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 sample nursing resume

According to the U.S. Bureau Labour Statistics, registered nurses employment is expected to increase by 16 percent in 10 years between 2014 and 2024. In contrast with other occupations, this is the fastest growth average. With the median salary standing at $67,500 in 2015 and projected as one that’ll keep going up, you can be sure how you write your nursing resume has an effect on whether you get called for an interview or ignored. It’s critical to convince the hiring manager through what he/she reads in the resume. Crafting an attention-grabbing and interview-capturing effective nursing resume shouldn’t be daunting if you incorporate the following.

Choice of format

A nurse is a professional operating in areas where sanitation and procedure are a part of the fast-paced surroundings. Ensure these critical values have been incorporated in the resume by selecting a format that works well in such circumstances. Go with a traditional resume format such as the reverse-chronological format to stress on your education and experience. A layout that allows you to use subheadings and white spaces will help a lot to make everything easy to read. Ensure the font is legible and perhaps leaning on the classic side. A trick to preserve the special layout chosen is to use PDF to save the resume.

Pay attention to expected information

Most of us fall short in the smallest of details. Begin your nursing resume with the expected information; Full Name, Current Phone/Mobile Number and Email Address (a professional one will do). Most importantly, as a registered nurse, the license number and license type should be included as well.

Ensure you’ve read the job description before sending the resume to avoid giving a recruiter an under-qualified application. As such, most potential employers first look at the licensure details prior to reading the resume in full. If this information is lacking, they’ll probably not read the rest.

Summary statement/resume objective

Sometimes it’s not easy to know whether to go with a summary statement or a resume objective. If you’ve recently graduated, changing a career or a registered nurse in search of a specific niche or unique role, a resume objective will work fine. In case you lack lots of experience on the job it’s important to stick to a resume objective. Applicants who’ve been in the industry for some time and have lots of experience should use a resume summary.


If you go with the resume summary don’t ignore the little matter of hours you’re available. Since nursing is an occupation operating 24/7, indicating the time you’re available gives the potential employer a chance to know where you can fit perfectly. For those not sending resume in response to a job offer but seeking any nursing position available indicating availability will win you lots of marks.

 sample nursing resume

Professional nursing affiliations

Nursing is an old professional with lots of formal affiliations. Letting the recruiter know you’re affiliated with them is important. You could be a part of emergency nursing or critical care nursing associations among others. Ensure this information is captured by indicating the affiliation name, when you were admitted, offices held, role description and reason for selecting the professional association.


You probably have some special assignments you undertook, unique awards or honours from your professional affiliations, college, community work or your previous job. These details should be mentioned wherever applicable in the resume.

Specific education information

To boost chances of being considered for a future interview, ensure you’ve indicated the education details, such as diploma or degree earned in nursing. The information should indicate the name of the college, the type of degree earned including state and city as well as date of completion. Had a high GPA, awards, achievements or scholarly accomplishments? Include them.

If you’re a bilingual don’t ignore this information. Most recruiters are in search of the keyword “bilingual” in a resume.

Computer knowledge

Paper charting used to be the way things were done in the past but things have changed tremendously. If you’ve Electronic Health Record and Medical Record skills, indicate so in the resume. Whatever computer skills and experience you might have shouldn’t be ignored.

What facility did you work previously?

If you’ve no idea about the type of institution you worked in, find out before submitting the resume. It helps reinforce your experience and allows the recruiter to weigh immediately whether you’re what they’re looking for. This can be trauma clinics, teaching hospitals, long term critical care, and senior nursing institutions, among others. The information can be added in the resume summary to make you stand out immediately or work history area.

What was the bed number/unit?

The previous facility you worked had beds. Include the specific units where you mostly worked from and the total number of beds. With the numbers the recruiting officer is able to gauge your experience without much problem. If you worked in the ER, ICU or MS units, indicate it.

Use a resume template

The mentioned details are critical to add in your resume. A template can help you craft the perfect nursing resume to submit to a potential employer.

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