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Best PDF Splitter Tools & Methods for Windows 11

The release of Windows 11 was recently announced and while this brings huge benefits in terms of security and performance, this also means that new compatibility issues may emerge. Since the use of office automation became popular, there are compatibility problems, because at that time, it began to be noticed that a file could be displayed in one way on a computer and when printed or opened from another computer, documents were not displayed with precision.

windows 11

To solve this, a format was developed that focused on allowing documents to be displayed accurately from any computer, even if they were printed. This is the PDF format.

Part 1. Why You Want to Split PDF

Currently, it is practically necessary to work with PDF documents since there are hundreds of variables that can cause compatibility errors such as software, operating system, and hardware.

One of the biggest advantages that PDF documents offer is that they can be divided very easily. PDF documents by themselves already guarantee that the document can be viewed from any device with total precision. However, there are factors that you should consider when working with PDF documents, especially if they become very large.

1. Management

Managing PDF files is generally not difficult, but you can get some additional benefits by dividing your documents into multiple sections. That is, in this way you can separate the most relevant parts of the document, which will make it easier for you to search even though the Windows file explorer.

2. Weight

PDF documents usually have quite effective compression tools but keep in mind that the main limitation of data transfer over the internet is the weight of the files.

If you need to send a PDF that exceeds this capacity, you can divide the document into the number of fractions that are necessary to make its transfer possible.

3. Security

Storing your files in PDF format is a practice that favors management and depending on the software you use, you can set passwords but this can improve. Imagine you have a lease with more than 40 pages.

You will likely need to send this contract to the counterparty and it should be protected against modification but at the same time it should allow the counterparty to add their signature.

By dividing the document you could organize it by sections and set different permissions as necessary.

4. Interoperability

It is true that the PDF format is a standard today. However, it is important to bear in mind that not all devices are capable of opening these types of documents when they are very heavy.

Some of these devices have limited virtual memory capacity, so opening large documents with many images or complex graphic elements could cause performance problems.

Dividing a document into multiple parts would greatly lighten the load to improve its performance on any device.

Part 2. Best PDF Splitter Tools & Methods for Windows 11

It is a fact. Working with PDF is necessary and knowing the tools with which you can divide this type of file is an advantage that you will need to use sooner rather than later. As I mentioned before, dividing a document has all kinds of advantages and, luckily for everyone, there are many tools and methods with which you can perform this procedure. Next, I will tell you about some of them.

1. PDFelement

PDFelement is a PDF file management software developed by Wondershare. This software was specifically designed to facilitate all the tasks that may arise from managing a PDF document. This not only includes extracting pages, splitting or joining a file, but also offers features focused on improving readability, security, and ease of editing. Below I will show you two methods to split your PDF documents.

Method 1: Extract pages

extract pages

Open your PDF document with PDFelement and go to the “Page” section. There you can see the pages of your document in a grid. You can select any page with a left click and add a new page to your selection by pressing "Ctrl" while clicking. Once you have selected the pages that you want to separate from the original document. Click on the "Extract" button. This will create a temporary document where you will only be able to see the pages that you separated. Before finishing, you will need to save this new set under a different name.

Method 2: Split File

Step 1 Click on Split

Open the PDF document with PDFelement, go to the “Page” section and then click on “Split”. Just before moving forward. PDFelement will ask you to choose a destination location where a folder will be created that will store the files.

split pdf pages
Step 2 Choose the Split preferences

Once you have selected the location, a window will appear that allows you to specify the characteristics of the Split process. There you can define how many fractions the document will be divided into


2. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe is one of the world's leading software development companies and its Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software is designed to view, create and modify PDF files, but you will need to create an account to access the trial version of their services.

Step 1 Organize Pages
organize pages

Open your PDF document with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, go to the “Tools” section and click on the “Organize Pages” option.

Step 2 Choose the Split preferences
split preferences

Once you have organized the pages, on the top bar you will see a scissors icon, click on it and use the drop-down menu on the bar below to select a “split by” option. Right next to this menu you will find a box where you can enter a value that corresponds to the split option you have chosen, in addition, on the right you will find a button to divide the original file document into several files and another to modify the destination path. When finished, simply click on "Split".

