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How to Make Multiple PDFs into One

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The problem of how to make multiple PDFs into one is often encountered in a business setting. You may need to create a PDF from multiple files so your clients can have a single view of multiple projects, for example: or else, you might need to create one PDF from multiple PDFs for your training department working with new employees. Whatever the case may be, you will at least need to learn how to make two files into one PDF if the need should ever arise.

How to Make One PDF from Multiple PDFs

The process below will show you how to create one PDF from multiple PDFs. To demonstrate, we'll be using a comprehensive PDF editor called Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, one of the fastest-growing applications in this software segment, and an affordable Adobe Acrobat alternative.

Step 1. Click "Combine PDF"

Download, install and launch PDFelement on your desktop computer. On the first page you see, click "Combine PDF" to choose the PDF merging module.

how to make multiple files into one pdf

Step 2. Add Multiple PDFs

When the "Combine" window opens, click the "Choose file" button to import the source PDFs, which are the PDF files that you want to use to create a single PDF document.

create one pdf from multiple pdfs

Step 3: Make One PDF from Multiple PDFs

PDFelement gives you the flexibility to choose a specific page range for each of the documents. This is a useful feature when you're making a compilation of specific chapters or sections from various PDFs.

Once you've selected the page ranges, click the "…" icon where it says "Output Folder" at the bottom of the same window. After specifying your target folder location for the single PDF, click "Apply" to begin the merging process.

make one pdf from multiple pdfs

This is the process for how to make multiple PDFs into one single PDF document. You can also use PDFelement to create a PDF from multiple files of different formats, as shown in the next section.

How to Create PDF from Multiple Files (with Different Formats)

This next process describes how to create a PDF document from multiple files of other formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, HTML, images, etc. or a combination of these. That's a truly useful feature to have at your fingertips because it means you can combine a word processor file with a spreadsheet, or a web page with an image file. Any combination works here, and the best part is that every file will retain its original layout, fonts, and other attributes after it has been merged into the single PDF file. Here's how it works:

Step 1. Click "Combine Files"

In the "Home" tab of PDFelement, you'll see a button in the ribbon toolbar called "Combine PDF". This particular feature, as mentioned, allows you to merge different kinds of files and create a single PDF. Click the "Combine PDF" button to proceed.

how to create one pdf from multiple pdfs

Step 2. Add Multiple PDFs

On the next page, which is the same "Combine Files" page we saw in the last section, click "Choose files" to import different types of files (you can add any type of documents for combination).

how to make multiple documents into one pdf

Step 3: Make One PDF from Multiple PDFs

Set the page range for any PDF files you have in the mix of file types, then select the output folder as before and hit "Apply" to merge the files. In the screenshot below, you can see that five different file types have been used.

how to make two files into one pdf

How to Batch Create PDF Files (Each One as a Separate PDF)

In the third case, we'll look at how to convert several different files into PDFs - one for each source file. This is called a Batch Process and is one of the features in PDFelement that will significantly improve your productivity because of the speed and accuracy with which the process is executed. This is just one of the many batch processes offered by PDFelement.

Step 1. Hit "Batch Process"

Click the "Batch PDF" module on the home page.

create pdf from multiple pdfs

Step 2. Add Files

The "Create" option will be displayed at the second in the "Batch Process" window. Now please click "Create" > "Choose files" to select and import the files you want to create to PDF. You can select different kinds of formats at once and PDFelement will help you create all the files in batch.

how to create one pdf from multiple files

Step 3. Batch Create PDF Files

Set your output folder. Finally, hit the "Apply" button to convert them into PDFs as a batch.

batch create pdf

PDFelement also offers an amazing array of PDF features that can capably handle any document workload, big or small. The next section highlights some of the core features of this versatile and affordable PDF utility.

  • Edit, add or remove any element in a PDF file, including images, embedded media, annotations, text blocks, individual words and sentences, hyperlinks, footers, headers, watermarks, page numbers, etc.
  • Annotate like a professional editor with a wide selection of customizable markup tools like stamps, text highlighting, callout boxes, colored shapes, arrows, and more.
  • Convert files to and from PDF with support for an impressive variety of file types. Create PDFs from more than 300 other file formats such as images, word processors, HTML web pages, eBook content, digital library files, scanned PDFs and more.
  • Manage forms easily - fill out PDF forms, convert non-editable forms into fillable PDFs, highlight form fields, automatically recognize form fields, extract form data, etc. You can also sign forms digitally to create completely legal eSignatures that will validate the user as well as the document.
  • Give solid protection to your PDFs in the form of password-based file encryption, redaction for confidential text, graphs, etc., watermarks to protect copyright, and digital signatures to legally confirm your identity and match it to a document.
  • Organize your PDF pages and files with merge, split, reorder, rotate, and other tools. You can even reduce PDF file sizes by a significant amount to allow convenient sharing of files via email, chat messengers, or web/cloud uploads.
  • The advanced OCR and Batch Process features not only help digitize your workflows but also do it in a rapid manner to improve your efficiency when working.

In a nutshell, PDFelement can not only solve the problem of how to make multiple PDFs into one or create a PDF from multiple file-formats but also allow you to manage the entirety of your document workflows and bring real PDF power to your fingertips. Literally.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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