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How to Do A Fancy Signature

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2023-04-13 17:06:35 • Filed to: Signature Solutions • Proven solutions

Signatures are handwritten representations of our names, usually used on documents as a proof of our identity. Although a signature mustn't necessarily be complex, making it more personalized will be more difficult to reproduce, and thereby minimizing forgery chances. Because your name will be signed numerous times, it's nice to have a fancy signature which is represents your personality and style. How to do fancy signature? This article will offer you the best fancy signature maker – Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor and teach you how to do a fancy signature.

To create and add a fancy signature on your documents, the best tool to use is the PDFelement. PDFelement is a unique software for creating and editing PDF documents. It has beautiful features such as edit, annotate, conversion of PDF files to other formats, etc.

How to Do A Fancy Signature

Step 1: Open File

Open the file you want to do a fancy signature in PDFelement.

fancy signature maker

Step 2: Do A Fancy Signature

Write the name on a paper using your normal handwriting. Ensure the text isn't too large, as signatures need to typically fit on the line.

Your text can be styled in various ways with respect to your preference and style. For instance, you can choose to make the initial letter bigger than the others, or make it cursive, give the text a forward or backward slant, connect all the letters by drawing them with a continuous line, extend vertical lines (of letter such as d, I, t, l) downward or upward. Note that your letters don't have to be easily recognizable. Also, you can try to merge the letters, stylized or overlap them fancifully. Just be creative about it. You can have several versions of the text before eventually settling for your favorite.

Add details to make your fancy signature unique. You may add a strike-through line, a loop or an underline. Try connecting these to the letters of your text. For example, a strike-through line can double as a cross through letter "t," and a loop may be part of an "s" or an "e."

how to do a fancy signature

Step 3: Add signature to your document

After successfully creating your fancy signature, go ahead and add it to your document. Click on “Create New Stamp” to insert the fancy signature and then click on “Stamp” to drag it to the place where you want to add on the document.

fancy signature

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