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11 Printable Christmas Worksheets for Kindergarten Fun Learning

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Christmas is a universal holiday that we have celebrated from time immemorial. However, there have been several changes since the holiday was first coined. For instance, did you know that Santa used to wear green clothes before he changed to his signature red outfit? Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, put up the first-ever Christmas tree at Windsor Castle in 1848, and the tradition kicked off there. Now that you know a few fun facts about Christmas, stay tuned to learn some excellent printable Christmas worksheets for kindergarten fun learning.

christmas worksheets for kindergarten

Part 1. Benefits of Using Christmas Worksheets at Christmas

Here are some reasons why your kids should use Christmas worksheets.

1. Worksheets chase boredom

When the kids have too much time on their hands, they might quickly get bored. Introducing printable Christmas activity worksheets to your kids gives them something exciting to do other than lounging on the sofa all day.

2. They take the tediousness out of learning

Let's face it; very few kids love to learn. Christmas worksheets enhance learning by making it more fun and exciting.

3. You can cover more learning topics

Since kids have a short concentration span, you might take longer to teach specific topics. Worksheets help you teach your kids numerous issues in a fraction of the time without making them feel overwhelmed.

4. The kids get a break away from their gadgets

Too much screen time is never good for young developing minds. You can limit the time they spend with their gadgets by printing some fun Christmas worksheets.

Part 2. Printable Christmas Worksheets for Preschoolers

Having discussed some critical benefits of using Christmas worksheets with your kids, let's see some compelling examples of printable Christmas worksheets.

1. Christmas Worksheets Crossword Puzzles in PDF

Children have brilliant minds which need to be constantly sharpened. An excellent way to help your kids learn over the festive season is to print out some free Christmas worksheets and puzzles for them to solve.

Once you print out these printable Christmas worksheets, the child ought to use the hint to figure out what word will fit into the allocated slots. The younger kids could get the easy crosswords with clues, while the teens and adults could indulge in the harder ones without clues. If it gets too hard, you could look for hints at the bottom of the puzzle.

christmas puzzle

2. Word Search Christmas Worksheet for Preschool

Vocabulary and spelling are language skills that you ought to practice every day. You could help your kindergarteners improve their language by printing out these free printable Christmas word searches with vibrant colors and cool fonts.

To play this game, the kids ought to peruse through the jumbled letters and circle out words they can see. The more, the merrier is the name of this game. You could give every child their own worksheet or separate them into two teams and let them compete against each other. The team that gets all the words wins!

christmas word search

3. Numbering & Coloring Printable Christmas Worksheets

Numbers have never been fun, even for little kids. Since they are just starting with numbers, you could help speed up the learning process by printing these unique numbering coloring printable Christmas worksheets. In this Christmas worksheet for kindergarten, all you need to do is to help the kids indicate in the blank spaces what number comes before and after the number in the middle square.

In addition to number counting, the kids can learn valuable skills like addition, connecting the dots, and counting out and become better at Math. By the end of these Christmas coloring worksheets, you will have plenty of Math gurus!

numbering christmas worksheet

4. Free Christmas Worksheets Maze

Mazes are excellent games to help your kids learn problem-solving and analytical skills. The game's objective is to get from the start to the finish line without running into a dead end. However, they ought to be age appropriate so they won't get stuck along the way.

These free printable Christmas worksheets are labeled according to their difficulty level, from easy, medium, hard and extra hard. You can download easy free Christmas worksheets for kindergarten kids and extra complicated mazes for adults.

christmas maze

5. Christmas Coloring Worksheets

We have yet to come across a young kindergartener who doesn't enjoy coloring. If you are not particularly inclined to play educational games like mazes and numbering games, you could print these coloring Christmas worksheets for kindergarten students.

The kids could color by numbers or place any color anywhere their little hearts desire. Coloring worksheets stimulate young minds, improve memory and boost hand-eye coordination.

christmas coloring worksheet

6. Christmas Writing Worksheets for 2nd Graders

Children have lots of energy during the holidays. It can be hard to keep up with them and make preparations for Christmas day. An excellent way to put all their extra energy to good use is to print these Christmas worksheets in PDF.

