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Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is undoubtedly a top-grade and highly-used PDF editor across various institutions and companies. While PDFelement streamlines your PDF workflow, its integration with ChatGPT is a game-changer.

pdfelement chatgpt ai reading assistant

This combination transforms how you handle PDF tasks, including translation, summary, research, teaching, learning, and data extraction. Consequently, you achieve more efficiency in your PDF workflow.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how PDFelement's AI reading assistant powered by ChatGPT can help you achieve more workflow efficiency.

What Is ChatGPT and Why Is It So Popular?

ChatGPT is a pre-trained language model that interacts with users conversationally. This chatbot is developed by OpenAI and is developed in a dialogue format to enable interaction with users. ChatGPT was launched in November 2022, but its surge in popularity and usage has skyrocketed in such a short time.

chatgpt by openai

This platform curates across millions of libraries, including books, websites, and other resource-full materials, to respond to queries from the user. This tool is becoming extremely popular due to its ease of use, interactivity, and effectiveness in solving many user problems. In a nutshell, it saves you time, energy, and resources that you would have used in research, teaching, or learning.

Will ChatGPT Change the Way We Work and Study?

When you interact with ChatGPT, you will probably be blown away by its amazing capabilities. This platform is powerful; you can easily see this from the ChatGPT examples. It is designed to solve virtually all problems conversationally.

However, it is not without faults; you cannot fully invest in your work and study.

work study with chatgpt

Without a doubt, ChatGPT will change the way we work and study. Its ability to curate content from many sources and output the results in seconds makes it a hit.

You only give it simple commands and get amazing outputs in no time. This platform does nearly everything that helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of workflows. Therefore it saves time, energy, and resources you would otherwise have committed to getting the same result.

While it is a great platform, ChatGPT might not always be accurate. Considering it is still limited post-2021, it might not get sufficient information to draw relevant conclusions in certain avenues. Therefore, it might become biased and give you inaccurate results.

Best 5 ChatGPT Examples for Studying or Working With PDF

ChatGPT is useful for studying or working with PDF. Many ChatGPT examples can illustrate the usefulness of ChatGPT. The following are some of the common use cases for studying or working with PDF.

Use case 1: When Reading a PDF With ChatGPT

ChatGPT allows users to read a PDF for learning and research purposes effectively. It provides a platform for users to ask questions, translate texts from one language to another, solve mathematical problems, answer questions, and learn.

If you are taking personal lessons like CPA learning, ChatGPT lets you learn at your own pace using unlimited resources. Again, ChatGPT lets you seamlessly summarize large files into relevant points for easier reading.

You can summarize a paragraph, copy summarized text and take them as notes to the PDF. Since ChatGPT is integrated with PDFelement makes your work easier as you can solve your PDF tasks already in PDFelement.

The good thing is that the new version of PDFelement v.9.4.1 comes with ChatGPT installed. So you don't have to create a separate account because you have automatic access to ChatGPT. The steps are illustrated below.

Step 1 Open your PDF document with Wondershare PDFelement. When the PDF file opens, click the blue ChatGPT icon to access Lumi, an AI reading assistant powered by ChatGPT at the bottom right. Then you are free to chat with the reading assistant, without the need to register or login to ChatGPT again.

pdfelement chatgpt ai reading assistant

Step 2 Enter a suitable command at the bottom of the displayed "AI Reading Assistant" window. You can choose to ask ChatGPT any questions, rewrite or proofread PDFs, explain terms in PDF files and summarize any piece of text in the PDF files. 

pdfelement chatgpt

Use case 2: Export Texts

When you have fetched the right content from ChatGPT, you can scroll the screenshot to cross-check the contents. Once satisfied, you can directly export it to PDF on PDFelement. This software then gives you various capabilities like copying and editing the text to meet your needs.

Step 1 When the results are ready, right-click the content and choose the "Copy Response" option.

pdfelement chatgpt copy text

Step 2 Now go to "File"> "Create" and choose the "Create from Clipboard" option. A new PDF with the copied content will appear. You can organize, edit, and save the summarized file.

pdfelement create pdf

Use case 3: Make Work Schedule

With ChatGPT, making a schedule is easier than ever. Now that PDFelement is integrated with ChatGPT, you cannot struggle to create a suitable schedule for work. You can use these two tools to create outstanding lesson plans as a teacher.

Creating a schedule like a lesson plan with PDFelement and ChatGPT is easy. You simply download a suitable schedule template from PDFelement and ask ChatGPT to help fill in the contents.

