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Introduction of World Password Day

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With the rise of the internet and computer technology, almost everything is online. Today, you can remotely communicate via email or SIM, pay for services, withdraw money, etc. But the world is currently experiencing a sharp rise in cybercrimes, prompting users to add passwords to their accounts and devices. But even with that, many accounts are still getting hacked into by tech-savvy online criminals. So, in this article, we want to discuss what exactly World Password Day is and how to create an unbreakable password. Read on!

Part 1. What is the World Password Day?

Each year, the world marks Password Day on the first Thursday of May. Intel introduced this holiday to promote responsible password habits. Like this year (2022), the National Password Day was marked on 5 May.

But it all started in 2005 when Mar Burnett, a security researcher, used his book, Perfect Passwords, to push for this holiday. Intel Security got inspired by this initiative to declare the first Thursday of May 2013 as the International Password Day. The world has never looked back since then.

But interestingly, the first computer password was created in 1961 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Then in 1978, a study found out that bypassing passwords consisting of personal information was much easier than passwords with numbers, symbols, and other characters. This prompted the introduction of the 2-Factor Authentication in 1986.

That brief password history aside, below are the dates for the upcoming Password Day celebrations:

  • 4 May 2023
  • 2 May 2024
  • 1 May 2025
  • 7 May 2026
  • 6 May 2027
  • 4 May 2028
  • 3 May 2029
  • 2 May 2030

Part 2. How to Observe the World Password Day?

People celebrate World Password Day differently. But we often get it all wrong. So, below is how to celebrate the World Password Day like a pro:

You'll first have to take a #WorldPasswordDay pledge on Intel's official website. You'll pledge to create a unique and strong password using three random words. Also, you'll commit to using different passwords for all your online accounts. And then you'll promise to use 2-Factor Authentication on all your accounts.

It doesn't stop there. You'll pledge to encrypt your wireless router and never save your passwords on your phone or computer. You'll also be required to log out of any account or computer after using it. And lastly, you'll host a Password Day party to teach your friends the importance of having responsible password behaviors.

Part 3. The Importance of the World Password Day

How many online accounts do you have? Are you using the same password on these accounts? Probably yes! World Password Day is here to deter you from such behaviors. As said before, Intel recommends that you should have different passwords for different online accounts. For example, don't use the same password on your Facebook and PayPal accounts.

In addition, this day reminds you of the importance of using 2-Factor Authentication on your accounts. Here is how it works; you provide a phone number or different email account that you'll use to approve any access to your account. Usually, you'll receive a four or six-digit code to enter.

Lastly, this day raises password awareness among online and offline communities. No wonder Intel advises you to host a party and teach all attendees the importance of using strong passwords on their accounts.

It's not just your accounts that need protection, it's your files and PDFs as well. Want to know how to keep your files secure? Click the link below to learn about PDFelement, the best way to edit your files and keep your PDFs secure.

Part 4. How to Set a Strong Password

Did you know that a strong password is easily memorable, but someone else can't crack it? Yes, that's if you follow the correct procedure and guidelines. Follow me:

1. Create long passwords

Longer passwords are generally more challenging to crack than shorter ones. Therefore, make sure your password has at least 8 to 16 characters. This can be a song lyric, meaningful quote, people you know, an abbreviation, etc. All in all, the longer that password, the more secure it is.

2. Use numbers, symbols, and letters

Even the longest password can easily be vulnerable if it doesn't meet this requirement. Create a password using numbers, letters, and symbols like dots, hyphens, slash, etc. For example, don't just use; Wondershare123 as your password.

3. Don't use personal information

Although it's tempting to use your personal information on your password, security experts don't advise this. That's because hackers will try to hack your account using your date of bird, year of birth, name, alias, etc.

4. Hide your passwords

After creating your passwords, you may need to save them somewhere. But don't just leave your password notebook on your office desk. It's best practice to store it in a secret or locked place. Also, don't save it on your device notebook as it may crash anytime.

5. Use different passwords

Like I said before, don't use the same password on all your online accounts. The thing is that your financial or online banking accounts are more important than social media accounts. So, use different passwords, preferably each account with its own password.

Part 5. FAQs About the World Password Day

1. What day is World password Day?

World Password Day is a day for reminding people of the importance of responsible password practice. This day is marked on the first Thursday of May each year.

2. Who started World Password Day?

Intel introduced World Password Day in May 2013 to spread strong password awareness. This day is marked by taking an oath to use a strong password and advising friends to do the same.

3. What is a weak password?

A weak password is a password that can easily be cracked. In other words, it's a password that only features numbers or letters. Also, a weak password has less than eight characters.

4. Can I protect PDF?

Yes, you can prevent unauthorized access to your PDF file by encrypting it. In this case, use Wondershare PDFelement to encrypt your PDF files effortlessly. It's a Mac/Windows program that uses multiple encryption methods to prevent unauthorized copying, printing, etc. You can even sign your PDF file. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch PDFelement and then tap Open Files to browse and upload your PDF file.

Step 2. Next, click the Protect tab and then tap the Set Password button.

world password day open password encryption

Step 3. Now enter the password you intend to use on the password form. You can set a password for printing, deleting, commenting, converting, etc. It's even possible to set the encryption level.

world password day enter password

Step 4. Tap Save and then export your password-protected PDF file.


I hope you didn't miss this year's Password Day celebration. But if you did, don't worry because there is a chance to do that each year. Meanwhile, encrypt your PDF files with a strong password using PDFelement. That will certainly help!