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DOC2PDF: An Ideal DOCX/DOC 2 PDF Online Tool for Casual Users for Free

If you're a casual PDF user looking for an affordable or even free DOC 2 PDF utility that offers online convenience, then DOC2PDF might be just the right tool for you. Let's say you've written a Word document that you want to distribute to multiple people online. The problem is, you don't want them to easily edit the document, nor do you want them to see your graphics all skewed and misaligned on different device types. The solution? Use DOC 2 PDF or DOC to PDF to convert the Word to PDF format - that makes it easier to share, harder to change, and leaves it consistent on practically any device, operating system, or screen size. So, let us now see how to do this with DOC2PDF online.

Part 1. What is DOC2PDF - the Free Online Converter?

DOCtoPDF, also known as DOC 2 PDF, is an online Word to PDF converter that is easy to use with no installation required. It has been fully integrated into the core web platform as a native Word to PDF converter so it almost feels like you're working on a desktop tool.

Although the web page for DOC2PDF (DOCtoPDF) is a little outdated, the UI is surprisingly clean and simplistic, as is the process of DOC 2 PDF conversion itself. The service, as mentioned, is 100% free to use for any purpose, and it can handle most PDF workloads. In the relevant URL, all you need to do is upload your Word file by dragging it into the web interface or clicking the Upload Files button. We'll show you the steps in the next section of the article.

In terms of features, the DOC2PDF online Word to PDF converter works with both DOC and DOCX files so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues. Of course, since this is a free tool, there may be some limitations as to how long your upload takes, processing and conversion time, and so on. Here's a quick look at some of its top features:

  • Easy web-based upload (drag and drop or click and choose)
  • Multiple or bulk conversion for up to 20 documents
  • Automatic conversion once uploaded
  • Supports up to 20 documents per batch
  • Free to use forever - great for casual users who don't need high speed or accuracy
  • Option to upgrade or switch to desktop

Part 2. How to Use PDF2DOC Online to Convert Word to PDF

Step 1 Upload the Word File

Head to the corresponding URL and click Upload Files to select the source Word file.

Doc to PDF upload files

You can import up to 20 files with simple drag and drop actions as well.

Step 2 Convert DOC 2 PDF

The conversion process, as mentioned, is automated.

Once the file is selected for import or dropped, you'll see the upload and conversion progress.

After each file is converted, you'll see the status below the file thumbnail.

Step 3 Download the PDF File

There are two options for downloading the output PDF files.

download PDF files

The first is to download as a batch, in which case you'll get a ZIP output.

The second option is to download each file separately and directly as a PDF.

Once you're done downloading, you can close the browser window.

Part 3. Doc2Pdf - Doc to PDF Converter [Mobile Choice]

This utility is ideal for desktop users who need a robust DOC2PDF online solution. But what if you want to do the same on a mobile device? For that, you can use an Android app called Doc2Pdf - Doc to PDF Converter. It's also free to use and works really well on tablets and smartphones running Android, even some older versions of the OS.

Doc to PDF Converter

You can download Doc2Pdf from the Google Play Store at this URL from your desktop, but make sure that your mobile device is synced to the same Google ID. Alternatively, you can open the Play Store on your smartphone or tablet directly, search for “Doc2Pdf - Doc to PDF Converter”, and download/install it on the device.

Top Features of Doc2Pdf

  • Convert a range of document formats to PDF - TXT, PPT, DOC/DOCX
  • Use it as a folder and file management utility
  • Connect directly to Google Drive to fetch source documents for conversion

Now that you have the tools for DOC 2 PDF conversion, whether it's through your desktop browser or mobile device, you can confidently share files in the preferred PDF format rather than using easily corruptible or editable text and rich text formats. These conversion tools are 100% free to use and very versatile because they let you work uninterrupted whether you're in the office, at home, or on the move.

Alternatively, you can also use the link below to find out more about one of the world's best PDF editing and conversion platforms and Doc to PDF conversions will become 10 times easier for you.

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