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Obviously your resume is almost ready and now it's time for your engineering cover letter. To get ahead of the queue and be summoned for an interview, even an entry level engineering cover letter really helps. Here are tips how to help you and cover letter engineering example to guide you through.

Free Engineering Cover Letter Template

engineering cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for engineering. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Engineering Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Mark Thomson
1 Joke Street, Mainland, CA 82120
Cell: (555) 443-6655

February 12, 2018

Mr. Max Weller
Hiring Manager
Eastside Constructions
43 Main Road
Mainland, CA 84372

Dear Mr. Weller,

I would like to apply for the position of Civil Engineering advertised on the Evening Post of February 11th and on the Eastside Constructions website. Currently, I am working with a small county road repair company where I have been recognized for innovative technical development not only for systems but also structures as well as in civil engineering and structural innovation areas. I am fully trusted in the performance of maintenance checks to avoid damages, maintain inventory, monitor and inspect work fields to examine completion, quality and safety while training and supervising project casuals, sub-contractors, external contractors and internal employees. I am confident my capability and knowledge gained for 10 years will bring value to your company and fulfill your growth and quality endeavors.

Prior to my current position I have worked for California Builder Benders as a monitoring and surveyor expert and executed various duties such as hazard assessments, plumbing and environment quality assurances. I hold a master's degree in Civil Engineering and have widespread experience in covering multi-complex and diverse projects in extensively delicate and regulated environments. This has made me skillful in providing top quality, stable, cost-effective and consistent structural creations and improvements.

I am ambitious, extremely driven and capable with skills and expertise virtually in all areas of construction. Joining your reputable and honored construction firm would be a dream come true.

Enclosed is my CV with detailed information about my education, work experience and skills. You can reach me on my cell phone or email indicated. I look forward to meeting you and discussing the position further.

Mark Thomson
(555) 443-6655

Tips for Writing an Engineering Cover Letter

The engineering cover letter is highly important and the perfect way to express your knowledge, enthusiasm and your attributes to a potential employer. If you're requested to submit a resume, you definitely know it has to be very brief. Engineering cover letter helps you add a little more and shine better in the eyes of the screener or hiring manager.

At times, employers hardly have time to read through thousands of resumes. However, even an entry level engineering cover letter, for those immediately from college, will help them interact fast and directly with your skills, ability to express yourself and preparation for the industry or workplace.

Grammar, proofreading, checking for grammatical mistakes and errors, confirming names of contacts and company name and researching further is important if you want to impress the hiring manager. Ensure the cover letter engineering document is perfect and free of grammatical errors. Read it aloud or ask another person to read it and rectify misspelling and errors if any. Use engineering cover letter examples to get it right from the beginning and to avoid leaving out important details.

Cover letter should never miss important information such as your name, address and contact like email and phone number. Ensure they're at the top. Why is this important? Perhaps after reading your cover letter the hiring manager is so impressed even before reading the resume and want to give you a call right away. Having the cell phone or home phone number indicated helps.


For each engineering job opening you're applying for write specific cover letter for each one of them. Use cover letter examples engineering samples but avoid sending the template. Use it to craft each application you make.

Clearly explain the reason for applying for the advertised position and why that company. You can include a description of your career goals. Research the company well to be able to explain better why you're interesting in working for them.

Do you have clear and direct experiences and skills related to the job opening? Mention them. Mention any special selling points that would capture the screener reading the engineering cover letters. Write a great closing statement to perfectly summarize your document indicating your suitability for the position and why you're the ideal candidate.

Check for spelling and grammatical errors. This cannot be emphasized enough.


Don't write so little an engineering cover letter or too long. Stick to a single page if you can. Sending cover letter by email or submitting via a web form? Stick to 3-4 paragraphs, 300-350 words total. Make the most of a sample engineering cover letter.

Among the job requirements you might not meet some of them. Don't write about the requirements you don't have or apologize for it. Engineering has everything to do with solving problems and adapting yourself. Write about this ability instead with specific examples from your volunteering activities or classwork. Remain positive throughout.

Never be critical about any previous company or employer no matter how bad you were treated. Whether you were fired for something you did or didn't do, keep it for later but remain positive in the cover letter with zero criticism.

Whatever is in your CV should not be repeated on the cover letter. The document is a way of expanding what appears on your resume or CV and not repeating it.

A quality engineering cover letter sample can really help you avoid missing anything or overdo any area.

How to Edit Engineering Cover Letter Template

To edit a PDF cover letter for engineering, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a must-have PDF editor . With the most reasonable price, it has the same features to Adobe Acrobat. What’s more, it has a much simpler interface in order to save users’ time.

Key Features:

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  • Fully compatible with the newest Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra systems
  • Mange PDF cover letter on the go with mobile devices

Step 1. Open the Engineering Cover Letter Template

cover letter examples engineering

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

sample engineering cover letter

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Engineering Cover Letter

engineering cover letter sample
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