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Fix the Issue of "Nitro Pro Loads PDFs Too Slow"

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2022-04-29 14:42:24 • Filed to: PDF Software Comparisons • Proven solutions

Nitro Pro is one of the best PDF editors, which enable users to convert, edit, OCR PDF files and other basic features. However, Nitro Pro sometimes has issues on loading PDF files. You may receive message like "Loading, please wait" when you use Nitro Pro. This appears on Nitro Pro eapecially in loading large documents.

Best Solution for Nitro Pro Loads PDFs Too Slow

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a promising application for creating, editing, converting and signing PDF files. Adding files to the application gives the possibility to add, delete or edit text. It also allows re-organization, cropping pages, and updating watermarks.

The conversion engine within the application converts PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, image, text, and any other file format as needed. The same incident also exports any file format and converts it into a PDF file. The built-in OCR engine digitizes text while retaining the original appearance of the document. Users can also make use of the predefined digital signatures or create custom stamps and handwritten signature. You can check the comparison of Nitro Pro and PDFelement to learn more.

Nitro Pro Loads PDFs Too Slow

Comparison between Nitro Pro and PDFelement

Product Features
PDFelementDownload Download
Nitro Pro
Nitro Pro Loads PDFs Too Slow

Step 1. Open File in the Main Window

In the bottom right corner , you can click on "Open" Button. The opening window will pup-up immediately.

You can also go to the "File" button. Under the "Open" button, you can click on "Browse", and the same opening window will open.

Nitro Pro Loads PDFs Too Slow

Step 2. Add Files to Load

In the Opening window, you can browse your computer and any PDF document can be showed in the window.

If you want open word, excel, ppt and other formats, you should go to the Home tab and click From File button. You word document will be open easily.

Nitro issue

Step 3. Load PDF Immediately

Once you have clicked on the "Open" button in the opening window, your PDF file will be loaded immediately. No matter how large you document is, your PDF files will be loaded in less than one minutes.

Reasons why Nitro Pro Loads PDFs Too Slow

Reason 1: The Nitro Pro launches slowly when a user starts the application by clicking a PDF file rather than launching it by choosing the desktop icon of the software. The slow launch of the application is due to the addition of the time needed for the software itself to launch.

Reason 2: If Nitro Pro loads a PDF too slow, it is because that the file is on a network location rather than the internal storage of the system. If a file is on a network location, the application becomes slow in retrieving the file that is dependent on the connection of the network.

Reason 3: Nitro Pro launches a PDF too slow if the size of the file is too large. The presence of rendered content or layers within the files will require additional time and processing. Nitro Pro launches these files slowly as it has to render the entire content before loading it into the application.

Solution 1: In order to have a quick response from Nitro Pro, it is preferable to launch the application by clicking the desktop icon. Users can then browse the files they would like to open with Nitro Pro by navigating to the desired location through the Home tab button.

Solution 2: Opening too many files within the application reduces the processing time. A better way to achieve a faster response from Nitro Pro is by closing the tabs of the files that are no longer in use. It will also help the application open fewer files during a restart.

Solution 3: Opening files that are located locally on the system consume less time than opening a file that is on a network. It is feasible to save a copy of the file on the network onto the system locally. Such a step ensures that Nitro Pro opens the file quickly.

Nitro solution

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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