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Fix Apps Freeze or Quit Unexpectedly on iOS 13

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2020-09-10 17:47:38 • Filed to: PDF App • Proven solutions

It is easy to download and install most mobile applications. After installing your favorite app on iPhone 11/XR/XS/8/7/6, you definitely expect it work smoothly as intended. However, this does not always happen, some apps will suddenly crash or freeze unexpectedly. The new iOS 13 is here and we all want to have a taste of the experience that comes with new software upgrades.

It is common for iOS 13 apps to quit unexpectedly. Whenever such a problem happens there are very simple solutions that you can apply to return your iOS 13 apps to function normally. We have researched on reasons as to why apps quit on iPhone/iPad for iOS 13 suddenly collapse and simple ways on how to fix such issues.

How to Fix Apps Freeze iOS 13 Issues

You are in the middle of sending a text message to that special person that you have always wanted to go out with. Your messaging app stops responding unexpectedly, well this can be a very embarrassing situation to be in. We have all been there, well at least some of us. Below are some of the simple yet effective ways to fix iOS 13 quitting apps suddenly.

1. Force the App to Close

An app can stop working due to various reasons. If this happens simply force the app to close to allow it to jump-start the app and make it function normally again. Follow the steps below to force close the app.

app quite unexpectedly

  • Double tap on the home button
  • Preview the app that has been used recently
  • Select the app that is giving you problems
  • Scroll upwards to close it
  • Go back and relaunch the app again and see if it is working properly.

2. Force Restart Your iOS Device

When IOS 13 apps freezes unexpectedly it can be difficult to navigate through your phone or access other applications on your phone. If this happens, the only way to get your iPhone to work properly is by forcing it to restart.

app quite unexpectedly

Hard Press on the Volume up Button

Step 1- Press the volume down button while still holding on the volume up button

Step 2- Press and hold your devices’ power button until you see the Apple logo

Step 3- Some IOS device may display an arrow, scroll the direction pointed by the arrow and this will turn off your device.

Step 4- Wait for a few seconds before restarting your phone.

Step 5- Alternatively you can try pressing the power button simultaneously with the home button until the Apple logo appears.

Step 6- Restart your device and observe if the problem has been solved

Update the Software of Your iPhone/iPad

iOS 13 Apps quit expectedly is a common issue experienced by many Apple users. If you are using old software such as iOS 8 or below then you can expect new apps to freeze suddenly. Try updating your software to avoid such embarrassing situations. If you are already using IOS 13 and still experiencing the problem try updating the software again. There are several methods of upgrading to new software, these methods are either wireless, manual or automatic.

app quite unexpectedly

Wireless Update

Ensure that you have enough power supply then connect your device to the internet

Step 1- Go to Settings > General > Software Update

app quite unexpectedly

Step 2- Click on Download and Install

Step 3- Click on Update Now > Install

Step 4- Enter the required password

Automatic Updates

The new iOS13 permits your device to update software automatically. You have to go to settings and set the device to upgrade to new software automatically. just like the above process go to settings then click on “General” select “Software Update” then choose “Automatic update” your device will then automatically upgrade to the new software.

app quite unexpectedly

Create Enough Storage Space on Your Phone

Some apps quit on iPad for iOS 13 due to insufficient memory space. On the other hand, other IOS device can stop functioning properly because of low storage space. You can create space by deleting unnecessary videos, music, games or other mobile apps.

app quite unexpectedly

Step 1- Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage

Step 2- Check the apps that are unnecessary but are consuming significant space and uninstall them or delete permanently.

Reset iOS Device to Factory Settings

Before proceeding with this process ensure that you have a backup os your devices’ data. This is advisable because factory settings will permanently delete all the data in your iPhone or iPad. Important information such as your contacts, images or videos can get erased and you might never recover them. To restore factory settings.

app quite unexpectedly

Step 1- Go to Settings then click on “General ” select “Reset” and choose “Erase All Content and Settings”.

Step2- Insert the Apple passcode then select “Erase iPhone”.

Update the Freezing App

If it is a single application that is giving you problems by constantly freezing, simply update it. Go to the relevant app store, search for your app, then click on “Updates”. Download and install the updates then check in your device if the app is working as it should.

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