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Fluid Read

PDFelement for Android introduces Fluid Read mode, designed to enhance your PDF reading experience on mobile devices. This mode seamlessly optimizes the presentation of headings, paragraph text, and images for enhanced readability on your Android device.

Follow these steps to enter the Fluid Read mode:

Activate Fluid Read Mode:

  • Open your PDF file in PDFelement for Android.
  • Tap the Fluid Read mode icon located at the top right corner.
  • Experience a better flow for smoother mobile viewing.
enter fluid read mode
Enter fluid read mode

Navigate Between Pages:

  • Within Fluid Read mode, tap the jump to page icon.
  • Select the desired page number to quickly navigate through the document.
fluid read mode jump page
Fluid read mode jump page

Adjust Page View Settings:

  • Customize your reading experience by tapping the settings icon.
  • Adjust font size, choose a mode theme color, and set the page-flipping direction according to your preferences.
fluid read mode view settings
Fluid read mode view settings