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Copy.ai is a new AI platform that delivers instant value. The software is your shortcut to creating captivating content with ease. The innovative tool launched in 2020 has attracted a vast user base worldwide. Developed by CopyAI, Inc., the tool simplifies crafting compelling copy. It empowers marketers, writers, creatives, and entrepreneurs alike.

The guide will discuss Copy.ai’s features and benefits. It will also review other popular Copy.ai alternatives like Wondershare PDFelement. Budget-friendly options are reviewed in the latter parts for those seeking cost-effective alternatives. Get ready to unleash your creativity with Copy.ai!

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    1. Marketing
    2. Sales
    3. Use Cases
    4. How To Use Copy.ai Writing Assistant & Content Generator
    5. Price Plans
    6. Final Thoughts
    1. Best Copy.ai Alternative for Editing PDFs – Wondershare PDFelement
    2. Best Copy.ai Alternative for Blog Writing – ChatGPT
    3. Best Copy.ai Alternative for Creativity – ShortlyAI
    4. Best Copy.ai Alternative for Social Media Content – Lately
    5. Best Copy.ai Alternative for Email Marketing – Phrasee

Part 1. Automating Content Creation With Copy.ai

Copy.ai is a versatile tool that revolutionizes content creation across various domains. You can create content and get immediate results in seconds using the platform. Here’s an in-depth look at its key features and potential use cases:

copyai user interface


Copy.ai is an all-in-one marketing solution, purpose-built to scale your campaigns. Here are the features of the platform in marketing:

  • Content brief to the blog post. Input a brief description, and Copy.ai generates a fully fleshed-out blog post. The tool can save you hours of brainstorming and drafting.
  • Scrape the URL and create ad copy. Extract content from a URL and transform it into compelling ad copy suitable for various platforms.
  • Repurpose documents into press releases. Convert existing documents into polished press releases with minimal effort.
  • Company insights and enrichment. Gain valuable insights about companies and enrich your data for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Facebook ad copy from persona data. Use persona data to generate Facebook ad copy tailored to specific audiences.


Copy.ai is also an end-to-end solution for sales teams. Here’s why:

  • LinkedIn post generation. Create engaging LinkedIn posts to boost your sales outreach and brand visibility.
  • Build FAQs from documents. Generate FAQs from documents, streamlining customer support processes and enhancing user experience.
  • Personalized webinar promotion. Make personalized promotional content for webinars, driving attendance and engagement.

Use Cases

Copy.ai allows you to unlock many possibilities to increase your brand. Here are its use cases:

  • Email marketing

Generate subject lines, body content, and CTAs for email campaigns. Copy.ai ensures high open and click-through rates that provide real business results.

  • Blog content

Quickly generate blog post outlines, introductions, and main points. The tool helps create consistent content and allows you to make them faster than ever.

  • Social media

Create attention-grabbing captions, posts, and ads for various social media platforms. Increase engagement and followership by automating your socials at scale.

  • Translation

Translate content into many languages with accuracy and efficiency. Expand your reach to global audiences and automate your translations at no cost.

How To Use Copy.ai Writing Assistant & Content Generator

Here is a step-by-step guide showing you how to use Copy.ai to create content:

Step1Register and Start a New Project

Go to Copy.ai’s website and sign up for an account. If you have one, log in. Once inside the online tool, click New Project to get started. Choose the type of content you want to generate, such as blog posts, ad copy, or social media captions.

copy main menu
Step2Generate Content

Afterward, use the text box to ask or search for anything to begin content creation. Once the AI has generated the content, improve it by using the text box once more. Refine the content until you’re satisfied with the results.

results from user text prompt
Step3Customize, Edit and Save

Tailor the generated copy to your preferences by editing it with your unique vocabulary. When done, save your work. Share it with your audience, ensuring maximum engagement and impact.

Price Plans

Here are Copy.ai’s price plans to maximize your output:

  • Free Version. Limited access to features with a certain usage quota.
  • $36 per month. Unlock full access to all features with enhanced usage limits.
  • Team. $186 per month. Ideal for collaborative teams, offering more user accounts and management features.

Final Thoughts

Copy.ai streamlines content creation processes. It saves you time and resources while maintaining quality and consistency. Whether you’re a marketer, sales professional, or content creator, it generates compelling content in seconds. In the next part, explore alternative options and their comparative advantages.

