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DWG is a proprietary binary file format for storing two- and three-dimensional design data and metadata. The format is "native" to multiple different CAD applications, including AutoCAD. A DWG to PDF converter converts a DWG file representing a CAD document to a PDF file. CAD files can only be converted to DWG files.

You can make the conversion happen with the help of several different DWG To PDF Free Online tools. The conversion process typically preserves the layout, text, and graphics of the original DWG file, which is often kept intact during the conversion process, making the file readable on any device capable of opening PDF files.

dwg to pdf

Quick Comparisons

Online Tool
Supported OS
Maximum File Size
Zamzar Windows, Mac $18 per month Decent file limits A bit expensive 100MB
reaConverter Windows, Mac Free to use Easy procedure Limited features 50MB
AutoDWG Windows, Mac $99 for a license Batch conversion Very expensive 100MB
AnyConv Windows, Mac Free to use 3-steps procedure File uploading issues 150MB
CoolUtils Windows, Mac $129 for a license Multiple features Not an easy interface 100MB

How to Convert DWG To PDF Online

Users can share their design plans with those who do not have access to the program used to develop the DWG file by converting the DWG file to a PDF format. Users can also easily print and see the plans after converting the DWG file to a PDF format.

Converting a DWG file to a PDF can assist in decreasing the file size, making it much simpler to keep and distribute the document, and it can also help to improve readability. Here's how to convert DWG to PDF online using some of the best tools available:

Way 1: Zamzar Online File Conversion

Zamzar is an online file conversion application that lets users convert various file formats, such as documents, photos, audio, and video files. The service can convert files from one format to another, such as PDF to Word or JPG to PNG. Zamzar can be used to convert DWG files to PDF. It can do over 1200 different file transformations.

One of Zamzar's primary advantages is its ability to convert numerous files simultaneously. It also supports file sizes up to 100MB and sends an email notification when the conversion is complete. The steps to convert a DWG file to a PDF online:

Step 1 Visit Zamzar online file conversion first.

Step 2 Select the DWG file you want to convert and click "Open."

Step 3 Make sure that PDF is the format you wish to convert your DWG file into before continuing.

Step 4 Click the "Convert" button to convert your DWG file.

dwg to pdf online

Note: The conversion procedure will start, and as soon as it is finished, the website will send you an email with the relevant information. After that, you will be able to download the file that was converted.

Way 2: reaConverter

Users can convert and modify a broad number of file types using the software program known as ReaConverter. These file formats include photos, audio, video, and documents. This program runs on Windows and has an intuitive graphical user interface that makes it simple for users to convert and modify the files they work with.

You can convert many files all at once thanks to reaConverter's capabilities for batch conversion. It also supports many file formats, including DWG and PDF, so you can use this program to convert DWG files to PDF format. It also contains several complex capabilities that might be beneficial for professional users, such as editing choices, picture editing options, and image optimization options.

Follow the steps below to convert DWG to PDF online:

Step 1 Visit reaConverter online and go to the folder containing the DWG file you want to convert by clicking the "Add files" button.

Note: You can also upload your files by dragging and dropping them into the appropriate location.

Step 2 Choose "PDF" as the output format from the "Convert To" drop-down option after selecting one or more DWG files from the list of available files to convert.

Step 3: Choose the "Convert" button from the drop-down menu to initiate the conversion process.

Step 4 After the conversion process is finished, the resulting PDF file will be placed in the folder you designated as the destination for the file.

convert dwg to pdf online

Way 3: AutoDWG

AutoDWG is a web-based application that enables users to convert DWG files, which are AutoCAD's proprietary file format, to various file formats. Users can access AutoDWG here. Additionally, the software can convert a variety of file types into DWG. Thanks to AutoDWG's capability for batch conversion, users can convert numerous files at once, which is just one of the many advantages of utilizing this program.

During the conversion process, AutoDWG's tool is said to retain the quality and accuracy of the original DWG file, which is essential for technical drawings and designs. Without the need for AutoCAD, you can convert DWG, DXF, and DWF files to PDF with the help of this straightforward converter in the following ways:

Step 1 After adding a file or folder to convert, selecting the layouts for conversion (which allows you to specify how it shows in PDF), and clicking "next," you can start the conversion process.

online convert dwg to pdf

Step 2: Set parameters or utilize default settings.

Step 3 Adjust the pen widths or utilize the default values.

Step 4: You can either specify an output folder (or a file), turn off invisible layers for all drawings, or use the default settings.

Step 5 Select the "Convert Now" option to complete the conversion.

Step 6 Once the conversion is finished, which should only take a few seconds, you can examine the PDF generated by selecting "Open File/Folder." If that is not the case, click the "Cancel" button to leave.

