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PDFelement for Mac vs. PDF Expert: Pick the One That Suits You

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If you are looking for a PDF editing tool, two comprehensive software to consider are PDF Expert and PDFelement for Mac. Each of these tools has common and unique functionalities. For instance, PDF Expert is the software to opt for when you need more features than what Mac Preview offers. On the other hand, if you have voluminous PDF editing, conversion, and merging requirements, these aspects are easily explored in PDFelement. So, which one would be ideal for you? That depends on what kind of PDF editing you are looking at.

Here we take a look at the features of each tool. After that, we compare them against common parameters. Hence, by the end of the comparisons, it becomes clear which tool is more suited for what functions. As a result, users can take informed decisions as to which tool is ideal for their personal or business purposes.

A Brief Intro of PDFelement for Mac and PDF Expert

PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a full-featured PDF editing and management software from Wondershare. The tool has several features for editing PDFs. It can help users convert files to different formats and vice versa to PDFs. Users can also comment and annotate PDFs with this software. There are OCR and collaboration features. With all such functionalities and support for different platforms, this software is often considered a good alternative to Adobe Acrobat. It also offers enterprise-level PDF handling features. Businesses can opt for the subscription of this software or as per team use. Another highlight of this software is perpetual licensing and ease of sharing the licensed software between different users.

Still confused about using PDFelement for Mac? Check out the link given below and learn more about the features of the best PDF editor for Mac.

PDF Expert

PDF Expert

Among PDF editing apps available for Mac, PDF Expert is a software that you will find suitable for Mac users. This tool allows you to convert, read, edit as well as sign off PDFs. It is easy to move PDFs between different devices. The app is responsive and fast. It allows one to edit and read PDFs with absolute ease. The software also allows users to move documents between different devices. They can edit, annotate, export, scan, and use OCR features. All these features are easy to find on the software. Also, you can share and move documents between your Mac and the PDF Expert app on your iOS devices.

PDFelement for Mac vs. PDF Expert – 5 Rounds Battle

In the following sections, we compare the different features of both applications. To each unique feature, we compare both softwares, concluding which one is better in that aspect. This also helps to show the extent of functionalities of both softwares.

Who Can Offer Many Key Features and Solutions?

PDFelement for Mac Wins

The main features of PDFelement, as well as PDF Expert, lie in editing PDFs. With PDF Expert, the Pro version you can convert, sign forms as well as redact data. You can, however, do much more with your Mac computer if you have a licensed PDFelement installed. For instance, users can create PDFs, annotate, convert, fill out forms, and so forth. They can also combine PDFs, and use the batch conversion feature. Finally, it is easy to sign off PDFs, and scan and compare different documents with PDFelement. This software also has a batch conversion feature which is useful for converting large batches of files in one go. All such features are not present in PDFelement.

Product Features
PDF Expert
Edit PDF
Annotate PDF
Create PDF
Convert PDF
Fill out forms
Create forms
Combine PDFs
Batch PDF
Scan PDF
Sign PDF
Compare PDF

To Make PDF Tasks Simple and Easy

PDFelement for Mac Wins

PDFelement for Mac continues to be a success for which a PDFelement 9.0 version has been released as well. With this software, all PDF management tasks are made easy. The new version offers a new look with a simplified user interface. Its conversion quality is even better. The software also has some advanced features such as allowing users to organize pages in a PDF. There are dark and light modes that you can use to match your OS preferences on Mac. Also, the software provides trackpad signature and multi-tab navigation features.

Alternatively, PDF Expert will allow you to accomplish certain simple tasks on your Mac with ease. If you wish to create a PDF from Word or Excel then this is your go-to software. This software in its app version also allows conversion and edits on your iPad and iPhone. It is easy to export PDFs as well as convert different formats such as images into PDFs using this software. With the new Pro version, you can do more. For instance, you can add a signature, redact data as well as edit images or text. To do so you need to purchase a subscription plan for the software.

Awards and Certificates

Tie, Both Are Excellent

Here we take a look at the different recognition and accolades received by both brands. As evident, both have proved reliable and improved their features over the years for Mac users.


PDFelement Awards and Certificates

Some notable latest accolades of the brand are as follows:

  1. G2 Crowd Report 2022 Summer Leader of Document Generation.
  2. One among the Top 50 Office Products.
  3. Best in Contract Management Software.

PDF Expert

PDF Expert Awards and Certificates

This software for Mac has also won several accolades over the years:

  1. Apple Editor's Choice Winner.
  2. App of the Year Runner-Up prize.
  3. User subscription base crosses 30 million.

What Do Users and Media Say?


In this round, we take a look at what media and users have to say. As evident from reviews and testimonials regarding both softwares, it is a tie as far as dependability and performance are concerned.

PDFelement Comments of a User


  1. "From signing to creating and editing, PDFelement has taken what was once an impossible task with PDFs and made it simple and easy to use." – iMore.
  2. "The best PDF file management in one place" - Silvia O. is a project manager in a mid-market segment business.
  3. "PDF Element makes it easy to help me edit PDF" – Mercado I., software engineer.

PDF Expert

  1. "PDF Expert puts Adobe Acrobat to shame." - Cult of Mac.
  2. "The PDF editing software that Mac Preview should have been" – Dory S. who is a teacher and used the software for two years.
  3. "Perfect Solution for Us" – Dennis A. is a commercial account executive and works in Consumer Services.

Plans and Price

PDF Expert Wins

When it comes to comparing two softwares in the same category, subscription plans and pricing need to be looked at. As evident, both softwares offer different types of plans and price ranges. They also make it easier for groups or businesses to own licenses of the software.

For Individuals
For Businesses

Yearly plan - $79.99

Quarterly plan - $29.99

Perpetual plan - $129.99

Annual plan – 1 user - $109

For 2 users - $218

For 10 users - $1090

There are also plans for smaller groups of users between 2 to 10.

PDF Expert

A yearly plan including access on all Apple devices of a single user - $79.99

Annual plan for only Mac version - $139.99

Teachers and students can opt for a lifetime license for $69.99 whereas the annual price for them is $39.99.

As evident from the above numbers, PDF Expert offers more reasonable pricing. It goes without saying that the lifetime license fee for PDFelement is also quite reasonable.

Pick the One That Suits You

With the above information, it should be easy to choose software as per one's needs. PDF Expert, as evident from above, is a step above the factory-fitted software in Mac, Preview. It offers more functionality than this software. However, if we compare PDFelement with PDF Expert, the latter does fall short. In comparison to PDFelement, it provides a basic set of functionalities. While PDF Expert offers basic reading, editing, and conversion features, PDFelement does a lot more. For instance, if you need to batch convert documents into PDF or fill up forms, combine several pages or edit them, PDFelement is the software to opt for.

In the end, it all comes down to the requirements that you have. If you simply need to convert and create PDFs as well as read them, then PDF Expert will work fine. However, if you wish to convert, combine PDFs, fill up forms, and edit images and texts in them, then PDFelement works well. It is a comprehensive tool that works across different platforms. On the other hand, PDF Expert is a software that works well on Apple devices. You could take up a single subscription and use the same licensed software across different Apple devices.