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With the following administrative assistant cover letter you can improve your chances for a future interview by selling your professional skills and expertise fast. Including a cover letter for administrative assistant in your email or traditional application is a perfect way of emphasizing resume information. Quality cover letter administrative assistant samples aid you to seamlessly connect job requirements as advertised and your individual skills.

Free Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Template

administrative assistant cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for administrative assistant. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

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Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Jane Sommers,
4312 Eb St.
Georgetown, OH 21034
Cell: (555) 654-4766

February 25, 2018

Smith D. Kline,
General Overseer,
Accords Company,
3214 Main St.
Georgetown, OH 32156

Dear Mr. Kline,

This is in response to your Administrative Assistant position advertised on your company website and newspaper. I am a highly experienced administrative assistant adept at providing senior management administrative support and managing diverse workflows.

Enclosed is my resume offering an in-depth outline of my academic qualifications, knowledge and skills in among others administrative work, sales and marketing, tourism and hospitality recreation and varied secretarial duties. I excel in:

  • Exceptional Customer Service and Organizational Skills
  • Unique Attention to Specifics
  • Proficiency in Advanced Designer Suites, Microsoft and Publisher Suites
  • Strong Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Detailed, Reliable, Flexible and Accurate
  • Commitment to my Duties
  • Intermediate French
  • Demonstrable Ability to Track, Develop, Integrate and Execute Innovative Marketing
  • Effective in any Environment and Consistent Team Player
  • Spreadsheet and Data Management

I have been an administrative assistant for 7 years and highly experienced in managing office duties and activities. Multitasking comes naturally with me. I am also able to learn new skills (currently a licensed life coach and improving my intermediate French skills through distant learning).

I am highly confident as your administrative assistant I will be able to meet all the needs you have laid out in your advert. The job description seems like a description of my skills and my professional life. Enclosed is my resume. Do contact me through my phone number or email at your earliest convenience. I will be following up in a week to discuss the administrative assistant position further.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Signature (for hard copy cover letter)
Jane Sommers

Tips for Writing Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

While crafting an administrative assistant cover letter to send by email avoid adding your details and those of the addressed at the top. Starting with ‘Dear Xxx' immediately is okay.

If you're submitting the cover letter and resume the traditional way ensure you've added your signature (email submissions don't require your signature).

In the cover letter for administrative assistant ensure you've targeted the job advertised or making an application for. Come up with a comprehensive list of all your preferences, requirements and qualifications as indicated in the job details. Through your professional experience come up with examples to emphasize your skills to match what the company is looking for. As you match your skills and experience with what is being sought the higher your chances of being summoned for an interview and getting the job.

Carry out some research on the hiring manager to personalize the salutation. ‘Dear HR Manager' or ‘Dear Hiring Manager' sounds too general. Checking out the person behind the title and addressing them will indicate you went a little bit further and found out the name. In case your application is the result of a referral, mention this within the opening sentences of the first paragraph.

You can actually get right into the subject without indicating your name since the hiring manager would probably have read it on your resume.

Avoid appearing too general in the cover letter. Be specific and unforgettable such as “establishing quick trust and rapport with co-workers, visitors, customers, VIPs and callers” rather than saying you're “very friendly” or “great with people” that most hiring managers might ignore.

Use sample cover letter for administrative assistant to show confidence in your letter by positively indicating your best accomplishments and skills for better chances of landing the job.

Write a specific and customized cover letter for every job described and follow up with confidence if you've not heard from the company in a week or so.

Take cover letter formatting seriously considering it takes about 10 seconds or less to draw the attention of the reader. You can use italics and bolds for academic qualifications and job titles. However, ensure the formatting used is consistent throughout. Bullets also make reading easier and organizing your details. The idea is hooking up the screener right away.

Your accomplishments are important. Focus on them. Avoid throwing up list of duties by using action words in the description of your previous achievements.

If you can quantify your accomplishments and experiences you'll reap big. Screeners are hooked up instantly by numbers. For example, indicate the number of people you trained or supervised etc.

Don't submit the cover letter before carrying out a thorough grammatical errors and spelling check. Revise, edit and proofread until it reads well. Cover letters usually come last and most people send them with errors and lots of shortcomings yet it's what the screener will read first.

Take time crafting it to get it right. Use administrative assistant cover letter examples to avoid missing anything.

How to Edit Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Template

If you have download a PDF cover letter template for administrative assistant, you may need to edit the PDF document in order to fit your own resume. Try Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, a professional PDF editor in the market. It will help you edit any PDF file quickly.

Key Features:

  • Create a PDF from other file formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, etc.
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  • Make notes and comments to PDF file

Step 1. Open the Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Template

sample cover letter for administrative assistant

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

administrative assistant cover letter examples

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

administrative assistant cover letter example
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