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What is Track Changes in Word

2021-11-29 13:57:14 • Filed to: MS Word Features • Proven solutions

Users often ask the question i.e. what is track changes. It is very important that you get to know the insight of the topic completely. To know that what is track changes in Word you first of all need to understand the purpose of it. The answer to the question i.e. what is track changes in Word 2010 is same for both Windows and Mac document. To know what is track changes in Word 2007 the process for both Mac and Windows will be explained in full. The best part of the track changes is that you get to know where and at which line of the Word changes have been made.

What is Track Changes in Word

What is Track Changes in Word on Mac

It is very important that you know the process of track changes on both Mac and windows. The best part is that you will get the insight that how easy the process of applying the changes are. The steps are very simple and therefore it is highly regarded to apply the steps that are mentioned as under.

  1. To start the process, open the Word document on your Mac and click the "Review" tab.
  2. The "Track Changes" should be turned off on the Word to make sure that the change or the format change is never applied at all. It will also make sure that the changes start from the point you need. Once the toggle button of the "Track Changes" is turned on you can easily track the record of the changes which have been made.
  3. The changes which you made can be checked as well. You can click the "Next" button to make sure that you get to the new change. In the same way you can check all the changes which are made to the document.
  4. If the changes which you have made are OK then press the "Accept" button to apply the changes to finish the process in full.

What is Track Changes in Word on Windows

The process of track changes in Word is as follows.

  1. Access the Word doc on your system to start the process.
  2. Click the "Review" tab on the main bar of the doc.
  3. Click the "Track Changes" button under the "Review" tab.
  4. what is track changes
  5. Turn on the "Track Changes" so that it is highlighted yellow.
  6. Click the dropdown of the "Track Changes" to reveal the options. There are three options from which you can choose from.
  • The "Track Changes" can be implemented using the first option. This is the other way to implement track changes to the Word.
  • The third option is that the "Change User Name". Here you can access the panel to change the settings of the program.
  • The second option is that of the "Track Change Options". This is used to make changes to all the lines and balloons which are related to the idea. The color, size, position and even the shape can be adjusted.
what is track changes in word

Advantages of PDF Document

The PDF is a format that is universal in nature. It means that you can get the PDF readers installed to any device. The readers of this format are completely free of charge. The PDF format is readable on any device you have. It is because the program is highly used and therefore the readers are compatible with all devices you could think of.

The users can also access the PDF files remotely as the latest acrobat reader has this functionality. You can also use the PDF files to search for any field just like MS Word. The format is ideal for any situation.

All-in-One PDF Solution

PDFelement is a highly sophisticated program which can be used to perform any function on your PDF files. The program is highly safe and secure to use as it completely protects your privacy. The best part of this program is the fact that it is updated regularly and the price is very economical.

The developers of PDFelement make sure that the users never miss any important updates which are rolled out frequently. The program is also performs hundreds of functions on your PDF files to ensure that they remain protected and the purpose of PDF format is fulfilled. Learn more functions about how to use PDFelement here.

what is track changes in word 2010
  • For business use the program is great so it is used for batch process to convert, data extraction, bates number and watermark.
  • The program is embedded with AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence so it can create interactive form field and recognize form field automatically.
  • The PDF image reading is never a problem for the program. It can unlock text within images using OCR. Perform variety of functions which includes add, remove, move, re-size and rotate any graphical element within your PDF.
  • The basic level functionality can be performed on your PDF. This includes insert page numbers, bates number, and page elements.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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