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Are you always navigating through a lengthy PDF document? Does constantly switching between your mouse and keyboard slow down your progress? In the hustle of digital work, every second counts. Thankfully, there is a solution, which is Foxit Reader shortcuts. These little-known techniques can significantly boost your efficiency.

Say goodbye to tiring scrolling and clicking! This guide will help you witness the power of Foxit Reader shortcuts to navigate PDFs quickly. But that's not all. We'll also introduce you to Wondershare PDFelement, a strong alternative that will take your PDF workflow to a new level.

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    1. Navigation Shortcuts
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    3. Selection Shortcuts
    4. Editing Shortcuts
    5. Annotation Shortcuts

How To Use Foxit Keyboard Shortcuts

There are various Foxit Reader shortcuts that will help you navigate PDFs quickly and efficiently. These shortcuts fall into different categories, each serving a specific purpose. Here are some:

  • Navigation Shortcuts: These Foxit Reader shortcuts allow you to move around your document without using the mouse. For example, you can use the arrow keys to scroll up and down or press Ctrl + N to jump to the next page.
  • Zoom Shortcuts: Zooming in and out of your document is made easier with Foxit Reader shortcuts like Ctrl + Plus to zoom in and Ctrl + Minus to zoom out. You can also use Ctrl + 0 to reset the zoom level to the default.
  • Selection Shortcuts: When you need to select text or objects in your PDF, Foxit Reader shortcuts like Shift + Arrow keys help you make precise selections. Pressing Ctrl + A selects all content on the page.
  • Annotation Shortcuts: Foxit Reader allows you to annotate your PDFs with comments, highlights, and more. Foxit Reader shortcuts like Ctrl + E for adding comments and Ctrl + H for highlighting text speed up the annotation process.

To use these Foxit Reader shortcuts, simply press the specified key combination while Foxit Reader is open.

A Better Alternative to Foxit Reader: Wondershare PDFelement

Do you need to edit your PDF, but you find Foxit Reader lacking this feature? Luckily, Wondershare PDFelement is here to save your day. It is a stellar alternative to Foxit Reader, offering a comprehensive suite of features. Wondershare PDFelement goes beyond basic PDF viewing with a feature-rich experience at a competitive price. It is perfect for both basic and advanced users, making it a superior choice for those seeking an efficient and versatile PDF solution.

Feature Foxit Reader Wondershare PDFelement
Price Free

Free trial

Paid plans start at $59.95/year

Focus PDF viewing All-in-one PDF solution (viewing, editing, annotation, conversion)
Editing Limited (text annotation only) Strong editing capabilities (add, remove, edit text & images)
Annotations Basic tools (highlight, comment) Comprehensive tools (highlight, comment, shapes, sticky notes, text boxes)
Advanced Features Lacks features like form creation, password protection Includes form creation, password protection, document signing
Platform Compatibility Windows, Mac Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
User Interface Menu-driven. It can be complex for beginners. Clean and intuitive and easy to navigate.

Here are the advantages of PDFelement:

  1. More Value for Money:

While Foxit Reader is free, it lacks editing and advanced features. PDFelement offers a free trial, and its paid plans start at an affordable price, providing a comprehensive feature set for the cost. Whether you're looking for basic PDF editing capabilities or advanced features, PDFelement has a plan that's right for you.

  1. Editing Powerhouse:

With PDFelement, you can edit your PDFs directly with ease. You are able to add, remove, or modify text and images without needing separate software.

  1. Annotation Feature:

PDFelement allows you to make clear and insightful annotations with a wider range of tools. From highlighting and commenting to shapes, sticky notes, and text boxes, PDFelement provides clear communication.

  1. Advanced Functionality:

One area where PDFelement truly shines is its Optical Character Recognition technology. Foxit Reader requires a separate plugin for OCR functionality. PDFelement comes equipped with built-in OCR capabilities that allow you to convert scanned documents into editable and searchable text with just a few clicks. This can be a game-changer for users who frequently work with scanned documents and need to extract text or make changes to them.

You can also handle complex tasks like form creation, password protection, and document signing, streamlining your workflow.

  1. User-Friendly Design:

A clean and intuitive interface makes it easy to find the tools you need, unlike Foxit Reader's menu-heavy approach. Using Foxit Reader can sometimes feel overwhelming with its plethora of options and settings. On the other hand, PDFelement offers a clean and intuitive interface that makes navigating and editing PDFs an easy task.

