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Spreadsheets are very useful for organizing data. You can put it in tables that are easy to analyze and use formulas to automate computations, sorting, and other tasks. That's why tools like Microsoft Excel are popular among businesses. Here's the thing: Sometimes, more than one person needs to access the file. Thankfully, you can collaborate on Excel.

In this article, you will learn three different ways to collaborate on Excel. You will learn about methods that use MS Excel, Wondershare PDFelement, and Google Sheets.

In this article
    1. How To Share Excel Files
    2. How To Allow Multiple Users To Edit Excel 365
    1. How To Upload Excel Files to Wondershare Document Cloud Using Wondershare PDFelement
    2. How To Upload Excel Files to Wondershare Document Cloud Using the Web App
    3. How To View and Annotate a Collaborative Spreadsheet in Wondershare Document Cloud
    1. How To Share Files in Google Sheets
    2. How To Collaborate on Excel Using Google Sheets Comments

Method 1. How To Collaborate on Excel

You can send a spreadsheet to others using the Share feature in MS Excel. Also, you can allow multiple people to edit the said file. Follow these steps:

Part 1.1. How To Share Excel Files

Suppose you want others to be able to view the workbook, but you don't want them to edit it. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Open the file on Microsoft Excel.
  2.  Click File >Share.
share with people option in excel
  1. Type the email addresses of the people that you want to receive the workbook in the email address box.
adding email addresses of team members
  1. Press Enter.
  2. Click Send.
sending the collaborative spreadsheet to team

Part 1.2. How To Allow Multiple Users To Edit Excel 365

When sharing workbooks using Microsoft Excel, you can let the recipients be able to edit the file. All who have access to the file can edit it. No need to wait for one person to finish! Here's how to allow multiple users to edit Excel:

  1. Open the workbook in MS Excel.
  2. Click File > Share > Share with People.
  3. Enter the email addresses of your teammates.
  4. If you see "Anyone with the link can edit" on your screen, you can skip to step 5. Otherwise, click the Anyone with the link can view button.
anyone with the link can view
  1. Choose Can edit underMore Settings” >Apply.
allowing multiple users to edit
  1. Hit Send.

Method 2. Make a Collaborative Spreadsheet Using Wondershare Document Cloud

Perhaps your teammate does not have MS Excel, or theirs is not activated. In this case, to collaborate on Excel, you'd want to use an alternative tool. You should try Wondershare PDFelement and Wondershare Document Cloud.

Yes, Wondershare PDFelement was built mainly for PDFs. But it has a built-in file converter that allows it to open and convert Excel files to PDF. Then, you can upload the file to Wondershare Document Cloud to allow your team to collaborate on the PDF.

Part 2.1. How To Upload Excel Files to Wondershare Document Cloud Using Wondershare PDFelement

To make a "collaborative spreadsheet," you need to upload the workbook to the Wondershare Document Cloud.

  1. In Wondershare PDFelement, click the Plus button + > From File.
creating a pdf using a file
  1. Select your Excel file and open it.
  2. Click Files > Save to Cloud > Document Cloud.
uploading spreadsheet to wondershare document cloud
  1. Click Upload.
confirming the file upload

Part 2.2. How To Upload Excel Files to Wondershare Document Cloud Using the Web App

  1. Open your Excel file using Wondershare PDFelement, then save it to make it a PDF.
  2. Open a web browser and go to the website of Wondershare Document Cloud.
  3. Log into your Wondershare account.
  4. Click Upload File.
wondershare document cloud upload file option
  1. Select your Excel file-turned PDF and upload it.
  2. To share the file with others, go to Documents.
  3. Click the three dots at the right of your spreadsheet. Select Share in the drop-down menu.
sharing the file on document cloud
  1. Click Designated person.
  2. Add the relevant people’s email addresses.
adding email addresses of teammates
  1. Click Send.

Part 2.3. How To View and Annotate a Collaborative Spreadsheet in Wondershare Document Cloud

The ability to view and comment on spreadsheets allows you to collaborate on Excel using Wondershare Document Cloud. Here's how to do that.

  1. In your Wondershare Document Cloud account, click Documents.
document tab in wondershare document cloud
  1. Find the Excel file in the Your Document, Shared by you, or Shared by others sections.
finding a file in document cloud
  1. Double-click the file to open it.
  2. To comment, click Add comment.
wondershare document cloud add comment option
  1. Select the annotating tool that you want to use.
wondershare document cloud different annotating tools
  1. Select the text where you want to comment on.
applying strikethrough using wondershare document cloud
  1. Type your comment on the Comment bubble that will appear on the right panel.
adding the comment on document cloud

Method 3. Collaborate on Excel Using Google Sheets

What if your team is small or you are a group of students, and the budget is a problem? Worry not. There's one more alternative that allows you to collaborate on Excel: Google Sheets. It's a free online tool for collaboration. Since Google Sheets is also a tool made for spreadsheets, you can still use formulas in this app. Discounting a few formula differences, you'd feel like you are still using MS Excel!

Here is a guide on how to share files on Google Sheets, collaborate on Google and how to add comments.

Part 3.1. How To Share Files in Google Sheets

  1. Upload your Excel file to Google Drive.
  2. Open the Excel file that you want to turn into a collaborative spreadsheet.
  3. Click Share.
share option in google sheets
  1. Add the email addresses of the people in your team or your group's email address.
adding the team members email addresses
  1. Click Done.

Part 3.2. How To Collaborate on Excel Using Google Sheets Comments

  1. Open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Right-click on the cell where you want to comment on. Alternatively, click Insert > Comment.
adding a comment in google sheets
  1. Type your comment and click Comment.
posting the comment in google sheets


You can collaborate on Excel using Excel itself or alternatives like Wondershare Document Cloud and Google Sheets. They allow you and others to view and comment on the file. Of course, using the Excel app is the best since the workflow is really fluid. But if you're going to use an alternative, we recommend using Wondershare Document Cloud.

Besides the ability to open and comment on spreadsheets, Wondershare Document Cloud and Wondershare PDFelement offer security. You can rest assured that no unpermitted person will be able to access the workbook. For businesses, big or small, that's very important.

People Also Ask

    Here are some FAQs related to the topic: "How to collaborate on Excel?"

  • 1. How Do I Track Changes Made by Collaborators in Excel?
    You can track the changes made by collaborators using the Track Changes feature. Using filters, you can view changes made by a specific user, changes on a cell range, or changes made after a certain date. Of course, you can also view all changes in one place.
    Please note that the Track Changes feature is hidden in the newer versions of Excel. Thus, you need to unhide it first.
  • 2. Can I Restrict Certain Users From Editing Specific Parts of an Excel File?
    Kind of. You can protect specific ranges in the Excel workbook. Using the Allow Edit Ranges option in the Review tab, you can permit or prevent others from editing locked parts in a spreadsheet. However, you can’t block a specific user from editing specific parts of an Excel file.
  • 3. What Are Some Best Practices for Collaborating on Excel Files?
    - Comment first before you edit
    When you collaborate on Excel, talk with your team and set an agreement. No one should make changes to the file directly. One must always inform others of the changes they want to make through comments.
    - Take security measures
    Do not make spreadsheets publicly accessible. Share the collaborative spreadsheet file only with the relevant people in your team. Furthermore, limit the things others can do in the file. For example, lock the cell ranges that they should not edit.
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