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How to Put Signature on PDF Documents Easily

Has the “how to put signature on PDF” question ever cropped up in your professional life? It probably has if you work extensively with PDF documents because many of them will, at some point, need a signature in order to be validated or approved. Such signatures are known as electronic signatures or digital signatures. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as drawing signatures on your trackpad or using the mouse, typing it in, etc. To draw a signature on PDF or type it in, you will need a special signature app or use a cloud-based tool to attach a signature to PDF if you want to do it online. The offline method requires a desktop application. So, how do you do this and what are the tools required? That’s what this article aims to answer.

Electronic Signature and Digital Signature - Is There a Difference?

Virtual signatures have become an important part of business processes today. They save a tremendous amount of time and effort because PDF files can now be signed and sent electronically instead of having to be printed out, signed manually, and then sent via a courier or package service. Contracts, agreements, and several other types of legal documents today are generally signed online because laws have been implemented that make both electronic signatures and digital signatures legally valid. Even digital forms can have electronic and digital signatures that are legally binding, such as your online tax forms. So, both types are fine to use, but is there a difference between the two types of virtual signatures?

Yes, there is. Although many people use the terms interchangeably, they’re not the same. For instance, a digital signature is not valid unless it has a digital certificate to authenticate it, and this certificate can only be issued by a certifying authority. An electronic signature is also legally valid but it is authenticated using other methods, such as identifier codes and other elements that are unique to the user.

How to Draw Signature on PDF Using Wondershare Document Cloud

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To sign your signature on PDF online, you can use a service like Wondershare Document Cloud. Not only does it allow you to sign documents and send documents for signing, but it also provides secure cloud storage for your important and confidential documents. The free version lets you send up to 5 documents and store up to 1GB of documents. If you need a higher storage limit and unlimited sending, there’s a very affordable plan you can upgrade to.

The Process: How to Attach Signature to PDF Online

1. First, set up a free account with Wondershare Document Cloud. If you already use another Wondershare product and have activated it using a particular email ID and password, you can use the same credentials to sign in here.

attach signature to pdf document

2. To upload the document, click Upload Files in the Home tab and then select a file or several files from your local drive.

attach signature to pdf

3. Once imported, the file(s) will be in the Recent Document Activity section of the Home tab or in the Document tab. Next, click the Sign tab.

draw signature on pdf

4. The first two options in the Sign tab are Request Signatures and Bulk Send. The first option can be used to get several signatures from different people on the same document. This is useful for agreements and contracts that require multiple people to sign off on them. The Bulk Send option can be used to get one signature per document copy from several different people. This is ideal for getting acknowledgments from internal staff when circulating official notices from HR or the Finance team.

upload signature to pdf

5. Click Initiate under the required option and start preparing the document for signing. This requires several actions, such as adding signers’ email IDs, specifying a signing order (optional), adding yourself to the signing queue in the beginning or at the end, adding an optional security code, writing a custom message (optional), adding your company logo, etc. Once these steps have been executed, click Next to go to the final stage.

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6. On the final page, drag the relevant fields into the document and place them for each signer. When you’re done, check if everything is in order and hit the Send for Signature button.

Each signer will receive an email notification and a link. When they click the link, it will take them to a secure browser page where they can create an electronic signature and put the signature on the PDF file.

The signature creation part can be done either through this link or within the account page. If you’re logged in, click on your avatar image for your profile. Under that, select Signature Setting. This will trigger the same page that other signers will see when signing a document, but you will only have a Save option. To add this signature to a PDF, you can either use the notification link or click the Sign button next to where the document is displayed in the Recent Document Activity section.

sign signature on pdf

Upload Signature to PDF using PDFelement Desktop Software

PDFelement is the desktop software from Wondershare. It is one of the fastest-growing PDF editors with a global user base and is widely known as the best and most affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Using PDFelement for Windows, you can create and put a digital signature on PDF in just a couple of minutes - the steps are shown below:

Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC

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pdfelement pro dc

1. Open a document in PDFelement using the Open Files icon on the welcome page.

attach signature to pdf

2. Click the Protect tab and then click Sign Document.

attach signature to pdf online

3. In the new window, choose New ID, then enter your relevant details such as name, etc. in the second pop-up window. Save this and return to the first window.

put signature on pdf online

4. To put the signature into the PDF, select your existing signature and click Sign.

That’s it! Users who upgrade to the latest PDFelement Pro DC (PDFelement 8) can take advantage of Wondershare Document Cloud integration. In the new Windows version of PDFelement, you can access several features of Document Cloud from within the desktop software, as follows:

To upload a document to the cloud, click the Export function when a document is currently open in the application. Use the Wondershare Cloud option as your destination to save the document. This will trigger your browser to open a tab and log you into Wondershare Document Cloud where your document can be stored in a secure manner.

draw signature on pdf

To download a PDF file that’s already in the cloud, use the File menu. When you click Open under the File menu, you will need to select the From Wondershare Cloud option. Doing that will again take you to Wondershare Document Cloud, from where you can choose the document to download. The document will be downloaded and will open in PDFelement, where you can edit, convert, perform, OCR, optimize, and perform several other actions.

put signature on pdf

To send the current desktop document for signing, click Electronic Signature in the Protect tab. This will upload the document to the cloud and take you to the section where you can prepare your document for sending, as described in the first process in this article.

drawing signature

In Conclusion

Using one of these methods, you can put signatures on PDFs online or offline. It won’t matter whether you’re at home, in the office, or even while traveling. PDFelement gives you access to local files so you can edit them at will, and Wondershare Document Cloud allows you to upload and access these files from any other connected device using a modern browser. The latest PDFelement Pro DC gives you the best of both worlds, giving you access to both offline and online files so you can use your laptop to work from anywhere.

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