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AI Proofread

Experience advanced proofreading capabilities with PDFelement's Lumi AI assistant, designed to refine your PDF content by correcting grammar, improving word choice, and enhancing overall readability.

Proofread PDF

Open PDFelement for Android and access your desired document.

Choose the specific text you want to proofread using Lumi AI.

Tap the three dots in the popup toolbar for additional options.

From the dropdown list, select the "AI Proofread" option.

Lumi AI will swiftly generate the proofread version, optimizing the selected text.

ai proofread pdf
AI proofread

Proofread Text Outside PDF

Lumi AI assistant also allows you to proofread other text which are not in the PDF document.

  • Navigate to the Home page of PDFelement. Tap the robot icon to enter the Lumi AI assistant.
  • Choose the preset "Proofread" prompt.
  • Type or paste the content you want to proofread into the provided field.
  • Tap the "Send" button to trigger Lumi's proofreading capabilities.
  • Lumi will promptly provide the proofread version.
  • Use the "+" icon to copy the enhanced content for your convenience.
ai proofread text
AI proofread