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Top 5 Free Quickbooks Alternatives

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2022-06-22 17:56:41 • Filed to: Quickbooks Solution • Proven solutions

QuickBooks has been widely used by a number of people and businesses. However good and popular this software is, that doesn't automatically make it the best. What then are the possible alternatives to QuickBooks? What other software can we be sure pose as a reasonable QuickBooks competitor? In this article, we have outlined 5 top QuickBooks free alternatives and why you should pick them above QuickBooks.

1. Freshbooks

In terms of popularity and wide usage, Freshbooks also enjoys a good record as much as QuickBooks. As a QuickBooks alternative and competitor, Freshbooks is much more flexible and offers lasting solutions than QuickBooks does. Here are some of the reasons why you Freshbooks is a better free QuickBooks alternative for Mac and Windows.

  • It is easier and faster to manage bills
  • It allows you to quickly remove long overdue invoices that are yet to be paid.
  • It allows you to put in place an automated payment reminder

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2. Xero

Xero is an accounting software just like QuickBooks but is a free online alternative to QuickBooks. As an accounting software, Xero is known for its highly friendly customer interface. It allows financial activities to be carried out smoothly without any sort of stress or the other. Why is Xero a QuickBooks alternative?

  • It is designed in such a way that users can easily navigate through options
  • It has adequate security measures put in place.
  • It has a friendly interface that marks it out among other accounting softwares

3. Sage 50 Cloud

This accounting platform combines the excellence of a desktop software and a cloud defined software. It is not only easy to understand, but it is also very flexible and innovative. With Sage 50 cloud's free trial, you can navigate through how to make use of features available on the platform. As a better free online QuickBooks alternative, Sage 50 Cloud has the following features:

  • Its cloud structure is such a flexible one that can be accessed anywhere and at anytime
  • It automatically backups any information stored on the cloud to avoid data loss of any kind
  • Its customer care service is always available to provide help and training.

4. ZohoBooks

Just like Xero accounting software, Zoho Books also has a user-friendly interface that provides smooth accounting and bookkeeping activities for small businesses. One of the notable solutions provided for by Zoho Books that makes it an excellent QuickBooks competitor is that it helps provide customers with professionally designed invoices that can be customized to suit their desired look. It is a better free online QuickBooks alternative because:

  • It can be easily set up and used
  • It comes with a project accounting software
  • It has features that makes it compatible with mobile devices

5. Wave

With the wave accounting software, users and businesses can integrate accounting activities with professionally designed customer invoices. It also provides users with free financial estimates, receipts and allows for credit card payment. The wave should be picked above QuickBooks because:

  • It is not just free, but every expense comes with a receipt
  • It is more user-friendly in terms of operation than QuickBooks.

Users and more businesses need to begin looking away from QuickBooks and begin exploring other QuickBooks alternative that has proven themselves over time to be a good QuickBooks alternative.

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