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Fantastic Printable DIY Thanksgiving Card Ideas

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Download the most trendy thanksgiving crafts and edit them in your style with PDFelement. Play these crafts with your kids on thanksgiving day!

The famous Thanksgiving Day was coined in the 16th Century when the Wampanoag and the Plymouth colonists went out to hunt and returned to share an autumn feast. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln took it upon himself to declare it a national holiday to be celebrated on 24th November every year.

In modern-day America and Canada, families celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering to eat and enjoying each other's company. Some of the typical foods on the menu include pumpkin pie, bread stuffing, turkeys, potatoes, and cranberries. Thanksgiving is also a perfect time to present gifts to your loved ones and friends, such as unique cards and crafts. Here we will tell you more about fantastic printable DIY Thanksgiving card ideas.

thanksgiving card ideas

Part 1: Use Free Printable Thanksgiving Card Templates

Frankly, you might not have the artistic prowess or the time to design customized cards from scratch. Fortunately, you don't need to be that good of an artist to design a wonderful Thanksgiving card for your loved one.

You can easily download a bespoke template from the Internet, create DIY Thanksgiving cards and use a good PDF editing tool like Wondershare PDFelement to edit and customize the template. Once you are happy with the result, you can download the digital card and send it to your friends and loved ones via mail or other digital channels.

Templates are convenient because they do most of the work for you, and you don't have to worry about the core design. All you need to do is to pretty much choose from the numerous PDF Thanksgiving card template options provided on the platform.

Tip: Ensure you take your time to peruse all the wonderful templates. It will make the DIY editing easy!

Here is one sample Thanksgiving template card from the Wondershare PDFelement:

The predominant theme revolves around pumpkins, and the fall colors give the card a warm and fuzzy feeling. The falling leaves complement the pumpkins and tie the entire card together. This is a suitable Thanksgiving card for parents, guardians, or grandparents who have been instrumental in your life.

thanksgiving card

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The second Thanksgiving card has a more romantic feel. The pink background and red roses exude a lovey-dovey vibe. The green color matches the leaves on the roses and breaks the pink color ever so slightly. We would advise you to gift this card to a romantic partner.

Similar to the card above, this card also has a lovey-dovey feel. However, the pinks in this card are softer. The tiny love hearts sprawled all over the card add a cute touch. This card would be a suitable gift to your guardian or parent, especially your mother or grandmother. You could also gift this card to your favorite teacher.

thanksgiving card pink

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The following Thanksgiving card template has lots of green shades, quite a contrast to the pink cards we saw above. Since the card is signed "My Lovely," you could gift it to a romantic partner who is not particularly into overly pink shades. You could also give this card to your best friend.

green thanksgiving card

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Yet another fall-themed card appears on our list, which aligns perfectly with the predominant theme of Thanksgiving. The leaves and flowers on the border add a beautiful contrast and draw attention to the rest of the card instead of the writings at the center.

This card is pretty universal, meaning you can gift it to anyone you want, be it your teacher, parents, romantic partner, colleague, or best friend.

happy thanksgiving day

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Part 2: DIY Thanksgiving Card Ideas

If you are unsure what you gift your loved ones for Thanksgiving, you could create a card and send it to them. Based on the cards we have discussed above, you have a rough idea of what kind of cards you can send and to whom.

Well, homemade cards are excellent Thanksgiving gifts because they are inexpensive and they are also easy to make! You can follow tutorials and step-by-step guides online, and you are good to go.

The beauty is that you don't need complicated tools and materials to make a homemade Thanksgiving card. You will just need some tools: glue, scissors, colored paper, printing paper for the templates, and probably some yarn.

1. Leave Thanksgiving Card

Leaves are a predominant feature in most Thanksgiving cards. If you are not inspired or creative, you could trace a simple leaf out of paper or burlap to make a Thanksgiving.

You could also walk outside and collect some berries and branches to use on your card. Since Thanksgiving incorporates lots of nature, using natural elements to decorate or make your Thanksgiving cards would only be fitting.

leaf thanksgiving card

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2. 3D Thanksgiving Card

So far, we have seen 2D cards you can gift your loved ones over Thanksgiving. What if we told you there are 3D cards that you can interact with?

