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We live in the age of electronic documents. Almost every document is now digitized. That includes the forms that you need to fill out. These documents are commonly saved in PDF format since it supports form-filling. But to do that, you need a PDF solution that supports fillable forms. PDFill is one of them.

You may be skeptical. You have not yet downloaded the tool because you want to know more about it first. How good is it? What are its selling features? We will discuss all these in this article. Furthermore, we will introduce its best alternative.

pdfill review

Part 1. A Close Look at PDFill

PDFill is an inexpensive PDF solution for Windows. It provides you with the necessary tools for PDF editing. You can merge, split, reorder, delete, encrypt, decrypt, rotate, crop, and reformat PDF pages. Furthermore, you can convert PDF to image and vice versa.

As the name suggests, PDFill is also a good PDF form maker and filler. The best part is that this feature is included in the free version!

G2 Rating: 4.3 / 5 stars

User Review:

A G2 reviewer says that they loved how the free version already provides you with the necessary tools for basic PDF tasks. Also, they loved how it did not add a watermark to the document.

Key Features:

● Decrypt or Encrypt PDFs

● Fill out PDF forms and create PDF forms

● Export PDFs as other file formats

● Add watermark

● Convert PDFs

● Draw


PDFiller is a feature-rich PDF solution

Many features are available in the free version

It does not add a watermark to documents

You have the option to upgrade to unlock even more tools


The interface of PDFill needs to be modernized.

It requires you to download GhostScript 8.63 to work.

The software program's last update was way back in March 2021.

Performance of PDFill

Here is a review of the key features of PDFill.

Encrypt & Decrypt

encrypt and decrypt tool of pdfill

PDFill allows you to encrypt and decrypt PDFS. It supports the 40-bit RC4 and 128-bit RC4 encryption levels. Also, it offers various security options for printing, modifying content, filling out forms, etc.

Form Field Operations

filling out forms using pdfill

PDFill also offers form field operations. It lets you delete all form fields, flatten form fields, or list all form fields with a single click. Furthermore, PDFill allows you to fill out form fields. But you need to know the field name because the editing is not direct. You put the values in PDFill's form, and the program will input that into the PDF.

Export PDF as Other Formats

exporting pdf as image using pdfill

PDFill allows you to easily convert your active PDF into a Text file or an image. You just have to click File > Export then select the target file type. It is super quick and easy. Unfortunately, these are the only formats this feature supports.

Add Watermark

adding watermark by text using pdfill

There are times when you would want to add your watermark to your documents. It ensures no one can claim the documents as theirs. PDFill allows you to do this for free. You can add a watermark using text or an image.


converting images to pdf using pdfill

PDFill's converter allows you to convert PDFs to images. Likewise, it allows you to convert images and even PostScripts to PDFs. PDFill is a powerful, free file converter.


creating a sticky note on pdfill

PDFill offers many drawing tools. These are especially useful when creating or marking up PDFs. And not only that. PDFill also allows you to highlight text or add a text box. Adding sticky notes, pop-up notes, or attaching files is also possible. Furthermore, it provides you with a tool that summarizes your comments.

Part 2. PDFill Best Alternative: Wondershare PDFelement

Suppose you are looking for a PDF solution with modern features and interface. You should check out Wondershare PDFelement. It is a powerful desktop PDF solution with more features than you could count.

PDFill pdf form maker

PDFelement has Form features that will not disappoint you. It lets you create or fill out form fields very easily. Furthermore, Wondershare PDFelement can make non-interactive form fields interactive. And it allows you to sign documents using either handwritten signatures or certified digital signatures.

Key Features

Here are Wondershare PDFelement's key features.

PDF Editing

editing a pdf using wondershare pdfelement

Wondershare PDFelement is one of the best PDF editors out there. It allows you to edit the existing text, images, and hyperlinks in a PDF. Not only that, but it also allows you to add new elements to PDFs.

Wondershare PDFelement also offers an OCR feature. It makes non-editable PDFs editable. The best thing is that it recognizes over 20 languages.


filling out pdf form using pdfelement

Wondershare PDFelement also supports the creation of forms. You can add radio buttons, textboxes, checkboxes, and more. Of course, you can also use this tool to fill out forms. It even has a Recognize Form feature that makes non-interactive form fields fillable.


using wondershare pdfelement highlighter tool

Wondershare PDFelement offers markup tools. You can add notes or comments on PDFs. Also, you can draw shapes or highlight the most important parts.

AI Tools

the ai tools of wondershare pdfelement

Wondershare PDFelement is an advanced PDF solution. It has integrated with ChatGPT and GPTZero to provide you with some AI tools. These tools can summarize, explain, rewrite, and proofread PDFs. Also, these integrations allow you to chat with an AI or detect AI-written content.


converting pdf to excel using pdfelement

Wondershare PDFelement lets you easily convert almost any file to PDF. All you have to do is open the file with this program. Besides that, Wondershare PDFelement also allows you to convert PDFs to another file type.


compressing pdf with wondershare pdfelement

You may also find yourself needing to send PDFs to others through email. One common problem when doing this is the attachment file size limit stops you. Most email services allow you to attach files only up to a certain file size. And PDFs often have large file sizes.

The solution is to compress the PDFs to reduce their file size. And Wondershare PDFelement also allows you to do it. It also offers different compression levels, allowing you to target a certain balance between size and quality.

Combine Files

combining files with pdfelement

Do you have multiple files you want to combine into a single PDF? Wondershare PDFelement can also help you with this task. The tool allows you to merge files, regardless of their file format, into one PDF in a streamlined workflow.

Batch Processing

wondershare pdfelement batch processing window

Wondershare PDFelement helps you save lots of time not only with its intuitive interface but also with batch processing. You don't have to process multiple PDFs one by one! Suppose you want to compress or convert 10 PDFs. You can do so with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks!

Part 3. PDFill and Wondershare PDFelement Comparison

Here is a comparison table comparing Wondershare PDFelement and PDFill.

Wondershare PDFelement
Forever Free Version 14-day free trial only Yes
Offers PDF Conversion Yes (Different file types to PDFs and back) Yes (Images and PostScripts to PDFs and back)
Offers PDF Editing Yes Yes
Batch Processing Yes No
AI Tools Yes No
Comments / Markup Tools Yes Yes
Form Operation Tools Yes Yes
Security Tools Password protection, digital signatures, encryption Encrypt & decrypt PDFs only
Pricing $29.99 per quarter/ $79.99 per year/ $129.99 for the Perpetual Plan Free / $19.99 for the Professional version / $39.99 for the Enterprise version


PDF solutions are essential tools in the computer age. You can use them to fill out or create electronic documents. One of your best options is Wondershare PDFelement - a powerful multi-platform PDF solution with a wide array of features. You can use this to fill out forms, perform OCR on documents, convert files, compress PDFs, and more!

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