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If you're applying for a receptionist job a receptionist cover letter can really help. A glowing cover letter for receptionist will help stress your most observable qualities and enhance your chances of being noticed. Included here are tips and cover letter receptionist sample to help you get seen fast.

Free Receptionist Cover Letter Template

receptionist cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for receptionist. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Receptionist Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Jacqueline Kelly
2 Main Street, Cityland, MD 81020
Home: (555) 433-6545

February 4, 2018

Stella Ann Pat
Jogan Inc.
31 Dickson Road
Cityland, MD 82012

Dear Ms. Stella,

After reading your job advert for an experienced receptionist on your website, I was impressed by how your requirements closely match my qualifications.

For the last four years, I have been the front-office receptionist at Ducaten, Inc. (a tech and innovations solutions startup). All my duties and responsibilities are almost a copy of the duties outlined in your requirements:

  • Customer and visitor assistance in a warmly manner
  • Provision of courteous, quick and prompt call screening, handling and routing in complex corporate setting
  • Closely working with human resource to update and create phone lists and duty rosters
  • Mastery of MS Office and receptionist software, development of presentations, spreadsheets and reports
  • Experience in clerical executions (especially web updates, social media accounts management, updating records, handling emailing, filing and copying documents)

I am a positive, amiable and warm individual with excellent written and verbal communication skills. My people skills are exceptional amidst being hardworking, driven and organized. I work perfectly well under pressure and independently, even in complex busy office surroundings like in my current post.

I recently bought a home in Cityland and relocating next week thus impractical to remain at Ducaten, Inc. a 70 miles daily commute. Having tendered my resignation notice I'm actively in search of new employment closer home.

I am ready to meet you further in person to discuss the position and my skills. You can always reach me through my cell phone, email or even Skype (@JKelly). I look forward to hearing from you.

Jacqueline Kelly
(555) 433-6545

Tips for Writing a Receptionist Cover Letter


Don't be like many people who dwell so much on experience or skills unrelated to receptionist job description on the table. To be effective, focus the receptionist cover letter on matching your unique and clear skills to the attributes described in the position.

Avoid exaggerations, unnecessary flatteries and intense formality. For instance you don't need to say "I would love to meet you".

The cover letter for receptionist highlights your receptionist resume. It's not another version or repetition of the resume. Give examples of how some of the skills in the resume were applied in your previous or current job.


Make sure you've done enough research about the company to customize the cover letter for receptionist effectively.

The document should actually make you stand out. You can use illustrations showing how you used your skills to depict your inventiveness for instance.

Each one has their personality traits and strong attributes. Emphasize yours congruence with the open position like professional demeanor and courteousness.

Cover letter examples helps: To stand out in a receptionist application is critical. Use cover letter examples for receptionist to craft one that catches the eye of the screener and wows the hiring manager.

Stress your strength: There's definitely something you do perfectly better than most or very well. Each person has a unique passion. Lay out your strengths and passion on the cover letter receptionist document. The hiring manager will easily decipher your character and quickly decide you fit the bill for the person they're looking for. No employer can ignore an individual passionate in what they do.

Leave unimportant information: Being detailed pays. The screener won't have to read lots of waffles and unimportant information in the document. Include important details only to avoid the cover letter being discarded in a matter of seconds.

Leave an impression: As the first document the potential employer or hiring manager reads, make the most impression possible. Just by reading your cover letter the reader will know whether you're driven and serious in your work or sloppy and lazy. You'll be judged in many ways through the cover letter and it pays to be impactful as possible.

Put yourself in the shoes of the employer: By reading your receptionist cover letter, would you hire yourself? If you're the screener would you call the person on the document for an interview? Would you make the cut? Does it impact and sway you?

Avoid mistakes like the plague: The cover letter need to be perfect and impressive. Mistakes will compel the screen to take you as not being serious. Avoid poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Be sure the reader will notice such mistakes fast. You can use spell checkers, ask a friend to read the letter or just read it aloud to hear what you've written. Use receptionist cover letter examples to write a quality document.

How to Edit Receptionist Cover Letter Template

No matter you need to edit a cover letter template, or write a cover letter by yourself, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor will be the best helper. It is one of the most popular PDF editor in the market and you can easily manage all your PDF documents with it.

Key Features:

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Step 1. Open the Receptionist Cover Letter Template

cover letter examples for receptionist

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

receptionist cover letter examples

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Receptionist Cover Letter

cover letter for receptionist
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