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Troubleshooting Battery Issue on iOS 13

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: iOS PDF Apps • Proven solutions

It is exciting to have a new iPhone or iPad on iOS 13/14 or upgrading any iDevice to this iOS. However, the fun gets interrupted when you start experiencing an iOS 13 battery issue. Your iPhone or iPad battery starts dying fast even when you have hardly used the device. An iPhone battery issue after iOS 13 upgrade can cause inconveniences since it limits you until when near a power source. Luckily, there is an iPhone 12/11/XR/XS/8/7/6 battery issue fix that you can try whenever you experience this problem. This article contains several fixes that you can use to resolve various battery issues.

How to Fix Battery Issue on iOS 13

The Battery Issue

A new iOS 13 battery issue can present itself in multiple ways. Your iPhone may stop charging as usual or may charge at a very slow pace. In another instance, you may find that your battery is dropping in chunks, whereby at one moment it reads 100% and the next 80% and the trend goes on. When there is an iPhone battery issue after iOS 13, the device might shut down when there is still power remaining or refuse to turn on. The latest iOS 13 battery issue takes place after the iOS upgrade and it also causes bad experiences.

Tips of How to Fix Battery Issues in iOS 13

Does iOS 13 fix battery issue? The answer is Yes iOS 13 fix battery issue because all you have to do is manipulate some of the iOS settings. The following are tips on how to resolve an iPad battery issue on iOS 13 or iPhone battery issue after iOS 13. You can try each as you observe the battery response, until you finally solve the problem and thus save your battery.

1. Turn Off the “Raise to Wake” Option on Your iPhone

Any iPhone model using iOS 13 has the “Raise to Wake” function that is on by default. It can cause an iOS 13 battery issue because of the frequent movements as you pick up your iPhone or swing it while walking. It cause the screen to turn on constantly and thus drain your battery.

Turn it off by;

  • Opening “Settings”
  • Tapping on “Display and Brightness”
  • Access “Raise to Wake” and put it off.

2. Minimize the Number of Widgets on your Lock Screen

Widgets keep you informed on the most important matters in the Today View like calendar events, the weather and activity progress. Unfortunately, they consume power to stay updated. If you are experiencing a new iOS 13 battery issue like battery dying too fast, consider discarding the widgets you hardly need.

To remove them;

  • Scroll downwards on the Today View screen; select “Edit”
  • There is an option to add or remove the widgets.
  • Remove by tapping on the red circle just next to the widget name
  • A “Delete” button will appear; Tap it.
  • The select “Done.”

3. Update All Apps Whose Updates are Available

Apple releases an iOS update now and then and it is important to catch up. If you fail to automatically update the applications in your iPad or iPhone, taking that time plays a role on the draining or misbehaving of the battery. So, the best iOS 13 battery issue fix in this situation is to update the apps.

  • Access App Store
  • Select “Updates,” which is at your screen’s bottom right
  • Then choose “Update All,” which is in the upper right corner.

4. Turn Off the “Background App Refresh” option

The purpose of the Background App Refresh is refreshing the iDevice apps in the background. Therefore, the applications continually update when not in use and thus save you loading time when you open them. Consequently, they usually have the latest information ready. However, if this trend takes place in all apps, you are likely to experience an iPad battery issue on iOS 13. So, turn the option off;

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Access “General”
  • Choose “Background App Refresh”
  • Toggle it off

5. Location Services: Only When the App is in Use

Location services can also cause the latest iOS 13 battery issue in your iDevice. Several different apps demand to know your location and use it for various reasons, despite that it is not necessary, especially when not in use. To avoid this problem you can change and select when to use your location. An app like Navigation can be always, while others can use when they are in use or never, if it never needs your location.

  • Access the “Settings”
  • Go to “Privacy”
  • Choose “Location Services”
  • Choose the individual apps to specify when Location Services can be used.

6. Make Your Battery Last: Turn On “Low Power Mode”

Low Power Mode can be an iOS 13 battery issue fix that can help your iPad’s or iPhone battery to last longer. It helps in situations whereby your battery is running low and you are still far from a power source. You can turn it on with the help of Siri, whereby you give the instruction or do it manually;

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Choose “Battery”
  • Toggle the “Low Power Mode” option on.

7. Turn On Reduce Motion

iPhones have interesting effects that can be addictive. The reactions and the flashy features in the Messages app are fun to use as well as the animations in everything to do with an iPhone. These animations require a lot of battery power and so may cause an iPhone battery issue after iOS 13. Each does not consume much power. However, they happen so frequently that you can hardly count, meaning that the usage keeps pilling up. To fix this iOS 13 battery issue, you need to Reduce Motion;

  • Open the “Settings”
  • Access “General”
  • Choose “Accessibility”
  • Select “Reduce Motion”
  • And toggle it on

8. Remove the Battery Consuming Apps

Some apps consume a lot of power than others and hence, may contribute to iPad battery issue on iOS 13. To confirm this, you just have to check how they all behave towards your iPad’s battery. The iOS 13 battery issue fix for this situation is removing such apps, especially those that are not essential to you. If they are not the reason you have an iOS 13 battery issue, you can re-download them later.

  • Go to the Home Screen
  • Long tap the app icon you wish to get rid of, until it jiggles and has the “X” sign
  • Confirm the “Delete” option
  • After disappearing from the Home Screen, click on the Home button once
  • Then observe the battery behavior

9. Turn Off the Bluetooth

Pairing of third party devices consume power. When you are not using pairing accessories like Bluetooth, turn them off to try and solve the new iOS 13 battery issue.

  • Access “Control Centre”; swipe up from bottom of any screen
  • Next to WiFi icon, Select Bluetooth icon and turn it off

10. Reset All Settings

There could be a huge mess going on in your iPhone and causing an iPhone battery issue after iOS 13. If you reset all settings, you can wipe this mess because you will set the iPhone back to its factory defaults. These settings are inclusive of keyboard, home screen layout, location, language and privacy, among others.

  • Access “Settings”; then “General”; then “Reset”; and lastly “Reset All Settings”
  • Enter your passcode when requested
  • Choose “Reset All Settings”
  • Your iPhone will restart as it rests all settings.

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