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[For Mac] PDF Expert vs Adobe Acrobat, Which One Suits You Better?

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While the internet is packed with a myriad of PDF editors, two options that have created a buzz these days are PDF Expert and Adobe Acrobat. These tools are stuffed with numerous PDF-related functions to ease the users.

But, since both software offers almost everything you need to manage a PDF document, choosing between them is a matter of concern. While PDF Expert is high on affordability, Adobe Acrobat is more feature-rich and presents its expertise in handling complex PDF files.

Are you facing hard times deciding between these two leading PDF editors? Keep scrolling the page and find an in-depth guide and feature-by-feature breakdown that will help you make the appropriate choice.

Part 1. Comparison of PDF Expert vs Adobe Acrobat for Mac

Before we draw a comparison guide between these two PDF-related tools, let's learn a bit more about them individually to get a better idea.

1. PDF Expert: The Go-to PDF Editor for Mac and iOS

pdf expert vs acrobat

PDF Expert is a go-to solution for all your PDF-related needs, be it editing a file, converting PDF to other formats, commenting, signing a file, marking up or taking notes, managing pages, and much more to count.

It is a reliable tool, packed with innumerable features to make your PDF tasks a breeze. This tool can easily handle all complicated tasks with ease, thus saving you time and effort. It has an OCR to recognize the text in scanned documents, thus making those complicated files editable.

What makes this PDF Editor worth giving a try is its blazing-fast performance, especially when you need it the most. It is mainly available across all Apple devices, including Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Speaking of its interface, everything in PDF Expert is thoughtfully laid out and you don't have to go through dozens of menus to locate the relevant function or feature.

While this software has endless options to browse when it comes to editing, a specific area where it has gained expertise is annotating. From a highlighter to strikeout to underline with several colors, it has everything you might need to make your PDF stand out. Moreover, it allows you to make or call out changes instantly.

Distinguish Features:

  • The tool is best known for its AI-powered "Enhance" feature that removes shadows, improves contrasts, and fixes distortion to make every scanned PDF look clean and clutter-free.
  • PDF Expert offers a one-of-a-kind reading experience through its Fluid Scrolling feature. Moreover, it also has many reading modes to suit your requirements.
  • This PDF Editor features three advanced themes, namely Day, Night, and Sepia.
  • It also comes with a Search Indexing feature to locate the desired information instantly and save them in bookmarks to recall easily in the future.

Lightning fast performance

Easy and quick to use

Highly affordable

Features unique stickers, stamps, highlighters, and colors to make your PDF stand out.

Requires only one account for all Apple devices


It is designed for Apple users only.

It can convert only standard image files into PDFs.

Supported Systems: iPad, Mac, and iPhone

Plans & Price: Yearly: $ 7.87/ month and $94.47, if billed yearly; Lifetime: $153.25

2. Adobe Acrobat: The Most Popular PDF Software by Adobe

acrobat vs pdf expert

The most trusted PDF viewer and editor, it's no secret that Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most powerful software out there. With tons of features, it offers the best PDF handling experience to users. If you know every command included in Adobe Acrobat, you'll definitely nail the PDF management process.

But, it's not as simple as it may sound, owing to Adobe Acrobat Reader's complicated interface. You'll face a hard time when using this software for the very first time and it takes a couple of days to understand the tool's features and how to use them appropriately.

This PDF editor is integrated with all basic and plenty of advanced editing features, making it suitable for large businesses and seasoned professionals with a big budget. A major advantage of using Adobe Acrobat over other tools is its cross-platform compatibility. It can be accessible on every platform, be it iPhone, Mac, Android, or Windows.

Distinguish Features:

  • It features a Dark Mode that helps you save battery while being easy on your eyes.
  • The Liquid Mode of Adobe Acrobat Reader lets you enjoy a one-of-a-kind reading experience. It can also be used to outline for quick navigation.
  • With this PDF Editor, you can either choose Single Page or Continuous Scroll mode to ease your workflow.
  • This tool allows you to collect comments from multiple people at once in one file, thus speeding up document reviews.

Can connect to Google Drive to access PDF files with ease.

Boast a wide range of PDF editing tools

Can easily fill in the PDF forms by using its Form Filler feature.

A safer and more reliable approach to editing your documents.


Limited functionality in the trial version

Might become leggy at times

Complex interface

Supported Systems: Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

Plans & Price: Individual Plan: $12.72 (yearly plan, paid monthly)

Adobe Acrobat Pro

adobe acrobat expert

Looking forward to giving your business the power of PDF productivity? Turn to Adobe Acrobat Pro and keep projects moving from anywhere. The pro version of Adobe Acrobat comes with several advanced PDF-related functions to facilitate professionals and large enterprises.

It makes sharing PDFs and gathering comments more seamless than ever before and with far more control. With no messy attachments, recipients can get a link to your PDF which they can access by just clicking the same.

Adobe Acrobat pro brings an all-digital document experience to your organization. Leave your pen behind and sign every PDF form and document electronically.

