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How to Copy Signature From PDF

Signing a PDF is essential for people for legal and business transactions. Since signing a PDF from scratch is a hectic task, people wish to copy the signature from the PDFs to paste it into their other documents. And that's where the problem arises because a PDF document does not allow you to copy a signature from a PDF.

However, there are ways to copy a signature from a PDF, but if you're unaware of how we've got you covered. In this article, you'll discover How to Copy Signature from PDF using the right ways. Let's get started!

how to copy signature from pdf

Is It Okay to Copy a Signature from PDF?

Because it is unique to both the signature and the document, the digital signature attached cannot be replicated under any circumstances. If any party modifies a signed document after all parties have signed it, the document and the signature become invalid.

Forging a signature is a form of false impersonation and a designated crime under the law of any state. Therefore, the person who forges the signature from a PDF is always at risk. Actually, the person whose signature has been solidified can always file a complaint for it by repressing his earlier consent to that effect.

Moreover, Signature forging may result in criminal charges, prison time, the nullification of papers, restitution to the victim, or other severe consequences.

Therefore, the ways in this article are just for personal use.

How to Copy the Signature from PDF?

Want to know how to take a signature from PDF? You'll get the answer here! Since PDF doesn't allow you to copy the signature, you need a third-party tool. If you're looking for such an app, PDFelement is your best bet! Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a top-tier PDF editor now dominating the industry due to its user-friendly interface, vast feature set, and extensive functionality.

The application enables users to extract signatures from PDF files with ease. Copying a signature is as easy as copying an image using this tool. Besides signing PDFs, it comes with a vast library of features. Users can access multiple editing tools, including changing the document's font and size, making the text bold, underlining and highlighting, and making structural changes to the PDFs.

With this tool, you can make a PDF from different formats, such as MSG, PNG, JPG, DOCX, etc. Moreover, it allows you to edit and convert files in batches, which makes it an attractive option for users who often convert several files at once and want a simple, fast solution for their PDF-related tasks.

  • It can convert PDFs into other formats, such as Word and others.

  • It has a built-in PDF editor that allows you to change the text and the images in a PDF.

  • You can change the font style, add or remove pictures, and rearrange the content.

  • It has an essential OCR feature that lets you make changes to PDFs that are heavy on images.

  • You can add a password to secure the PDF and other scanned documents.

Step 1 First, download and install PDFelement on your PC, and launch the tool.

Step 2 You can start the process of importing the PDF by clicking the Open Files option that is located on the homepage. After that, import the PDF file by clicking on the + icon.

copy signature from pdf

Step 3 After the document PDF has been imported, go to Edit and browse to the document section that includes the signature. Now, you need to select the signature and then right-click on it.

Step 4 Now, click Copy. The signature is copied and you can open another document and paste the signature to it.

how to copy signature from pdf

Copy a Signature from PDF to Word

Want to copy the signature from PDF to Word? PDFelement has got you covered! It allows you to copy the signature from a PDF with ease. To understand how to do it via PDFelement, follow the steps below:

  • First, open the Word document in PDFelement by clicking File > Open.
  • The Word document will be imported and converted to PDF automatically. Now click Edit and paste the signature you have copied from another PDF.
  • After that, you can convert the document back to Word format by clicking Convert > To Word on PDFelement.
how to copy signature from pdf to word

How to Copy a Signature from PDF Using Adobe Reader?

Wondering how to copy a signature from PDF? Use Adobe Reader! With the help of Adobe Reader, you can copy the signature from a PDF without any complication. Many people and organizations utilize this tool because it can easily sign PDF documents and electronic contracts. Also, users can utilize the Adobe platform to create new PDFs, modify existing ones, convert between formats, send PDFs to others to have them signed, and merge PDF files.

When using Adobe Reader's Liquid Mode, users on mobile devices can see PDFs without having to pinch and zoom. Besides signing the document within Adobe Reader, users can save time by sharing and signing documents without leaving Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other Microsoft programs. It also supports integrations with common applications like Google and Box.

Moreover, if you want to be sure that no one else can make any changes to your PDF or print it without your permission, you can protect your PDFs through passwords. It also aids businesses in satisfying GLBA and FERPA, among other security standards and regulations.

Steps for copying a signature using Adobe Reader:

Step 1 First, get Adobe Reader on your computer. Right-click on the PDF containing a signature and select Open With. After that, click on Adobe Acrobat DC to open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

how to copy digital signature from pdf

Step 2 Navigate the signature you wish to copy from PDF and click on Edit PDF.

Step 3 Now, draw a box around the signature and right-click on it. After that, click on Copy Image from the drop-down menu to copy the signature from the PDF.


Lets you edit the PDF

Signs a document

Integration with Google and Microsoft


Copying a signature is not free

How to Remove Signature from PDF via PDFelement

If you need to add or delete a digital signature from a PDF, PDFelement is a great tool to have at your disposal. With Wondershare PDFelement, you can easily remove the signature from any PDF file. Moreover, this app's robust features can generate an encrypted digital signature and an industry-standard electronic signature.

Steps for removing a signature from a PDF file using PDFelement:

Step 1 Launch PDFelement on your PC and click on the + icon to upload the PDF file in the Open Files menu. You can also import the PDF by dragging and dropping.

removing digital signature from pdf

Step 2 After importing the PDF file, click on Protect to open the submenu.

Step 3 From the submenu, click on Manage Signature and select Clear All Signatures to remove the signature from the PDF.

removing a signature from a pdf


1. What happens if I forged a signature?

Forging a signature is a crime. If you forge a signature, you might be at risk since the other person can file a complaint against you, which might result in jail or other penalties.

2. What can I do if someone has forged my signature?

If you find out that someone has forged your signature, you must take action and seek legal help. Since signature forgery is a crime, you can file a case against that person.

3. How to convert an image to an electronic signature?

To convert an image to an electronic signature, you need to utilize PDFelement. It allows you to create and manage signatures by doing this.

  • Upload a PDF in PDFelement and click on Comments.
  • Now, select Handwritten Signature and click on Create.
  • After that, upload the image and click on OK to convert an image to the signature.
4. How to copy a stamp from a scanned document?

By utilizing PDFelement, you can easily copy a stamp from a scanned document. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open the PDF that contains the stamp in PDFelement.
  • Go to Edit and right-click on the area that contains a stamp.
  • Click on Copy to copy the stamp from your PDF.


Although copying someone else's signature from a PDF is a crime, sometimes you must copy your signature from a PDF to paste it on another document. However, PDF does not allow you to do it due to security reasons. But we hope you know how to copy signature from PDF after reading this article. Moreover, if you need to add, remove, and copy a signature from a PDF, PDFelement is your best shot!

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