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Do you know a marketing cover letter can change your marketing job application prospects? Include a cover letter marketing document to expand on your resume. Marketing cover letter examples can help avoid missing critical points. Here are tips to help you craft the perfect cover letter.

Free Marketing Cover Letter Template

marketing cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for marketing. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Marketing Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Marvin Nelly
12 Kind Avenue, Hunterland, AZ 82030
Cell: (555) 454-98067

January 14, 2018

Lorna C. Mullen
Dekship Holdings Ltd.
3 Damstar Road
Hunterland, AZ 82344

Dear Mrs. C. Mullen,

I was referred to your marketing job posting and as a marketer I found it describing most of my marketing abilities. My widespread experience matches perfectly with the job requirement and I am highly interested in joining Dekship Holdings Ltd. Having worked at Tap Cody Wines in a similar position I am certain I will be a natural addition to your goods and service company.

I have been in marketing for 8 years and highly adept in various skills such as marketing optimization for the web, marketing strategy conception, market analysis and reaching new publicity frontiers. My daily duties in my past occupation have molded my skill set transforming me into a successful decision maker and problem solver, including excellence in:

  • Crafting innovative high impact advertising strategies
  • Marketing strategy implementation and conception
  • Running company blog and social media accounts to enhance online marketing (company blog viewership reached 2 million views in three weeks increasing sales by 60%)
  • Project briefs conceptualization
  • Email marketing and lead nurturing
  • CRM and CMS skills and experience

In addition to my personal attributes and experience, my education background is strong with an obvious passion in service and product marketing and advertising. I am highly upbeat about Dekship Holdings Ltd expansion plans into ten states and welcome the opportunity to be a part of this impactful business growth.

Enclosed is my resume with detailed information on my career accomplishments and expertise. I welcome contact through my phone number or email at the earliest convenience to discuss how my skillset and experience matches the job description.

I am highly grateful for your consideration and patience.

Marvin Nelly
(555) 433-6545

Tips for Writing a Marketing Cover Letter


  • • A marketing cover letter offers a chance to blow your own horn and you should do it with impact. Clearly and forcefully display your distinctive credentials and how they match the requirements of the marketing position.
  • • Get to the point in your cover letter for marketing considering how many thousands of applications screeners have to go through. Ensure you’ve clearly answered the critical expectations like: who are you? What makes you perfect for the job? Why you?
  • • Refine the cover letter. There’s no place for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. They curtail the impactful impression you wanted. Polish it thoroughly to avoid raising questions on the type of person you probably aren’t.


  • • The digital marketing cover letter or any other isn’t the place for salary details. It’s in bad taste, unprofessional and greenhorn. Reserve the salary part when you get summoned for an interview.
  • • Whatever your religious persuasions or political urgings are, keep them to yourself. Don’t reflect them on marketing cover letters. Even if you’ve membership to the most lucrative political or religious groups or unique awards in these sections of society leave it out.

Related experience: Obviously you’ve some related achievements or experiences you can relate to your marketing job application, whether you’re fresh out of college or not. Use your volunteering activities and other related abilities and skills to demonstrate your suitability where direct experience lacks.

Specifics: A powerful way of expanding your resume and hooking up the hiring manager is using specific examples. If you were the top marketer in your department and helped hit sales of over $200,000 in five hours indicate that.

Keywords and key phrases: Craft the cover letter for marketing job using keywords related to the requirements in the position. These words are superb at stressing your qualities and skills the job entails.

Use examples: Marketing cover letter examples are very helpful. They can help you know where to start, the information to add, formatting the document and what not to miss. Nonetheless, don’t just send the sample as it is but revise and change the details to fit the specific marketing job you’re applying for.

Format: A business letter type of format is the best to use in crafting the marketing cover letter. Professionalism is at the heart of a marketing job and you want this reflected in your application.

Revise and reread: This cannot be emphasized enough! Marketers are expected to be great communicators, verbally and in written communication. You don’t want to be misunderstood for too many grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, misspelling the hiring manager’s name and title or the company name. Edit and reread! Use cover letter sample for marketing position to get things right.

How to Edit Marketing Cover Letter Template

Want to make a PDF cover letter? If you are using Word or other format cover letter, the bets PDF editor , Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor will help you turn it into a standard PDF format by the converting feature. If you need to write a PDF cover letter yourself, it will create a blank PDF page for you.

Key Features:

  • Edit PDF cover letter by changing the contents, images, links etc.
  • Convert PDF from/to other types of documents
  • Protect sensitive information in the PDF cover letter

Step 1. Open the Marketing Cover Letter Template

marketing cover letter

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

cover letter marketing

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Marketing Cover Letter

marketing cover letter examples
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