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How to Use PDF to Realize Personal knowledge Management for Teacher

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: PDF Edit • Proven solutions

In this post you will know how to manage your personal knowledge easily and practically through an application that makes use of PDF files.

Part 1. The Significance of Personal Knowledge Management of Teachers

1. The development of The Times

Teachers today have many opportunities to update and have a lot of knowledge at their range. Previously it was required to move to a library or bookstore and get books in addition to making annotations with ink and pencil; however, thanks to the development of technology, nowadays it takes only a few clicks to access valuable information and input for these professionals.

There are countless websites in which teachers can research and develop personal knowledge such as videos, informative notes and in a more professional way scientific pages where there are "papers" endorsed by the scientific community where experiments and studies are shown. On the other hand, even though it is increasingly easy to obtain relevant information, the excess of information can be an impediment for teachers to be able to acquire effective knowledge, which is why the use of management has become an element key to thus obtain important data and delete what is not of its use and concern.

2. Team development

Teachers generally work at schools, academies, institutes, universities and spaces where a professional educational team is formed and information is exchanged. This means that knowledge is constantly shared, agreements are made, adjustments are designed and new content is discussed, among many other things.

Surely when a teacher wants to share information, he should previously care about managing his personal knowledge so that the contribution is effective and the development of the team becomes practical.

In the same way, when a project or a collaborative plan is carried out, the sum of efforts is vital and the management of personal knowledge becomes a practically mandatory task; therefore, teachers will need to know how to organize and manage information so that content is cohesive, fluid, ambitious, and functional.

3. Personal development

Although teachers are used to working in teams, they must serve a group of students or a specific student. They will not always be able to resort to the help of their classmates and in a classroom, it will only be his or her responsibility the learning of the young people. If a teacher wishes to develop personally, he must be very organized so that her personal knowledge is functional and well transmitted to his students. He must make use of the management so that the information he wants to get is well summarized giving him several benefits for his profession.

Part 2. The Present Situation of Teachers' Personal Knowledge Management

1.Unconscious and spontaneous

Personal knowledge management is not usually something that is part of the culture of most teachers. Each teacher has a unique way of teaching and therefore of processing knowledge, so their organization becomes more unconscious and spontaneous than something done with intention.

Before, knowledge management became tedious because everything had to be done manually through writing abstracts or parts of extended content. Today this process can be much more practical and interesting, thanks to the development of technology and the options that exist for making summaries, but also for distributing, organizing and translating knowledge in a myriad of ways that are useful to those who require it.

2. Utilitarian

It is said in many places that "everything in excess is bad, except knowledge" and for a professional like a teacher it is even more important to have updated information to help their students learn.

However, it should be noted that the acquisition of knowledge is not based on the amount of it, nor on how much information has been obtained, but rather becomes useful when there is relevant data that has been organized and systematized.

A teacher more than anyone should know that knowledge is something extremely convenient in all aspects, but this will become transcendental if it is well defined and adapted to its students, so that its management becomes a determining factor so that there is a benefit in his student body.

3. Not systematic

Perhaps many thinks that a personal professional knowledge is something orderly and that it will constantly grow and develop through research, but it is not like that. This is because there will be days in which the necessary information will not be obtained and others will. It also depends on other factors such as the teachers’ openness, how their knowledge develops, the decisions they make, among other things.

Knowledge is not obtained through a recipe or a tutorial, nor are there steps to follow to make it emerge; this process is quite complex, but through dedication and patience it will pay off over time.

Of course, it cannot be said that knowledge comes out of nowhere because there must be a prior intention, an interest and a meaning that gives rise to it. The rest will occur over time and with an effort on the part of those who seek it.

4. lack management

Teaching summary and reflection are strategies that have been used by millions of teachers to organize their educational content. However, they are not enough for knowledge management to be the most complete.

There should be a better distribution of the information in addition to summarizing it in writing. Examples such as brainstorming, concept maps, replacing content with images, using technological resources, platforms, games and other innovative content are other ways to manage knowledge so that it is transmitted in a dosed and understandable way for learners.

In addition to the aforementioned, it is important not only to worry about acquiring knowledge and organizing it, but to look for practical ways that are intuitive and that save time, in this way teachers may feel comfortable and will have the desired information at their fingertips. An excellent way can be through an application that allows it, such as PDF software that provides all the tools for highly effective personal management knowledge.

Part 3. Software for Teachers’ Personal Knowledge Management

If you are interested in having a personal knowledge management through software that cares about it, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is the automatic answer to it; it is a new application with many tools so that you can work in the most practical, comfortable and safe way. Here are some of the many functions available, which, by the way, are all easy to use:

1. Choose PDF format

For greater convenience, you can convert the PDF document to other formats such as DOC, XLS, PPT, JPEG, PDF / A, text, among others. This way you will not need a converter or an additional application to adapt your documents. They will be ready in their new format after within a second.

convert pdf to other formats

2. Use the bookmark feature to facilitate knowledge categorization

You just have to click the "Bookmark" button and select "Add" to add a bookmark in PDF. You can rename it however you want and in this way your document will have these bookmarks to divide and make separations in your document.

add bookmark

3. Use annotation to facilitate reflection of knowledge

There are several tools in which you can make annotations, these are: Sticky Notes, Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough, Text Box, Draw Shapes and Callout. There will always be one that goes with what you need and they are extremely easy to use. Your knowledge will be very well distributed and organized!


4. Use collaboration and sharing capabilities to facilitate the exchange and communication of knowledge

Through PDFelement you can get a link so that other people can collaborate on your document; in addition, you can send PDFs to anyone by sending them by email.

send to email

5. Use comment function to facilitate knowledge expansion

You can add comments in this incredible application and not only that, you can do it through various forms such as text boxes, line or text, rectangle boxes among others. As if that were not enough, you can customize the style of your comments, adding color, opacity, change their font and more. Finally, all your comments can be saved together with your edited document so every time you open it everything will be there.

add comments in pdf

Closing words

You are surely a very ambitious teacher who is looking for a strategy to increase and manage your personal knowledge. Although there is no single solution, there is PDFelement, an application that will help you get what you need and much beyond it. After using it for a while, it will surely become a program that will accompany you day by day and that will be part of your academic and professional accompaniment. It is not only made for teachers, but any type of needs, from the most basic to the most demanding.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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