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Want to apply for a nursing job? A unique cover letter for nursing job is the first step into the new beginning you seek. Here are great tips and great sample nursing cover letter to help you begin the journey to a better and rewarding career. Doing your nursing cover letter perfectly improves your chances of appearing in an interview.

Free Nursing Cover Letter Template

nursing student cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for nursing student. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Nursing Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Dawn Johnson
342, Court Avenue
Georgetown, CA 32133
Cell (555) 653-43567

February 23, 2018

Judy Dawkins
Nurse Recruiter
Maryhill Corner Hospital
321 Jenkins Street, Toper 432
Happyville, CA 21305

Dear Ms. Dawkins:

I am writing in response to a newspaper and website announcement by Maryhill Corner Hospital for new experienced senior nurses. I believe my vast experience, skills and qualifications make me an ideal candidate for the position.

I hold two Master's Degrees in Clinical Studies and Nursing with 7 years of proven experience in not only efficient management of staff, but also patients care. I am an extremely easygoing, gentle and highly organized senior nurse with excellent nursing skills. As a quality team player I am highly passionate about quality care and inspiring colleagues to improve their standards of care and service.

In my current role as the senior registered nurse at McGregor Children's Hospital, my tasks include medical evaluations of over 20 patients and cases daily, directing and crafting nursing rotational program for patients care management and workforce coordination. My reliability, innovation and dedication has been recognized and rewarded as a senior nurse who can work with minimum supervision.

My three years as an Assistant Nurse at Fort Gentry Veterans Hospital helped me implement and perfect my clinical duties gained throughout my student years. My proficiency in tackling diverse patient's concerns and dealing with family members was highly commended by both patients and staff.

I believe the new position and new relationship with Maryhill Corner Hospital will be beneficial to both of us. I have since moved to just a few miles away from the hospital and seeking a new challenging and rewarding environment offering quality healthcare service to those who need it most.

Looking forward to hearing from you and a chance to meet and explain my experience and skills. The attached resume will indeed explain further both my academic and work history.

Dawn Johnson

Tips for Writing a Nursing Cover Letter

Spelling and grammar: Most recruiters are looking for ways to eliminate people and can be as picky as you can imagine. Don't just use a spelling checker or run through the nursing cover letter fast. Carefully read and review what you've written. Rectifying grammatical errors is of utmost importance. Read the cover letter loud or have another set of eyes read the document for you.

Check employer details: The worst thing after writing a quality cover letter for nursing job is addressing the wrong person, using wrong contact details or misspelling their names and institution's name. Chances are you're applying to more than one institution and addressing multiple individuals at the same time. Take time to verify the contact individual's address, name and title.

Date: It's easy to forget to use the correct date or omitting it altogether. Ensure you've included the proper date.

Personal contact details: While ensuring the contact's information is alright don't forget to verify and rectify yours. Read through to ensure your contact details are there and correctly indicated.

Ensure information matches: The potential employer expects information on the cover letter to be proper and true. However, look into the cover letter for nursing once more to ensure information used actually matches and is in congruence with not only the job description, but also your resume. A sample nursing cover letter helps to keep things in perspective.

As you write the document, ask yourself why you're the best fit for the open position, strengths and experiences making you the best candidate for the job and aspects described that match both your qualifications, skills and interests.

Don't overdo: even if it's a nursing student cover letter keep it simple. Squeezing all the information you want could actually work against you. The document is actually supplementing the CV or resume and not another version of the resume. Highlight the most critical things that your resume will further explain.

Vast experiences: Rather than include typical job experiences only, include a mix of diverse experiences in the cover letter nursing job application. Include internships, volunteer excursions, special projects or higher academic experiences that you have.

Length: Avoid writing too long a document. Seek to fill an entire page without anything spilling over to the next.

Introductory paragraph: Quickly let the screener/hiring manager know the reason for writing the document.

Strength paragraphs: In the strength paragraphs between introductory and concluding paragraphs sell your experiences and skills by matching them up with the job description. Think about competencies and craft them in that manner. Read what employer wants and make that the focus of the strength paragraphs and why you're the perfect fit.

Conclusion paragraph: Recap why the nursing position interests you and your unique strengths and sentiments such as a follow-up or looking forward to discussing your qualification and the nursing position further.

How to Edit Nursing Cover Letter Template

Want to write a PDF nursing cover letter to attract more attention from the employer? Try Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor , the best PDF editor . It enable users to write on a PDF cover letter just as smoothly as writing on a Word document. It also enable users to enjoy all the functions related to PDF.

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Step 1. Open the Nursing Cover Letter Template

nursing cover letter

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

sample nursing cover letter

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Nursing Cover Letter

cover letter for nursing job
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