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How to Compress JPG to PDF

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Need to compress JPG to PDF? Most people desire to compress JPG to PDF and still retain the same quality and size in the output PDF file. In this guide, we have discussed how to go about it using various JPG to PDF size reducer tools.

Method 1: How to Compress JPG to PDF

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a common PDF tool that is used to compress JPEG to PDF (convert jpg to small PDF), shrink PDF size, create and edit PDF files, and many more. Here are the steps to convert JPG to PDF fast using this program.

Step 1: Import the JPG File

After launching the software, click the "Create PDF" button available in the Home window. In the pop-up window, one can browse through the various options available. From the list, select JPG/ JPEG file from your local drive and click "Open".

compress jpg to pdf

Step 2: Compress JPG to PDF

The moment you click the "Open" button, the compression process starts. Once the process is done, the converted PDF file is opened in this program for previewing. From there, one can ahead to save it as a PDF file on your computer. Or you can go to "  Tool" > "Optimize PDF" and compress the converted PDF file. Here, you can compress JPG to PDF in five degrees, the lower degree you choose, the smaller the PDF size you will get.

compress jpg to pdf online

Method 2: How to Convert JPG to PDF and Compress

In this section, we are going to look at another way one can compress JPG to PDF.

Step 1: Open the JPG to PDF Converter

Once you open PDFelement, click on the  "File" > "Create" button, and then select "From File" to choose the JPG file you want to open in the software.

convert jpg to pdf and compress

Step 2: Save the converted PDF File

The "From file" button automatically converts your JPG file to PDF. The PDF file is opened once processing is done. From here, one is able to save the converted PDF in the local drive directly.

Click "File" > "Save As", then choose a local folder and choose PDF as the output format.

jpg to pdf size reducer

Method 3: How to Compress Multiple JPG to PDF

PDFelement can also be used to compress multiple JPG to PDF. Here are the steps for compressing multiple JPG to PDF.

Step 1: Add Multiple JPG Files

Under the main interface, select the "Tool" > "Combine Files" button which allows you to choose multiple files to add to the new window.

convert jpg to pdf reduce file size online

Step 2: Compress JPG to PDF

Once you have added multiple JPG files or all the files you wish to convert to a new window, click the "Apply" button. All the JPG files will be converted to PDF and opened for preview. One can then save the file to your computer.

convert jpg to small pdf

PDFelement is among the best PDF tools available as it offers users so many functions. Apart from editing your PDF file, the tool allows users to combine different PDF files to create one document. Additionally, one can also organize PDF files through managing pages. Also, when dealing with a sensitive document, one can add a password to prevent unauthorized access to the document. Once you are done making all these changes, one can go ahead to save their final copy on their computer.

This is a cross-platform program compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. The program has a straightforward interface that guides newbies on how to utilize every feature. With this PDF tool at hand, it's possible to compress JPG files to PDF easily and edit the converted file right away using the same program. One can also change the size and orientation of image files on their own.

Method 4: How to Compress JPG to PDF Online

There is also the option of converting JPG to PDF online without having to download or install any software. There are various web-based PDF tools one can use, but we are going to focus on Hipdf. This JPG to PDF size reducer is capable of converting any type of file to PDF format. With this tool, it's also possible to convert multiple JPG files to PDF. One can also select page range for partial conversion. Below are a few steps one can use to compress JPG to PDF online.

Step 1: Open the Hipdf website. After launching the web-based program, click the "All Tools" > "JPG to PDF" > "Choose File" to add files you desire to compress to PDF. You can drag and drop the files as well.

Step 2: After adding the JPG files, go to the "Convert". Select the "Download" once the conversion process is complete. The process is fast as you will have your PDF ready in seconds.

compress jpg to pdf

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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