You can then edit, print, or share the schedule directly from PDFelement. The following steps show how to create and fill the work schedule with PDFelement and ChatGPT.

Step 1 Open PDFelement and head to the "Template" tab. Choose a suitable work schedule template from the templates window and download it.

pdfelement planner template

Step 2 When the template opens with PDFelement for editing, click the ChatGPT icon at the bottom right.

Step 3 Type a suitable command to ask the ChatGPT to create a lesson plan for you. Copy the result and paste it into your schedule template.

reading assistant lesson plan

Use case 4: Writing Letters

Another amazing use case of ChatGPT is writing a letter. Simply ask ChatGPT to write a letter for you, and you won't believe how fast and effective it is. You will get an up-to-par letter that won't struggle to impress the recipient.

The choice of words and sentence structure is top-notch. Only give it sufficient information about what content you need, then let ChatGPT do the rest. You can then copy the contents of the displayed letter and fill it in a beautiful letter PDF template.

The good news is that PDFelement lets you download beautiful letter templates from its rich library. The following steps show how to download and fill a beautiful letter template with PDFelement and ChatGPT.

Step 1 Open PDFelement on your device and navigate to the "Template" tab. Select and download the desired letter template.

download letter template

Step 2 Click the ChatGPT icon to open the ChatGPT window. Enter a suitable command asking ChatGPT to fill the template with the information on the specified sample PDF.

pdfelement chatgpt create letter

Use case 5:

ChatGPT allows users to write documents such as resumes, business plans, contracts, and proposals. This platform lets you obtain the most suitable content for the respective document. Provided you give it sufficient information, ChatGPT won't let you down.

When ChatGPT displays the desired content, you can copy and fill the target template on PDFelement.

Since PDFelement has a super-rich library template, you don't struggle to find a suitable template for a resume, business plan, or contract. Once you have downloaded the template and filled it with the respective ChatGPT's result, you can edit, print, send, and share it with target individuals. The steps are illustrated below.

Step 1 Open Wondershare PDFelement on your computer and go to the "Template" tab. Depending on your need, find and download a suitable resume, business plan, or proposal template.

pdfelement template mall

Step 2 Click the ChatGPT icon on PDFelement and ask ChatGPT to write a resume for you. Provide some details about your resume and press the "Send" button.


Step 3 Copy the content and fill it into the resume template.

Use case 6: Generate Python Code for PDF

ChatGPT does pretty much everything, and it is not surprising that you can use it to generate python code for processing PDFs. Python is one of the most popular languages, and people use it to process PDFs depending on their needs.

However, the technical expertise required to create the respective Python code limits its usage.

Fortunately, you can ask ChatGPT to help generate a code for PDF processing. You can ask it to generate a code for PDF conversion, editing, merging, data extraction, and form creation. The steps are illustrated below.

Step 1 Open a PDF with Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 2 Click the ChatGPT icon at the bottom left and ask it to generate a Python code to process your PDF file, depending on your needs.

python prompt

Step 3 You can use the Python code on a suitable platform to process your PDF file accordingly.

More to Expect: 6 ChatGPT Extensions To Improve the Efficiency of Work and Study

ChatGPT is like a plugin added to a website or search engine to simplify how you access and use ChatGPT on these sites. This ChatGPT makes it easy to customize a site and define how you want to work with ChatGPT.

Some of the popular ChatGPT extensions to improve the efficiency of work and study include:

  1. Liady ChatGPT

Liady ChatGPT extension is a useful extension that can be installed in browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. This extension adds functionalities like exporting to PNG, downloading PDF, and sharing PDF from the site directly.

  1. TweetGPT

TweetGTP is a ChatGPT extension that lets you generate tweets that meet your style and preferences.

  1. WebChatGTP

This is another useful extension that helps to access the latest information from the internet. You can customize results on time, a number of results, and region.

  1. ChatGPT Writer

This extension is meant explicitly for writing emails and messages on any website.

  1. YouTube Summary

This ChatGPT extension allows users to get a summary of YouTube videos.

  1. Summarize

As the name suggests, summarize is a ChatGPT extension that lets you summarize texts directly on websites without returning to ChatGPT.


ChatGPT improves work and study efficiency, as illustrated by several ChatGPT examples. However, ChatGPT alone cannot provide efficient PDF workflows for your tasks. You need suitable PDF software to work with ChatGPT.

Fortunately, PDFelement is a perfect PDF software to streamline your workflows with ChatGPT. It comes with ChatGPT preinstalled, so you don't need a separate account. Download the latest version of Wondershare PDFelement and transform your PDF workflows with ChatGPT.

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