Distinguish Features:

  • It lets you adjust the horizontal and vertical orientation of an image so you can customize it the way you like.
  • This tool lets you request e-signatures, track their progress, and send reminders to your signers.
  • With the pro version, you can easily add page numbers and replace pages without compromising the position of other pages in your file.

Supports cloud-based collaboration

Cross-platform compatibility

High-quality output

Offers quick searches via text indexing

Features batch processing capabilities to speed up the process



A bit complex for beginners

Supported Systems: Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

Plans & Price: Individual Plan: $19.57 (yearly plan, paid monthly); Business Plan: $21.71 (yearly plan, paid monthly).

Part 2. Comparison Table of PDF Expert for Mac and Adobe Acrobat

Now that you are aware of the PDF Expert and Adobe (Standard and Pro Version), it's time to make a comparison table between these editors so you can make an informed choice.

Comparison table:

Product Features
PDF Expert
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Acrobat Pro

Make it easy to edit, annotate,

sign and organize PDFs.

The free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, and sharing PDFs The essential PDF and e-signature app.
View PDF
Print PDF
Share PDF
Comment on PDF
Edit PDF ×
Compare PDF ×
Redact PDF ×
Send for Signature × ×
Convert PDF ×
Protect PDF with Password ×
Microsoft 365 Integration ×
Website Signatures Collection × ×
Awards and Certificates

● Editor's Choice by Apple

● App of the Year - Runner-Up by Apple

● Ranked as the World's Best Workplace by Great Place to Work and Fortune for six times.

● Ranked 16 on Economic Times' Best Companies List

● Named on Fortune's list of 100 Best Companies to Worth For

● Ranked as the World's Best Workplace by Great Place to Work and Fortune for six times.

● Ranked 16 on Economic Times' Best Companies List

● Named on Fortune's list of 100 Best Companies to Worth For

Plans & Price

● $ 7.87/ month

● $94.47, if billed yearly

● Individual Plan: $12.72 (yearly plan, paid monthly)

● Individual Plan: $19.57 (yearly plan, paid monthly)

● Business Plan: $21.71 (yearly plan, paid monthly)

Part 3. Comparison Verdict

While both Adobe Acrobat and PDF Expert are feature-rich, all-purpose PDF editors for Mac and offer every possible function to ease the users, the overall experience of using them is entirely different. Both of them have different takes on interface design, collaboration, pricing, and more.

Here, we have mentioned the final comparison verdict based on three major elements, namely interface, pricing, and share & export.

  • Interface: It's no secret that PDF Expert's interface is way more simple and more intuitive in comparison to Adobe Acrobat. The latter's home screen might look cluttered and crowded to new users, making them challenging to understand.

Verdict: If the interface is considered, then PDF Expert is a clear winner with straightforward icons and no messy approach.

  • Pricing: The cost is always an important factor that can impact your decision. While Adobe Acrobat is an expensive approach, PDF Expert offers almost identical features at a budget-friendly price.

Verdict: If you are a small enterprise or an individual, then opt for a PDF Expert; however, if you are a large business organization looking for something professional, then Adobe might be worth the splurge.

  • Share and Export: Adobe is widely known for cloud-based collaboration and ease of sharing files. It offers different ways to invite others and make edits to the document. However, there's no such bliss available in the PDF Expert.

Verdict: Adobe wins the round comfortably by offering various collaboration features.

[Bonus] Part 4: All-in-one PDF Solution for Mac and Win - PDFelement

pdf expert vs acrobat pro

Are you looking for professional features like Adobe but don't want to spend much? Well, then there's a mid-way in the form of Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. An affordable Adobe alternative, this tool is packed with tons of powerful features and lets you enjoy them at a fraction of the cost.

PDF expert and Adobe are good but if you want the best PDF editor with the perfect features, check out the link given below.

It is a simple, fast, and reliable way to handle PDF files across all devices, be it desktop, browser, or mobile. The best thing about this tool is its cross-platform compatibility. You can use it on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS without any hassle.

Key Features:

  • It supports batch print ability so you can print multiple PDFs at once, thus saving you time.
  • With PDFelement, you can easily convert PDF files into other formats without compromising the original formatting.
  • The tool redacts PDF files to maintain their privacy while protecting them from any unauthorized access.

Plans & Pricing:

Individuals: Perpetual Plan: $129; Quarterly Plan: $29.99; Yearly Plan: $79.99.

Teams and Businesses: $109/ year.

For Students: Yearly Plan: $47.99; Perpetual License: $99.99.

Awards & Certificate:

  • Winner of the G2 Crowd Report 2022 Summer Leader - For Document Generation and PDF Editor
  • Ranked among the Top 50 office Products
  • Listed on 2022 Software Advice FrontRunners List
  • Best Contract Management Software Award

adobe pdf expert

For Whom: PDFelement is an ideal choice for call-on users who want to handle multiple PDF tasks, such as creating, editing, converting, translating, etc. It is an all-in-one PDF solution, loaded with tons of features and functionalities, making it ideal for individuals, businesses, teams, and students.