There are various options to choose from when using these Christmas worksheets for 2nd graders. You could get the narrative story starters, writing prompt cards, or opinion writing prompt cards and let their imaginations run wild.

christmas writing worksheet

7. Free Printable Christmas Math Worksheets in PDF

Matching Christmas worksheets are versatile activities for children of all ages, including kindergarteners. To play the game, you ought to match the image on one side of the page to a similar one on the other. You could also spice things up by asking the child to say the name of the image to jog their memory as they fill in the Christmas math worksheets in PDF.

christmas math worksheet

8. Christmas Tree Worksheet

Christmas trees are a huge part of the festive season. Most families have created a tradition around decorating a massive Christmas tree with string lights, pendants, and a big star at the top of the tree. You could download a Christmas tree worksheet blends and digraphs and ask them to indicate the correct answer at the back.

For instance, if the top of the tree contains a "ch," the child could indicate all the words that start with a "ch," like cheese and chocolate. These fun Christmas worksheets will keep you and your family busy for hours!

christmas tree worksheet

9. Christmas English Spelling Worksheets

If your child wants to master any language they are learning, they ought to get their spellings correct. These Christmas grammar worksheets will help your child ace their next spelling bee in no time!

This game prompts the children to write how many complete words they can form from the words Merry Christmas. Ensure you encourage your child to find as many words as possible. Even the tiniest word, like "it" counts in these Christmas English worksheets!

christmas spelling worksheet

10. Free Christmas Vocabulary Worksheets in PDF

In this fun Christmas worksheet for preschool kids, they ought to match the images to their correct names. The more they play these fun games, the more their vocabulary grows. By the time they re-open school, they will have a great understanding of the English language and have something to show their friends.

christmas vocabulary worksheet

11. Christmas Tracing Worksheets

We couldn't forget to include the Christmas tracing worksheets on our list, which allow the kids to create fun pictures and shapes. These games also help the kids recall how to count. The outline on these free Christmas worksheets pdf contains tiny numbered dots in a specific order. All the kids need to do is follow the numbered dots to reveal a beautiful picture.

christmas tracing worksheet

Part 3. How To Create Christmas Worksheets for Kindergartners

To create the beautiful Christmas worksheets we have discussed above, you need an impeccable editing tool to make your work easier. An example of excellent tool you could use to create, customize, and edit your Christmas worksheet is Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor.

christmas pdf printable

This PDF editing tool comes with a host of features that you can't possibly exhaust. The Template Mall is also very impressive and contains beautifully-designed templates that make your eyes beam with joy. Stay tuned to learn the steps to edit, merge multiple PDFs and make your image-based PDF editable using Wondershare PDFelement.

1. Edit PDF Christmas Worksheets

Below is a guide on how to edit your PDF Christmas worksheets.

Step 1 Launch the editing tool and select "Edit."

pdfelement homepage

Step 2 The platform will prompt you to select the file you want to edit from your internal storage. In this case, we are editing the sample worksheet below.

select christmas worksheet to pdfelement

Get Christmas Worksheet from PDFelement >>

Step 3 Click on "Add Text" at the top of the page.

pdfelement edit christmas worksheet

Step 4 Add text to the required fields till you are happy with the outcome.

pdfelement add text on christmas worksheet

Step 5 Highlight the text to change the font and size as you see fit.

pdfelement highlight christmas worksheet text

Step 6 Click the "Save" icon next to the file to save the changes to your PDF.

pdfelement save christmas worksheet

Want to learn more about how to edit Christmas worksheets with PDFelement? Check out the video below:

2. Merge Multiple Christmas Printable Worksheets Into One PDF

Here is how to merge various Christmas printable worksheets into one PDF.

Step 1 Launch the Wondershare PDFelement platform and click on "Combine" at the top of the page.

pdfelement homepage combine christmas worksheet

Step 2 Select the files you want to merge from your internal storage. You can also drag and drop the files directly onto the platform.

pdfelement combine christmas worksheet pdf

Step 3 Click "Apply" and wait for the platform to combine your selected files.

pdfelement combine christmas worksheets

Step 4 Save the changes to your new merged document.

3. Make Image-Based PDF Worksheets Editable

Lastly, let's discuss how to make an image-based worksheet editable using Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 1 Launch the Wondershare PDFelement platform and click on "OCR" at the top of the page.

pdfelement ocr christmas worksheet

Step 2 Set the desired parameters and select "Apply" to begin the OCR process.

pdfelement ocr pdf christmas worksheet

Step 3 Click on the "Save" icon to save your new document.


Christmas worksheets are the best way to keep the children at bay during the festive season while you are busy in making holiday preparations. You could also spend quality time with the young ones and help them sharpen their logical skills with the educational games discussed above. After all, you wouldn't want them to be glued to the TV screen all day.