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Easy Way to Remove Watermark from PDF Online

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2022-05-17 09:28:04 • Filed to: Online PDF Tools • Proven solutions

PDF files have gotten quite significant, particularly for official work where they are considered both easy to read and revolve throughout the office. However, as easy as they are to manage, it is quite difficult to amend and modify them in their primary form. Many people have complained about the presence of different watermarks on their PDFs, which are difficult to remove. This article focuses on providing you with the best platforms to remove watermark from PDF online.

Part 1: Should I Remove Watermark from PDF Online or Offline?

An online PDF watermark remover is very convenient. you can easily access and process your PDF files online without downloading a software program offline. However, online PDF watermark removers still provide their limitations in usage. After consulting in-depth, there are a few comprehensive limitations that are segregated as follows:

  • The procedure for removing watermarks from PDF using online platforms is quite detailed and time-taking. You need to first convert the file into an editable format, have it amended and then re-convert it into its original form. The complete process is a time ramshackle.
  • - The original may be lost while using the online PDF editors. This is considered one of the major drawbacks of using many PDF editors.
  • - Many online platforms have a file restriction where files of larger sizes cannot be added and amended using them. For this, it is important to have a downloadable PDF editor that provides greater remedies with no such limitations.

After considering the limitations of the online PDF platforms and realizing the need for a PDF editor that provides explicit tools along with high-quality output, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor can be the perfect option in such a case. This platform provides effective output quality if you wish to remove watermark from PDF or edit PDF.

Part 2: How to Remove Watermark from PDF Online Free Using Google Drive

There are many efficient methods available that provide a guide to users on how to remove text watermark from PDF online. People have always preferred the shortest mechanism that solves all of their problems by following a few steps. Google Docs can be utilized for removing the watermark from a PDF file. The process requires role-playing from Google Drive. The complete process evaluates the watermark as a text, which makes it easy to exempt out of the PDF file. For effectively using Google Docs to remove watermark from PDF free, you can look over the steps provided as follows.

Step 1. Upload the File to Google Drive

Initially, your file needs to be on your Google Drive. For that, you need to upload the file after opening Google Drive.

remove watermark from pdf online

Step 2. Open File with Google Docs

After uploading the file on Google Drive, have it opened on Google Docs by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Open With" > "Google Docs."

remove watermark from pdf online

Step 3. Remove Watermark

After you open the PDF with Google Docs, the watermark appears as a text on the file. Then you just need to delete it and save your file as a PDF again.

Part 3. Remove Watermark from PDF via Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the most popular and widely used word-processing tool on planet earth. You can add pictures and graphics to your word documents from your computer storage or using the built-in graphics. But do you know you can remove watermark from PDFs using Microsoft Word? This part is going to show how it works. Follow the step-by-step guide provided below.

Step 1. Convert PDF to Word

First of all, convert PDF document to Word format. You can use PDFelement or any online PDF to Word converter to complete the job.

convert pdf to word

Step 2. Enable Editing on Microsoft Word

Open the converted Word file in Microsoft Word. You may see a notification telling you about the compatibility issue; review it and click the OK button. Click on the Enable Editing button.

Step 3. Remove Background

Now look for the Ribbon area and click on Design, and then on the right-hand corner, click on Watermark. Once it's done, jump to the bottom right of your screen and click Remove Watermark. Now you have to click on the Watermark and press the Delete key on your keyboard or choose the Delete option by right-click, and this will remove the Watermark from your PDF document.

remove watermark

Part 4: Online Tools to Remove Watermark from PDF

Since it is believed that there are dozens of effective remedies available for removing a watermark from PDFs, the online solutions are considered quite significant in entirety. There are a lot of different online solutions to remove watermark from PDF online, out of which it is important to understand that the best platforms which can prove beneficial in executing a task easily. There are three explicit and detailed online platforms that provide impressive features to remove watermark from PDF online free.

1. PDFdu

PDFdu is one of the most explicit and expressive online PDF editing platforms that are available in the market for free. This tool provides a very impressive variety of PDF editing, converting, splitting, and merging. While using this platform for basic editing, it can also be consumed for removing watermarks from the PDFs. For this, PDFdu demands the files be converted into texts which can be then deleted manually.

hpdfdu interface

2. PDFaid

Another online platform that can be considered among the best platforms to remove watermark from PDF online is PDFaid. This platform offers a very fine PDF editing options which are considered quite deep in magnitude. PDFaid offers a simple and effective guide in removing watermarks from the PDF files. Initially, you need to just amend the format of the file into something editable, which then allows you to have the watermark removed easily.

 pdfaid watermark

3. LightPDF

This web-based PDF editor allows the conversion of the PDF files to any editable format along with other explicit features such as merging, editing, annotating, and unlocking PDFs. Along with that, you can also manage your watermarks using LightPDF, where it is easily converted within the platform and then removed with no difficulty.

lightpdf interface

Part 5: Software to Remove Watermark from PDF on Windows & Mac

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is an outstanding software that allows you to either add text, image, and file watermark to your PDF file or can eliminate watermark in your document within a few clicks. It also offers you the option to customize your watermark. In addition, PDFelement is integrated with several templates that you can pick from.

PDFelement ensures quality while you have the files converted with its impressive tools. You can edit your PDF files in any manner you wish to. The best part is that this platform retains the quality and format of your original file and enhances the shape rather than worsening it for you.

view pdf

Along with this, PDFelement can also be used to comment and review different PDF files without having them converted into any other format. PDFelement provides a very effective procedure of removing watermark off the files, as compared to other platforms. You can simply use the watermark tool present in its bag to remove the watermark from PDF free. Furthermore, there are different security protection techniques provided in PDFelement, along with a variety of managing your PDFs.

Key features:

  • It allows you to encrypt PDF files by providing an open password and permission password.
  • It allows you to edit texts, images, and objects, modify pages highlight, annotate, add bates and numbering, headers, and footers.
  • It is a PDF converter that supports many output formats like, Images, HTML, EPUB, Word, Excel, Plain Text, Rich Text, and PPT.
  • It is a PDF creator that creates files from Images, HTML, existing PDF files and screen captures.
  • It is built with a multilingual OCR plug-in that digitizes scanned PDF files into editable files.
  • It can create PDF forms and allows you to fill them with ease.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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