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Comment PDF

Unlock a world of annotation possibilities with PDFelement for Android. Elevate your PDFs by adding comments and annotations effortlessly. Here's how you can make the most of these tools:

After opening the PDF with the PDFelement application, tap the "+" icon, and select "Comment" to access the annotation tools:

comment pdf tool android
Comment pdf tool

Highlight, Underline and Strikethrough Text

  • Choose the desired markup icon at the bottom.
  • Use your fingertip to select text for annotation.
  • Customize the markup color by tapping the "Settings" icon.
highlight underline strikethrough pdf android
Highlight underline strikethrough

Pencil Tool

  • Annotate your PDFs with hand-drawn notes using the pencil tool.
  • Adjust settings by tapping "Settings" – switch between pencil and marker.
  • Tailor the tool by adjusting color, thickness, and opacity.
pencil tool pdf android
Pencil tool

Eraser Tool

  • Easily remove pencil markings by using the "Eraser" tool.
  • Choose between "Partial" (erase specific parts) and "Whole" (remove entire drawings).
eraser tool pdf android
Eraser tool

Text Comment

  • Add comment notes by selecting the "Note" icon.
  • Tap where you want the note and input text in the popup.
  • Personalize the note box by selecting a color at the bottom.
  • Adjust the appearance color of the note icon in "Settings."
text comment pdf android
Text comment

Add Shapes

  • Choose the "Shape" icon to add shapes like Rectangle, Circle, Straight Line, and Arrow.
  • Adjust properties such as border color, fill color, thickness, and opacity.
  • Place shapes with your finger and customize their size to fit seamlessly into the PDF.
add shapes pdf android
Add shapes