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How to Resize PDF to A4

PDF files are known for their easy browsing and viewing but in order to print, resizing is needed, especially in A4 format. This article will provide you with a comprehensible guide to resize PDF files to A4 for printing documents.

PDF files are one of the most used file formats because of their convenient creating and sharing capabilities. While PDF format is quite convenient for every work use, professionals need some adjustments to resize PDF for printing.

Do you know which paper format is most commonly used? It's an A4 size format that is generally used for printing your documents as A4 is the international standard for printing many ranges of documents, so it is necessary to get to know how to resize PDF to A4. This article will give you well-structured details and guidelines on how to convert PDF to A4 with simple steps.

Part 1. Resize PDF to A4 in Adobe Acrobat

We all know that PDF documents offer us a wide range of features and capabilities for saving and sharing your daily work. As you cannot easily modify PDF documents, you need PDF editors to do your task. Sometimes, PDF editors are hectic to use because of their relatively large size and complicated steps for resizing. But in this article, we will present you with the handiest PDF editors from which you can easily alter and resize PDF to A4 conveniently.

To recommend you one of the best PDF editors, Adobe Acrobat is an amazing option for editing and resizing. Adobe Acrobat offers you great compatibility with every device such as Windows, Mac, and even smartphones. When it comes to resizing PDF documents, you can compare 2 PDF files simultaneously and make modifications in their size, format, and dimensions.

To convert PDF to A4, just follow the easy instructions given below:

Step 1 Firstly, launch Adobe Acrobat on your PC for resizing. Then open the file on your computer you want to resize.

open adobe acrobat

Step 2 Once you have opened your file, you can either choose to print from the "Print Icon" given on the toolbar, or you can simply go to "File" then select "Print" by clicking on it.

tap on print option

Step 3 A window will open after choosing "Print." Then go to the option of Printers, from where you can either select "Adobe Printer" or "Microsoft Print to PDF."

select specified printer

Step 4 To change the size, go to "Page Setup" on the bottom left and select "A4" from the size option. Click on "OK" to proceed.

choose a4 page size

Step 5 Once you are done with the previous step, click on "Print" to resize the PDF file to A4. Afterward, save this converted file with the file name and designated document place of your choice.

save your resized a4 pdf

Part 2. Resize PDF to A4 or other sizes in PDFelement

Are you worried about converting your PDF files to other sizes for professional or assignment work? Then here we bring you an excellent tool that offers you various features and is also free to use.

PDFelement is one of the well-known PDF editors because of its impressive service that brings you your desired results. The top-notch key features of this tool are that you can resize, crop, and compress PDF files quite comfortably. You can customize your PDF files with a variety of fonts and graphics. You can even convert PDF files into PowerPoint, Word, and Excel without losing their quality.

To resize PDF for printing, PDFelement is the most reliable option as it does not require a lengthy procedure to resize and also gives you a good user experience with its friendly interface. The best thing about PDFelement is that you can create and edit forms that are unfillable on other applications with a single click.

Moreover, you can enhance the security of your PDF document by passwords and restrictions. By applying passwords, you can prevent your PDF file from unauthorized access and sharing. To resize PDF to A4, we are presenting the following easiest steps that can save your time and energy.

Step 1 Launch PDFelement

To start up the process, launch PDFelement on your computer. Once you are done, open this tool and select "Open Files" by clicking on it. Then import the file you want to resize.

import your pdf file

Step 2 Go to Page Box Tool

Once your file is open on PDFelement, go to the toolbar available on top and select "Page" by clicking on it. This will open you to all the pages of your PDF file. Afterward, select "Page Boxes" from the toolbar by clicking on it.

open page box

Step 3 Go to Page Range

By following the previous step, a pop-up window will appear from which select this "< >" icon by clicking on it. This icon will lead you to another section from where you go to "Page Range" and select the option of "All."

select all page range

Step 4 Resize your PDF File

Now go to "Change Page Size" by clicking on it. Under this tab, go to the "Page Sizes" box and select "A4" to resize your document.

choose a4 page size

Step 5 Save your PDF File

Once you are done with all the steps, tap on “Apply” to finish the process. PDFelement will automatically resize your file to A4. Then save this file by going to the top of the screen and clicking on the "Save" icon to save the PDF file changes on your PC.

save your new changes

Part 3. Resize PDF to A4 in Foxit

When it comes to editing your PDF files with multiple options, Foxit brings you all the categories that are essential and handy. It saves your time with smart options, such as you can replace any content in your PDF file. You can add and remove watermarks, hyperlinks, and bookmarks. To make your daily work easier, you can also insert audio or video in your PDF files using this tool.

One of the highlighted features of Foxit is that it gives you a wide range to adjust your page sizes from options like crop, extract, rotate and resize. To change PDF size to A4 using Foxit, pay heed to the following steps:

Step 1 To begin, launch Foxit on your computer. Afterward, go to “File” and select “Open” to open your PDF file.

open your pdf document

Step 2 Once your file is open, press "Ctrl +P," and a new window will pop up on your screen. Then select "Foxit PDF Editor Printer” by clicking on it from the name box to proceed.

select foxit pdf editor printer

Step 3 Go to the tab of "Page Settings," and it will bring you another window. Then go to "Page Size" and select "A4" from the box by clicking on it. Then select "Ok," and you can easily save your file in A4 size by printing the PDF.

select a4 size and print

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is there an option for various page sizes in PDF?

To modify the page scaling to 100%, go to "Print" option from where select "PDF Printer" and then "New PDF" Option. You can adjust your page size by changing page scaling from the dialog box. By doing this, all your selected PDF documents will be similar in page size.

  1. Is there a typical size of a PDF page?

No, there is no typical single size of a PDF page. The most commonly used size globally is A4 that is 210mm x 297mm, and in the US, it is recognized as 8.5" x 11". The size depends on the output device as PDF data is saved in vectors and will scale.

  1. What are optimized PDF files?

Many PDF editor tools give the user a feature of "Optimize" or "Fast Web View." When a document is open, this feature allows PDF files to appear first few pages. This saves time as you can preview your pages without opening the full document. These optimized files are comparatively smaller in size than regular files.

  1. Is PDF size important to consider?

PDF sizes matter as it impacts on user's experience on your site. While downloading a PDF file from the browser, if your file size is larger than 30-40KB, then users at your site have to wait for it.

As we all know that in this busy world, nobody likes to wait, as a study suggests that 40% of users leave the site if they have to wait for more than 3 seconds. So larger PDF sizes affect the page speed, and especially on smartphones, it takes a lot of time that can ruin a user experience.

  1. What controls the size of a PDF page?

Generally, there are two reasons which formulate the PDF file size to be out of proportion. Firstly, if there is more than one font used in a PDF file, and secondly if images are being inserted in a PDF file. In order to embed fonts and images, your PDF files size becomes large.

The Bottom Line

Resizing gets quite important when it comes to printing a certain document on a sheet of paper. With certain limitations, resizing is the most effective route one should take. This article has provided different and unique methods that can be tried out to resize PDF for printing. Users can test out these processes and figure out the best method that suits their requirements.