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Most people seeking a teaching job don’t ensure the resume has been superbly done and polished to compel any recruiter to call them for an interview. Take note of the level that you teach to come up with a perfect resume for the position. This includes substitute educators, preschool, elementary, middle school, mature literacy pedagogy, and high school, among others. To get the best out of a teaching or educator job offer, there're a number of things you need to remember while writing the resume.


The choice of format depends on the type of teaching job or teaching level you're applying for. For instance, a middle school and elementary teaching job are better off served by a chronological format. Seeking a preschool teaching opportunity? Go with a combination format, while a functional format is perfect for a substitute teacher. It all depends on your work history. You might want to update the resume appearance often to help you stand out once the relevant and required information has been added.

Approach each teaching job differently

Like many teachers, you're probably able to teach at various levels, from preschool to middle school. As you apply for different teaching jobs, avoid using a blanket resume that's too generalized or one for all job offers. The environments are distinct, and any job opening should be treated uniquely. Ensure all the diverse areas of experience and ability are highlighted, depending on the main needs of the new position entails. The key here is to read the job position carefully while connecting your job requirements with the experience you already have. Find the perfect keywords that augur well with the job opening and include them in the resume to tell the recruiter your fitness for the position.

Professional experience

It's critical not to ignore the professional experience by using bullet points to list it. For every bullet point, the information should show relevancy to the position being applied for. Your knowledge, abilities, and skills as an educator can allow you to enter most teaching jobs, and you only need to showcase them. Quantify the points and write them in an accomplishment-oriented fashion. The idea is to ensure the bullet points aren’t dreary by quantifying and specifying in their own right. For example, you can say “looked after the progress of 200 students” or “raised test scores by 30 percent”, among others.

Passion in the job

In education, a display of passion is expected and highly needed. The resume should showcase commitment to learning, teaching, and success to students. What you're in class for shouldn’t be in doubt. In a career summary, add the teaching philosophy that has guided you.

Highlight academic credentials

Being in the business of teaching automatically means the academic credentials should be well captured. The certificates, degrees, and other credentials should be very close after the profile information. Teachers deal with grades, and their job is all about helping students accomplish these documentations in the future. Having and indicating them will add a lot of value to the resume.


As a teacher, you probably have lots of strong and clear accomplishments in your years as an educator. While writing the resume, these should be well captured; most teaching jobs are seeking certain experiences. For example, highlighting how you succeed in raising test scores in a public or private school in your county can help tilt the balance in your favor in a job opening from a county or state with depressing test scores. Highlighting that immediately draws the interest o the recruiter or employer.

teacher resume

2 pages maximum

The resume is not curriculum vitae and should be very short. A short yet detailed teacher resume of not more than two pages is sweet to read and helps the recruiter to make the decision whether you deserve an interview in a matter of seconds.

Straightforward as much as possible

You probably have no clue who will be reading the resume. A non-native English recruiter will be confused with complex details and ambiguous statements like anyone else. Ensure the resume remains straightforward and immensely simple. Bullet points help a lot to ensure the details of the document read well and clear understanding.

Entry level educator

All entry-level teachers and educators have probably completed college and vast training. They have some level of classroom experience either gained through field attachment or teaching practice. Considering there might not be a lot in terms of experience, the classroom time and field experience should be captured in the professional experience area of the resume.


Never submit a resume before you've checked for grammar or spelling errors, which is unacceptable for a teacher. Consistency is also critical, such as formatting using the same bullet points throughout or using the same font size across the entire document. You can read the complete document aloud or request another person to read and offer feedback.

Use a Template

Maintain professionalism and ensure all details have been captured in your teacher resume by using a teacher resume template. The template helps you emphasize the relevant areas and experiences, formatting, and personalizing it the right way.

Teacher Resume Template Recommended

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