Way 4: AnyConv

AnyConv is an online tool for converting files that is accessible online and supports various file types. Users can convert files into and out of various file types, such as audio, video, images, documents, and more. AnyConv supports a variety of formats, and DWG to PDF is one among them. This translates to the fact that users can convert DWG files using the program. After the program has processed the file, the resulting PDF file will be available for download.

AnyConv can convert a wide variety of file formats, including DWG to PDF, JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, Excel to PDF, and many more. In addition to these conversions, AnyConv allows the conversion of DWG to PDF. The application also enables batch conversion, which allows users to convert numerous files at once through a process known as batching.

How to convert DWG to PDF online using AnyCov:

Step 1 Put your DWG file into the designated location to upload it. The maximum size of a file is 100 megabytes (MB).

Step 2 To convert dwg files to pdf format, click the "Convert" button. In most cases, the conversion will take just a few seconds.

Step 3: You can download the PDF file at this time. The download link is only active on the device you are now using.

dwg convert to pdf online

Way 5: CoolUtils

The all-in-one solution you need is Coolutils Converter for all your file-converting requirements. It can convert any file type to either PDF or TIFF, depending on your preference. Convert them bulk using the graphical user interface (GUI) or the command line using only one software. In addition to conversions, you can add page counts or any other content on each page of your papers. It also works properly for stamping bates.

You can safeguard your documents by setting user rights (such as viewing, printing, editing, and annotating) or using a password. You can also convert emails with Coolutils Converter, including those from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and others. Include image watermarks, such as your company's logo, in either the output file's header or footer.

Step 1: Visit the website and click the Upload option to upload your DWG file.

Step 2 Select the format (preferably PDF) you want to convert your DWG file.

Step 3 Click on the Convert option to start the conversion process.

online dwg to pdf converter

How To Edit A PDF That Was Converted From A DWG File

After converting your DWG to PDF file, it's time to make some edits. So, how would you do so? Well, we have just the right answer for you! Wondershare PDFelement, One of the greatest PDF editors on the market, is Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. With a wide range of functions, you can change your files into whatever format you choose in the shortest amount of time, with little work, and for the greatest price on the market. PDFelement is a PDF editing program with various functions for editing, converting, and producing PDF documents.

Its primary capabilities include modifying the text, graphics, and pages inside a PDF document and creating and completing forms. It can also convert PDFs to other file formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It also includes tools for annotating, commenting on, reviewing PDFs, and adding digital signatures.

You can combine, divide, and compress PDFs and create PDFs from other file types. Overall, PDFelement is a powerful tool that can be used for various PDF-related activities.

What Else Can You Do With The PDF

Some of the other PDFelement features that you should know about:

  • You can alter the text, graphics, and pages within your PDF file into whatever state you like.
  • You can convert scanned PDF files into formats that can be edited thanks to OCR technology.
  • PDFelement provides you with various conversion options to choose from, some of which include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, pictures, and EPUB, amongst many other file types. The files saved in those formats can be converted into PDF format.
  • You no longer must worry about scanned papers since you can change them whenever you see fit.
  • You can do anything you want, whenever you want, and with very little effort, add your electronic or digital signatures to the PDF files you create.

You May Also Be Interested In

1. Can Adobe open DWF files?

There is currently no native support for the DWF (Design Web Format) file format in Adobe applications. Autodesk's AutoCAD is the primary tool for creating DWF files, which are then used for sharing and exchanging design information.

2. Are DWF files editable?

In DWF/DWFx and PDF, the original intent was for the files to be used as reference (read-only, uneditable) drawings, hence features such as underlying in AutoCAD (like xrefs) and layer switching is supported. DWF files are not designed to be converted to the more versatile DWG format.

3. How to share your converted PDF drawing with collaborators (use PDFelement)?

Sharing PDFs online is a breeze and a lot of fun with PDFelement, a powerful all-in-one application. Directly from the program's user interface, users can upload PDFs to Wondershare Document Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them through email.

Step 1 Open the program, and the Wondershare PDFelement's primary interface can be accessed.

Step 2 When you're ready to upload the desired PDF, use the "Open PDF" button.

Step 3 Once the PDF has been properly uploaded, choose "Share" from the menu bar's upper-right corner.

Step 4 Choose the "Link" option from the "Share" menu that appears.

share option

Note: The application will then generate a link to the corresponding PDF file, which can be shared with others after you click the "Create" button.

Step 5 You can copy the link and send it to the intended recipients by waiting for the procedure to finish and then clicking the "Copy Link" button.

copy link


Converting DWG files to PDF is a common task for many users. There are a variety of methods available for converting DWG files to PDF, including using online tools. Online tools conveniently and easily convert DWG files to PDF without installing software.

Online DWG to PDF converters are widely available, and many are free. They are easy to use and typically only require you to upload your DWG file and download the resulting PDF. Plus, you can use PDFelement to edit your document following its conversion from the DWG format.

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