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Learn with PDF and Keep Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Want to become an expert in your field? Learn in a scientific way and improve your learning with the help of technology software. Discover how a PDF tool can make your learning and research work more efficient.

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Become an expert in your field by using PDF editing tools
for efficient learning.

Go paperless and utilize PDFs to study effectively in or out of the classroom.

As a University student, and as a teaching assistant in a K-12 public school, I have to read many texts each week. PDF Element helps me make the process of reading, annotating, and so on, more efficient.

@ Kevin
University Students
Moving away from paper records to all electronic.

I am an accountant and we are moving away from paper records to all electronic. This makes creating, combining, extracting, and editing pdf files very important.

OCR function to improve research efficiency.

Read academic journals, many of which are pictures, use PDFelement OCR function to highlight sentences and search keywords in articles to improve research efficiency.

Researcher in engineering
Edit and combine pdf files as I am doing research.

As a university student, I have to read many texts each week. It allows me to edit and combine pdf files as I am doing research. I can send only relevant pages to my classmates.

Read large PDF files easily.

It allows me to easily read large PDF files and reorganize if neccessary. It's efficient and easy-to-use.

Legal Affairs Manager
Read and comment on (annotate) documents frequently.

I read and comment on (annotate) documents frequently. Furthermore, with the immersion reading mode, the workflow is even more efficient.


4 Reasons why you need a PDF editing tool for learning and research.

Save time and money
on printing.
Digitization makes the read-recite-review study strategy more effective.
Create your own quality study or research materials.
Access your study materials anywhere and anytime.

AI reading assistant powered by ChatGPT

Start your journey for efficient learning
with a PDF editing tool.

Learn with PDF

Paperless Study: Free up storage space and save time & money on printing.

Tired of lugging lots of books and materials to the library? Scan your textbooks to PDF files or find the ebooks via search engines directly to save space and free your hands.

Sick of finding specific content from a vast amount of files? Convert paper documents to searchable PDFs and search for keywords in digital materials to quickly locate key content.

PDF your learning now:

Read & Annotate on PDFs

Improve your reading comprehension by adding comments and marking up key texts with highlights on PDF textbooks.

Highlight, underline, or add sticky notes while reading to summarise key points or create mind maps, like using pen and paper, but more time-efficient.

"Ahaaa!" for you - make your note-taking more productive:
·One-click to export your notes as separate PDFs for further use.
·Translate any text at any time while reading PDF files in foreign languages.

Annotate your thoughts now:

Combine and create new PDFs

Combine multiple PDFs into one. Create new PDF files from old assignments, notes, and scanned documents to organize your study materials.

In the paperless study, it is easy to organize, combine and summarize notes and information from textbooks, papers, and websites to level up your studying with the best PDF editing tool.

Create a blank PDF document to summarise the content and add a link to include the source of each point to write a literature review.

Combine multiple documents into one PDF now:

Store your PDFs in the cloud

Access your learning materials anywhere and anytime.

Are you still using USB sticks to save the literature downloaded from the library database? Upload your PDF files to Document Cloud and access to the documents from any other devices out of the library. It is more convenient than sending zip files to your email address.

PDF your learning now:

Choose your preferred PDF Apps for efficient learning.

Compare the PDF editors highly recommended by education, researchers, and learners in every field. Hope you will find something useful here to pick your preferred one.

PDF APPs Summary PDF Reader PDF Annotator PDF Editor Supported Platform Price
PDFelement The cheapest PDF editor with quality service. Windows/Mac/iOS/Android $129.99/perpetual
Buy Now
Adobe Acrobat The most professional one Windows/Mac/iOS/Android $239.88/yr
PDF Expert The easiest one Mac $139.99/perpetual

Why do learners choose PDFelment as the best PDF editing tool for Windows/Mac?

Split View mode

Read and annotate multiple PDFs at one time with
2 documents appearing side-by-side.

Rich Annotation Tools

Highlight, add text, sticky notes,
corrections, shapes, signatures,
stamps and drawings.

Manage Notes on PDF

Hide, show or export notes
as separate PDFs with 1 click.

Translate Foreign Languages while Reading

Translate all or part of your document
into another language anytime
while reading.

More than a PDF Annotator

A one-stop PDF solution to edit, convert,
sign PDFs, and more.

Affordable and Valuable

The cheapest PDF editing tool with
satisfying functions.

More tips for successful study & research.

Explore more tips & tricks on how to excel in your field.

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