottom left corner to combine scanned JPG into one PDF

Step 4 Finally, preview the combined JPG files. You can also apply several edits to the files. Then, click File from the top-right side and click Save to save the PDF document.


Scanning JPG to PDF is an easy task in this age. All thanks to an advanced PDF management tool like PDFelement, users with any level of experience can scan JPG to PDF or convert scanned JPG to PDF seamlessly. Besides, the tool also offers many comprehensive features that make it the perfect software for any PDF-related task.

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