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Best 5 Official Signatures

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: Signature Knowledge • Proven solutions

The best official signatures are beyond merely displaying your contact details and name by showcasing your brand and showing off yourself. So, which are the best official signature samples? Here are 5 best official signature styles including tips to making a successful one.

Top 5 Official Signatures

1. Keep it Simple

It’s not everyone that needs elaborate signature formats for accompanying their communications. Elegant and simple sometimes does the trick.

The major elements of the best official signatures include your title, name, phone number and company. Your company’s address and website may also be included. But your email address should not be included – it is unnecessary and redundant.

official signature

2. Limit Information

We have all seen some signatures which contain the entire kitchen sink and inform a person’s whole life story.

For an official signature style, too much information is bad. Regarding the decision on what information one should include, note that less is more. So, the best official signature styles are not more than five text lines.

signature of official

3. Include your Logo

Instead of using a photo, you can use the logo of your company. While the use of both a logo and a photo is possible, it makes the signature confusing and too busy almost all the time. Choosing just one will do well.

Your official signature format depends on the orientation and size of your company’s logo. Landscape logos are perfect for stacked email signatures, whereas portrait, square, or circular logos may be placed to the left or right of the text, as you desire.

official signature format

4. Add a Call-to-Action

Beyond the Social Media icons, official signatures can as well be used for driving other engagements from email recipients as you desire. For instance, you can encourage sign-ups or leads to your email newsletters or link to the most current blog post made.

official signature styles

5. Share Information about Company

Most companies love to utilize their email signatures as avenues to make announcements like designations and awards won. Also, the courses that are completed and certification badges can be included. The display of expertise in email signature emanates professionalism.

official signature sample

To get a good balance of design, imagery, and content, think of what really matters to your brand and you, and then prioritize. Attempting to put all the ideas into signature of official will make your emails overwhelming. Remember that less is more, and being professional is key!

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official signature

signature of official

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