Part 2. Best Copy.ai Alternatives

These alternatives offer unique strengths and capabilities that cater to your specific needs. They provide a viable option for those seeking alternatives to Copy.ai. Here are the best alternatives based on a specific use case:

Best Copy.ai Alternative for Editing PDFs – Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is your go-to solution for seamless PDF editing. Its intuitive interface simplifies editing text, images, and other elements within PDFs. Even if you’re converting scanned PDFs into editable formats, PDFelement offers flexibility and p

recision. Here are its key features:

free copy ai
  • Advanced PDF editing. PDFelement allows you to edit text and images in seconds. The tool ensures precise customization.
  • OCR technology. Convert scanned PDFs into editable documents, enhancing accessibility and usability.
  • AI-powered assistance. Summarize PDFs with a click or translate entire PDFs in seconds.


You can use PDFelement for free with its free version. If you want to unlock its full features, here are the pricing plans:

  • Yearly Plan: $79.99 per year
  • Perpetual Plan: $129.99 one-time

Why it’s a great alternative: PDFelement specializes in PDF editing. It’s an ideal alternative for tasks like converting documents or editing content within PDFs. It complements Copy.ai’s content generation capabilities.

Best Copy.ai Alternative for Blog Writing – ChatGPT

ChatGPT offers a revolutionary approach to blog writing. The tool uses its natural language generation capabilities to generate content in seconds. ChatGPT is powered by advanced AI technology. It generates high-quality blog posts, articles, and other written content effortlessly. The software provides a seamless writing experience tailored to your specific needs. Here are the strengths of ChatGPT:

chatgpt user interface
  • Natural language generation. Generate well-structured blog posts and articles with ease, saving time and effort.
  • Customization options. Tailor content generation to match your desired style, tone, and audience preferences.


ChatGPT’s pricing plans vary based on usage. Pay-per-use plans are available starting at $10.00.

Why it’s a great alternative: ChatGPT uses the power of natural language processing to create engaging blog content. It offers a seamless writing experience, as in Copy.ai’s blog post generation feature.

Best Copy.ai Alternative for Creativity – ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI is a powerful tool designed to inspire and assist with content creation. You can brainstorm new ideas, expand existing concepts, or seek fresh perspectives. The tool provides innovative solutions to fuel your creativity. It also uses an intuitive interface to empower you to explore new possibilities for content creation. Here’s how:

shortlyai user interface
  • Creative writing assistance. Generate imaginative and unique content ideas for creative projects and marketing campaigns.
  • Content expansion. Expand upon existing ideas or prompts, providing a fresh perspective on content creation.


Here are the price plans of ShortlyAI:

  • Monthly Plan. $79.00 per month
  • Annual Plan. $65.00 per month, billed annually

Why it’s a great alternative: ShortlyAI excels in fostering creativity and ideation. It’s a valuable tool for tasks like brainstorming content ideas or crafting engaging social media posts.

Best Copy.ai Alternative for Social Media Content – Lately

Lately is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline content creation. It’s the ideal tool for management across many channels. Lately offers robust features and AI-driven insights to optimize your strategy. The platform helps you create engaging content with ease. Let’s discuss Lately’s key features:

lately user interface
  • Social media management. Plan, schedule, and analyze social media content from a centralized dashboard.
  • AI content suggestions. Receive personalized recommendations and insights to optimize social media engagement and performance.


Lately enables high-quality social media management for all creatives. Here are the price plans:

  • $49.00 per month = 4 social channels
  • $119.00 per month = 10 social channels
  • $199.00 per month = Unlimited social channels

Why it’s a great alternative: Lately offers robust social media management capabilities. It includes AI-driven content suggestions. The platform is an excellent alternative for generating social media content. You can also use it to manage campaigns.

Best Copy.ai Alternative for Email Marketing – Phrasee

Phrasee is an AI-powered platform designed to optimize email copy and drive engagement. In seconds, you can craft compelling subject lines, body content, or calls to action. The tool offers advanced features and analytics to enhance performance and maximize results. Here are the features of Phrasee:

phrasee user interface
  • AI-powered copywriting. Generate compelling email subject lines and body content optimized for engagement and conversions.
  • A/B testing. Test and optimize email copy performance using AI-driven insights and analytics.


Phrasee’s pricing is customized based on individual needs and usage.

Why it’s a great alternative: Phrasee specializes in AI-powered email marketing copywriting. It offers advanced features like A/B testing and optimization. It’s an ideal alternative for tasks like crafting email marketing campaigns. You can also use the tool to generate personalized email content.


Copy.ai stands due to its revolutionizing content creation across various domains. Its features streamline the process of generating compelling content with ease. Copy.ai alternatives like PDFelement and ChatGPT offer cost-effective solutions. Each software is tailored to meet your specific needs.

All the Copy.ai tools allow you to edit PDFs, write blog posts, or craft social media content. However, the other options provide viable features to suit diverse requirements. Ultimately, exploring and testing the right tool for your unique content creation needs is key.

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