3. iLovePDF

"Before going further and for security reasons, keep in mind that you should not upload files with sensitive information to the internet."

iLovePDF is a web application designed to offer PDF document management tools and to split a document it would be enough to access its website, upload your PDF document and click on the "SPLIT PDF" button.


Once there, you will see a page with a right-side panel. In this panel you must select the split method you want to use and enter the split preferences.

4. Smallpdf

Similar to iLovePDF, Smallpdf is a web application specialized in offering PDF document management services. This web application will require you to register to use its application but it offers you security advantages that iLovePDF does not.

Step 1 Go to Split PDF

To split a document with Smallpdf, click on the "Tools" section. This will display a menu with options, click on "Split PDF".

split pdf
Step 2 Choose the Split preferences

You should now see the pages of your PDF document in a grid, and at the top you should find the option to toggle between “extract” and “split”. If you decide to extract, simply check the box of the pages you want to extract or select the split preferences that suit you best and click on “EXTRACT” /” SPLIT” to finish.

split preferences

5. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is software focused on word processing. However, for some years now, this software also offers the option to open and edit PDF documents, converting them to .docx format first.

microsoft word

Once the document is open, all you have to do is cut out a segment of the document and paste it into a new document. It is a fairly intuitive process. However, you must bear in mind that this procedure can cause formatting attributes of the original document to be lost.

Wondershare PDFelement

Simplify how people interact and communicate with PDF documents using intuitive and powerful PDF tools.


6. PDF Split & Merge

PDF Split & Merge is open-source software that allows you to split and merge PDF documents. This software does not have many options but it does the job. All you have to do is go to the "Split" option, indicate the source path of the PDF file you want to split and specify the values you need.

pdf split and merge

Before finishing, in the lower-left part of the window, you can select the destination location where you want to store the resulting files. When everything is ready. Click on the "SPLIT" button.

7. A-PDF Split

A-PDF Split is software focused on splitting and extracting PDF files. This software, unlike PDF Split & Merge, does not offer the option to merge PDF documents but it fulfills the function of splitting a document with ease.

a-pdf split

The first thing you have to do is select the source location of the PDF document you want to split. Next, you will need to choose a page range and a split method. When you're done, simply choose a destination location and click on "Split."

8. Google Chrome

Google Chrome, like many other browsers, offers the option to view PDF documents but what few know is that you can use this viewer to split a document.

google chrome

For this you must click on the button to print and select "Save as PDF" as the destination. Now, choose the value "Custom" in the Pages option and enter the pages you want to extract. For example 2,3 or 2-3.

9. Sejda

Sejda is a web application that offers various management tools for PDF documents and uploading your document. You can do this by dragging and dropping it.

Step 1 Choose a Split method

Once you are on the Sejda page, go to the “All Tools” option and choose the option “Split by pages” or “Extract Pages”. This will depend on the option that best suits your needs.

split method
Step 2 Set up the split preferences
split preferences

Drag and drop your PDF document into the space indicated and select the split option you need.

select the split option

If you selected "Select pages to Split", you should see a grid with the pages of your document. Select those you want to extract or split and click on the button "Extract pages" / "Split PDF by pages"

10. PDF to PNG

PDF to PNG is a web page that allows you to convert your PDF documents into images. All you have to do is click on the "UPLOAD FILES" button and select the destination location for your files.

pdf to png

Once you have done this. The web page will show you a "DOWNLOAD ALL" button. Pressing it will begin to download a .ZIP file with an image in PNG format for each of the pages of your document. This will allow you to easily manage each of the pages separately.

Closing Words

Working with PDF documents doesn't have to be a complex task. There are many tools that were designed to make this easier. Some of them do not even require installation but you must remember that if you work with sensitive documents or on a recurring basis, it is much more advisable to have specialized software such as PDFelement that allows you to solve all the problems in one place.


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