For instance, this turkey in a hat is nested in a cage. Looking at the card from an angle, you can see the doors spring out at you, effectively bringing this card to life. The pumpkins at the side also have a 3D effect as they are not flush against the card and are a little bit raised. Frankly, this card is beautiful from whatever angle you see!

3d thanksgiving card

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3. Embroidered Homemade Thanksgiving Card

Embroidery has always been a timeless art and can bring any item together, whether it is a napkin or a Thanksgiving card. The card has beautiful pumpkins, leaves, and turkeys in warm fall colors that correspond with the overall Thanksgiving theme. This type of card is excellent for inviting guests for a Thanksgiving dinner.

embroidered thanksgiving card

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4. Hand-drawn Cute Thanksgiving Card

If you consider yourself artistic, this cute, handmade Thanksgiving card is for you. From the picture, you can see animals from different species sitting together to enjoy a meal. Frankly, humans can learn a thing or two from this photo and how to coexist harmoniously.

This card could also emphasize the importance of unity. The abstract nature of the painting makes it look less complicated, and you could try your hand at recreating this excellent piece. If you feel extra creative, you could add a personal touch that was not in the original design.

hand drawn thanksgiving card

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5. Napkin Fold Happy Thanksgiving Card

At first glance, this card might seem very complicated. Fortunately, once you follow the instructions, you will find it easy to replicate this design and wow your friends and loved ones.

If you prefer to watch the video rather than read through the steps, you click on the play icon on the YouTube video and pause whenever you need to check your progress against the video.

All you need for this craft is scissors, a ruler, a pen, ink pads, colored pencils, and a bone folder to make crisp lines. The tribal print on the turkey is an excellent and classy touch that immediately catches your eye.

napkin fold happy thanksgiving card

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6. Tuckey Pop Thanksgiving Card

The other nice DIY Thanksgiving card is a turkey pop card. Imagine the surprise when your loved one or friend opens it, and voila, a turkey pops up from within the card.

This is yet another card that seems complicated but relatively easy to make, provided you measure and cut the paper accurately per the instructions.

turkey pop card

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Part 3: What To Write on Thanksgiving Cards?

Now that you have seen some cute Thanksgiving cards in the sections above, let's dive into what to write on the cards. Remember, what you write will depend on who will receive the card and your relationship with them.

Thanksgiving Cards for Teachers

You will meet many teachers throughout your student life. They are the ones who take care of you while your parents are away working. However, only a few leave a lasting impression. That one teacher may have been there for you when you were having a bad day or helped you understand a complicated subject at school.

Some teachers might have a bad reputation, but others strive to touch their students' lives in a way nobody else can. As you address Thanksgiving cards for teachers, you can express gratitude for their dedication to molding you to be the best version of yourself.

You could also thank them for instilling knowledge and discipline that is key to living a fruitful life and contributing to society. A fitting Thanksgiving quote on the card would be, "If I could give you a penny for every way you have made me a better person, you would be a billionaire by now. Thank you for always believing in me and giving me the strength to pull through during hard times."

thanksgiving card teacher

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Thanksgiving Cards for Parents

Your parents brought you into this world and taught you how to do basic things like how to hold a spoon and use the potty. They were there when you took your first steps and helped you when you fell off your bike.

Your parents are also there for you during the hard times when you are stubborn and want to have things your way. If all these things aren't reasoned enough to thank your parents, then we don't know what is.

You could always do a video call or visit them in person. However, a Thanksgiving card for parents is more tangible, and they can always keep it as a reminder of how happy you are to have them in their life. The message on the card could be along the lines of, "I am lucky I get to spend yet another Thanksgiving day with you. I love you, Mum and Dad. You make my days a lot brighter."

thanksgiving card parents

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Humans are social beings who rely on each other for help and support. Thanksgiving is an excellent time to show how much you appreciate the people around you for their love and presence in your life. A simple card can go a long way to show someone you care. They might even appreciate it more if you customize it! We hope you are eager to try out a few of these Thanksgiving crafts this year!

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