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AI Summary PDF

Discover the power of AI-driven document summaries with PDFelement for Android. Featuring Lumi, the AI assistant, PDFelement streamlines the summarization process, providing key insights and facilitating a smarter understanding of your documents.

Summarize PDF

Launch PDFelement for Android and open the PDF document you want to summarize.

Note: Ensure the PDF is text-based; image-based PDFs cannot be summarized.

Highlight any text in the PDF, tap the three dots in the toolbar, and choose "AI Summary PDF" from the drop-down menu.

ai summary pdf
AI summary

PDFelement guides you to the Lumi AI assistant chat box for further interaction.

Note: Your PDF is uploaded to PDFelement Cloud for AI processing.

In the Lumi chat box, witness the magic as PDFelement generates a concise summary, highlighting key points, essential keywords, and even formulating questions related to the content.

Tap the "+" icon beside the generated abstract to copy the output. Paste it in other locations for easy sharing and reference.

Dive deeper into the content by tapping on any of the generated questions. Lumi provides more details related to the context of your PDF document.

summarize pdf ai result
Summarize PDF AI result

Chat With PDF

Engage in insightful conversations with your PDFs using Lumi AI assistant, allowing you to glean deeper insights and enhance your understanding of the document.

  • Direct any questions related to your PDF content. Lumi swiftly generates answers tailored to your queries.
  • Copy the output for reference or to share with others. Keep the conversation flowing by posing follow-up questions.
chat with pdf ai
Chat with PDF AI