How To Use Shortcuts in PDFelements

Mastering keyboard shortcuts in Wondershare PDFelement can significantly enhance your productivity and streamline your PDF workflow. With a wide range of shortcut keys available, navigating, editing, and annotating your documents becomes faster and more efficient than ever before.

Here’s how to view the list of PDFelement keyboard shortcuts:


Open PDFelement.


Click on the Open PDF to import your PDF file in PDFelement.

open pdf in pdfelement

Go to the File menu on the top-left and choose Preferences.

pdfelement preferences section

Click Shortcuts to view the PDFelement keyboard shortcuts list.

pdfelement shortcuts list

Now, let's explore some essential shortcut keys that you can use in PDFelement:

1. Navigation Shortcuts

pdfelement navigation shortcuts

Easily move around your document using shortcuts like Ctrl + Up Arrow to jump to the beginning of the page and Ctrl + Down Arrow to move to the end of the page. Pressing Ctrl + Left Arrow and Ctrl + Right Arrow allows you to navigate between pages.

2. Zoom Shortcuts

pdfelement zoom shortcuts

Zoom in and out of your document with ease using shortcuts like Ctrl + Plus to zoom in and Ctrl + Minus to zoom out. Pressing Ctrl + 0 resets the zoom level to the default.

3. Selection Shortcuts

pdfelement selection shortcuts

Make precise selections in your document using shortcuts like Shift + Arrow keys to select text or objects. Pressing Ctrl + A selects all content on the page.

4. Editing Shortcuts

pdfelement editing shortcuts

Edit your PDFs quickly and efficiently with shortcuts like Ctrl + C to copy selected content, Ctrl + X to cut, and Ctrl + V to paste. You can also use Ctrl + Z to undo your last action and Ctrl + Y to redo.

5. Annotation Shortcuts

pdfelement annotation shortcuts

Annotate your PDFs effortlessly using shortcuts like Ctrl + E to add comments and Ctrl + H to highlight text. Pressing Ctrl + U allows you to underline text, while Ctrl + B applies bold formatting.

These are just a few examples of the many shortcuts available in PDFelement. To discover more shortcuts of PDFelement, be sure to check out Wondershare PDFelement’s official shortcut keys guide. With practice and familiarity, using keyboard shortcuts in PDFelement will become second nature. It gives you the ability to work more efficiently and effectively with your PDF documents.


Foxit Reader shortcuts can undoubtedly enhance your PDF navigation speed. However, if you require editing capabilities and a broader range of features, Wondershare PDFelement is a more powerful choice. Its affordable pricing plans provide a comprehensive feature set that surpasses Foxit Reader's limitations.

PDFelement empowers you to streamline your PDF workflow with its strong editing and annotation tools to advanced functionalities like OCR and document signing. Invest in a more versatile PDF solution with the power of keyboard shortcuts in Wondershare PDFelement to boost your productivity.

People Also Ask

  • 1. How do I add keyboard shortcuts to PDFelement?
    When accessing PDFelement's keyboard shortcuts list, you can easily identify the command you wish to assign a shortcut by browsing through the comprehensive list of available commands. Once the desired command is located, you can simply click on it to select it. PDFelement then prompts you to input the keys they want to use as the shortcut combination.
    This intuitive interface allows you to customize your shortcuts according to your preferences, whether you prefer single-key shortcuts or combinations involving modifier keys such as Ctrl, Alt, and Shift.
  • 2. How do I open keyboard shortcuts list?
    Upon launching the PDFelement, navigate to the File menu located at the top left corner of the interface. Under the File menu, you'll find an option labeled Shortcuts under the Preferences section. Clicking on this option will instantly grant you access to the comprehensive list of available shortcuts, organized neatly for easy reference and customization.
    For those who prefer a quicker method, PDFelement offers a keyboard shortcut to directly open the shortcuts list. By pressing Ctrl + K on your keyboard, you can instantly access and modify your keyboard shortcuts without the need to navigate through menus. Furthermore, PDFelement enables you to remove shortcuts that they don't need.
  • 3. How to create or change keyboard shortcuts?
    To change an existing shortcut in PDFelement, you can locate the desired command within the shortcuts list. Once identified, click on the current shortcut combination listed next to the command to input your desired keys for the shortcut. This level of customization not only enhances user satisfaction but also contributes to increased efficiency and productivity.
    By optimizing keyboard shortcuts to align with specific tasks and workflows, you can streamline their interactions with PDFelement, reducing the time spent on repetitive actions and increasing overall efficiency. This customizable shortcut feature enables you to take control of their PDF workflow to work more efficiently and effectively.
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