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Applying for internship today? You need a cover letter for internship to improve your chances of getting one. Internship cover letter should be customized to a precise internship with examples of your academic, co-curricular and work experiences. Here is a sample cover letter for internship including great tips to help you craft a winning cover letter.

Internship Cover Letter Template

internship cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for internship. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Cover Letter for Internship Sample (Text)

Rose Allen Woods,
2 Main Avenue,
New Havenland, CO 80504
Cell: (555)432-7465


Mr. Skipper Algon,
Senior Marketing Manager,
Zecon Chain Stores,
23 Avergrade, CO 76565
New Havenland, CO

Dear Mr. Algon,

As a driven student currently pursuing a Diploma in Business Management in Marketing, I am highly interested in your posting for Zecon Chain Store Marketing Internships. My background perfectly blends with experience and qualifications sought by Zecon Chain Store, especially my previous marketing roles as a Marketing Intern with Oppal Computers and Washington Historical Museum. I believe I will add value to your organization.

Courtesy of my previous internship roles and educational background, I am well equipped with marketing strategies for local organizations, online and social media marketing outreaches and seamlessly working with other departments in various projects to drive the marketing message. My career history and experience has offered me critical skills and abilities including sharpening my interpersonal skills. I also excel in:

  • Excellent organization skills
  • Ability to prioritize within highly changing marketing surroundings
  • IT skills, particularly in software use and management and data entry
  • Certified social media marketing skills
  • Strong written and verbal skills
  • Ability to work within a team and independently
  • Analyzing data to forecast consumer future trends

In addition to my personal qualities and academic abilities, I have a passion and solid marketing track record for local, online and offline marketing. I am extremely enthusiastic about Zecon Chain Store's focus on social media and offline personal marketing and ready to contribute to Zecon's success, profits and continued growth across the state.

Attached is my resume with additional information regarding my capability. I will be following up by mail and in person after a week for an appointment to discuss my background, skills and experiences and how they will meet your marketing needs.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Rose Allen Woods

Tips for Writing Cover Letter for Internship

Best format - Always write cover letter internship following a business letter format, especially if submitting the cover letter by mail.

Contact details - Ensure contact details are clearly placed at the top, employer contact information (if sending by mail) and the date.

Distinguish email and mail submissions - If sending cover letter by post, include a correct salutation and ensure you've signed your name once you're through. If submitting internship cover letter by email, contact information doesn't have to be included at the top. Email internship cover letters also don't require handwritten signatures.

Customize it - Tailor cover letter for internship to the unique position you're interested in. Don't forget to highlight your abilities, experience and skills in relation to the precise internship position. The cover letter need to be very convincing to the reader about your value as an intern in their organization.

Keywords/Key phrases - Include keywords to individualize the internship cover letter such as interpersonal skills, IT skills, social media, organizational skills etc. and include an example of how your past demonstrates these skills.

Demonstrate skills - Offer specific examples of specific abilities or skills you can demonstrate as indicated in the cover letter. Ensure CV or resume clearly proves the skill or ability from your previous co-curricular, academic or work experience.

Academic experience - Stress on academic experience, where applicable, by mentioning academic skills, especially if your work experience is very thin. For instance, if the internship requires demonstrable leadership skills, provide example of how you led a team in class or elsewhere successfully and completed a project.

Co-curricular experiences - Don't leave out co-curricular experiences relevant to the internship position form your volunteer work and co-curricular activities. For instance, managing a college club's accounts can point to bookkeeping and accounting skills while volunteering for a church project can support your organizational and interpersonal skills.

Use sample cover letter - Use an example of cover letter for an internship to get all the information, format and details right.

Follow-up - As you complete the internship cover letter indicate clearly how you'll do the follow up. For example, you can indicate you'll visit in person or make a call within a specific period. However, if the internship posting clearly says no contact with the organization don't include the follow-up message.

Edit - Edit, revise and re-read your internship cover letter for grammar and spelling mistakes. The organizations will probably receive hundreds to thousands of applications and errors could easily lower your chances.

Don't forget email and mail cover letter differences - While submitting cover letter by email, do it slightly from a traditional letter. Ensure your name and the internship title is the subject of the email. On email signature include contact details, avoid listing the contact information of the employer and don't include your personal contact details on the top part of the email. Simply begin the email with a salutation.

How to Edit Cover Letter for Internship Template

PDF cover letter becomes more and more popular in job seeking nowadays. If your internship cover letter is in PDF format, it will definitely attract the employer’s eye quickly. An easy-to-use PDF editor , Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, will help you customize and edit PDF cover letter with simple clicks.

Key Features:

  • Make any modification to the cover letter for internship template
  • Secure your PDF cover letter with password, permissions and redactions
  • Turn Word, Excel, Text, Images and other formats into PDF and vice versa
  • Create customized PDF forms and fill out interactive form fields

Step 1. Open the Cover Letter for Internship Template

 cover letter for an internship

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

cover letter internship

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Cover Letter for Internship

example of cover letter for internship
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