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Top 6 Free CutePDF for Mac Alternatives

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CutePDF has four products, which are CutePDF Writer, CutePDF Professional, CutePDF Converter, and CutePDF Editor. It is one of the easiest PDF editors judging by the design and user interface but it also has its numerous limitations. However, it is a pity that only CutePDF Editor has a Mac version. If you are looking for CutePDF for Mac, you’d better look for an alternative. There are a lot of CutePDF for Mac alternatives if you need them and this article is going to look at some of the top ones.

Top 6 CutePDF for Mac Alternatives

1). PDFelement

There are a lot of PDF editors that are capable of handling PDF editing in Mac and one of them is the ever-powerful PDFelement. This editor is an amazing PDF solution and that is why it is regarded by most people as a better alternative for CutePDF for Mac.

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cutepdf for mac

It is very easy to use and boasts top-class features. The following are some of the features:

  • Editing PDF as easy as it is done on word documents
  • Document protection through password
  • Fast process for converting PDF documents to other formats
  • PDF forms creation and fill
  • Creation from other file formats to PDF
  • Sign PDF with digital signature
  • Supports macOS 10.14, 10.15 and 11

There is a whole lot more that can be done with PDFelement even better than CutePDF for Mac. PDFelement works for all Mac systems and is affordable when compared to other close competitors like Adobe Acrobat. Only $79.99/yr to get the Pro version.


  • Less Cost, More Benefits: When compared to what it offers, the PDFelement represents the best value for your money because you get a lot more for less cost.
  • Very easy to use: PDFelement is designed to be very easy to use. In fact, it is comparable to editing in Microsoft Word. It does not require any special software knowledge and as far as you can use a mouse, just use it.
  • Very Secured: Your documents are secured and safe on PDFelement

Supported Systems: Mac, iOS, Windows, Android

Download this CutePDF for Mac alternative to have a try.

download on app store download on google play

2) Foxit Reader for Mac

If you want to try out another CutePDF for Mac alternative, the Foxit Reader for Mac could just be what you need. It can do a lot of things and this includes viewing PDFs, annotating and sharing PDF files, printing PDF files. This CutePDF Writer for Mac alternative supports all Mac versions.

cute pdf mac


  • Produces quality output
  • It has a trial version for people who wants to test the software before purchase


  • The trial version has limited features
  • The user interface is not as friendly as it should be

3) PDF Studio for Mac

PDF Studio may not be popular but it is also considered a good alternative to CutePDF for Mac due to its good qualities. This software helps you to edit, merge, scan to PDF, convert to and from PDF, and securing PDF documents. PDF studio costs $89 for the standard version and the Pro version for $129.

cute pdf for mac


  • It has a trial version which is good
  • Boast of good quality output


  • The user interface is not as good as it should be
  • The cost is no the high side considering what it offers

4) PDF Writer for Mac

This works like a printer driver for Mac. It is a useful alternative to CutePDF for Mac. The good thing about this tool is that it uses the internal PDF capabilities of the Mac system to further produce quality outputs. PDF writer for Mac is free to use and it works on all Mac systems.

cute pdf writer for mac


  • PDF creation is just done by printing
  • It is easy to use


  • The problem with this tool is that it comes with only the print function
  • There are some capabilities that are lacking on this tool

5) iPubsoft PDF Creator for Mac

This tool is a good CutePDF for Mac alternative that can be used to make PDF files out of images and texts. Users can use the iPubsoft PDF Creator for Mac to create quality PDF files so efficiently. It is free to use and works on all Mac systems.

cutepdf mac os


  • The formats can be preserved while creating PDFs
  • It can merge PDF files with ease


  • Encryption of documents is not part of what it can do
  • The user interface is poorly designed

6) Infix PDF Editor

This is a CutePDF for Mac alternative that can edit PDF files so easily. It can edit texts, images, font sizes, reformatting edited documents plus other functions. Infix PDF editor is one of the easiest to use and works more like editing in Microsoft Word. It works for all Mac systems and cost about $99 if you are using the full version.

cute pdf for mac


  • Easy to use
  • Can search and replace in multiple files simultaneously


  • Not many features
  • There is a problem with the watermark on the final document after editing.

Why Not Try Online PDF Editors

Here are some of the finest online free pdf writers for mac;

  • Smallpdf

It is one of the most visited websites to deal with pdf documents. The free online service is known for attracting the most traffic. You only need few clicks to upload your pdf to the website and edit it without any trouble.

  • PDFescape

If you’re planning to look for a free secure software to manage pdf documents, PDFescape is one of the top rankings. The security of your pdf documents is never compromised. It has the features such as PDF editing, form filling, page arrangement, printing, saving, and many other.

  • SodaPDF online

The software offers 7-day trial for the users to cherish. You can modify the content of any pdf document with ease. The online service has a facile and colorful interface for the users.

  • HiPDF

It is an all-in-one pdf solution that allows the users to create, convert, edit, and share pdf documents without hampering the quality of the content. Multiple types of files can be converted to and from pdf format.

What to Consider While Choosing PDF Writer

Before buying anything, you always need to analyze the factors to consider. In order to make the right choice when it comes to choosing a pdf writer, here are the factors to consider;

  • Your Needs

Before digging to look for the perfect solution, you need to specify your needs first. There are unnumbered questions that you need to ask yourself. Are you linked with a company that is heavily dependent on PDF documents or you just often receive pdf documents from clients? Is your work only to view the pdf document or edit it? Do you retype the document in MS Word or Excel? These questions will help you analyze the actual need of time.

  • Price

Price is surely one of the top driving factors while choosing a pdf writer for mac. If the pdf workflow in your company is low and you buy a heavy software with unnumbered features, it will surely be a loss. Look for a software that has decent features with minimal price. You won’t like spending extra money for sure. Go for an economic software if you deal with pdf documents rarely.

  • Functions

Once you’ve analyzed the workflow of pdf documents and price, you need to look for the required functions. You want a pdf writer with the ability to digitally sign documents or make all the amendments you want? Look for specific features that perfectly match your needs. Pdf creation, pdf annotations, pdf redaction, pdf editing, OCR, pdf forms, and the list goes on.

  • Device compatibility

After all the calculations, let’s come to practicality. Is the chosen software compatible to your device? Can you work on it easily? You need to check the compatibility before buying the pdf writer for mac.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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