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Have Fun with Christmas Activity Printables During Holiday Season

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During Medieval times, people exchanged gifts, attended colorful church services, and stuffed their faces with delicious food. Fun activities people would indulge in included dancing, singing, Christmas games, and pantomimes. There isn't much of a difference in how people celebrate Christmas today.

Playing Christmas games, crosswords and puzzles is an excellent way to pass the time and cement the bond with your loved ones. This article will show you how to have fun with Christmas activity printables during the holiday season.

christmas activity printables

Part 1. Benefits of Christmas Activity Sheets

Here are some benefits of Christmas activity sheets and puzzles.

More Fun and Entertainment

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Lots of joy and cheer characterize the festivities. Christmas activity sheets and puzzles inject excitement and fun into the already cheery atmosphere by bringing people together to play fun games.

Allow Children To Work at Their Own Pace and Level

It wouldn't be a great idea to rush children when they are learning or trying to figure out a game. Christmas activity sheets are a great way to allow your child to navigate their way through a puzzle without being ostracized by others. When they work at their own pace, they are in a better position to understand concepts better.

Motivate the Young Ones

Children have difficulty concentrating for long periods. Christmas activity sheets and printables are so fun that the kids can't take their eyes off the printed paper. You will notice that they can concentrate much longer than if they sat in a traditional classroom.

Part 2. 10 Printable Christmas Activity Sheets

Without dilly-dallying too much, let's dive into the meat of this article; printed activity sheets and games for you to enjoy with your kids, friends, family, and loved ones.

1. Left and Right Christmas Game in PDF

The game starts when all the participants sit in a circle, and one person holds a gift. You can then read the sentences out loud, taking note of the words Left and Right. Whenever you say the word Right, the person holding the gift must give it to the person on their right. The vice versa is also true. The game ends in the last sentence, and the lucky winner can open the present.

You can download the left and right christmas game pdf and enjoy the anticipation that builds up, especially during the last five sentences.

left right christmas game

2. Elf on the Shelf Activity Sheets

Elves are magical Christmas creatures that probably don't speak our language. Perhaps they resort to coded language to speak to us. In these elf on the shelf activity sheets, you have to be sharp and use the code at the bottom of the page to deduce the message. Each image represents a letter of the alphabet that you have to cross-check to help you get the final message correct.

You could make the free Christmas activity printables a competition and give a prize to the first one to crack the code.

elf on the shelf christmas game

3. Christmas Sheet Activity Search Puzzle

Puzzles are great for sharpening our brains and keeping us alert. They are also an excellent way to pass the time during the festive season when you are not too busy. One of the free printable games you could get is this free printable Christmas word search that contains many jumbled letters.

The rule of the game is to look for the words on the right within the mess of jumbled letters till you can find them all. Let us warn you, though, some of those words are sneaky!

christmas word search puzzles

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4. Make-a-Word Christmas Activity Pages

Make-a-word types of Christmas activity sheets challenge your understanding of language and help you rack your brain for all the words you know in English.

The trick is to ensure that you give a correct English word that is not slang or jargon. You could also make the game harder by omitting the names of people or places. In the game below, your instructions are to make as many words as possible from the word Christmas. Introduce this game to your folks, and you will be very surprised at the answers you will get!

make a word christmas game

5. Printable Christmas Games Coloring Page in PDF

Coloring games are very popular among kids. Christmas activity printables can tame their boredom or help them expend extra energy during the holidays. Below is a printable template they could use for a beautiful Christmas tree, some presents, and a cute kitty on the couch.

christmas coloring page

6. Bingo Card Christmas Activity Sheets for Preschoolers

Bingo is usually associated with old ladies and gents. However, you can shake off this misconception and teach young kindergarteners how to play these exciting free Christmas games. By the time they are older, they will be familiar with the game. Please don't be surprised when one of them fake yells "Bingo!" as a bluff!

christmas bingo card

7. Free PDF Christmas Crossword Games

We all have that one friend that reaches out for the newspaper to fill in the latest crossword puzzle. We are pleased to inform you that you can now download free printable adult Christmas games in the form of crossword games to play with your loved ones.

These crosswords come in various difficulty levels, from easy to extra hard. You could assign the easy crosswords to the kids who are just starting to familiarize themselves with the concept. To play the game, you need to read the hint, check whether you should answer it "Across" or "Down" on the puzzle, and confirm whether your answer will fit in the allocated boxes.

christmas crossword games

Get Printable Christmas Activity from PDFelement >>

christmas pdf printable

8. Free Printable Christmas Wheel Activity

Spin the wheel has been one of the most beloved printable adult Christmas games for a long time. Instead of buying an activity wheel for many bucks, why not make your own using a free printable template? You can involve the kids and have them color the blank spaces to reveal a beautiful outcome. You can cut a notch in the top wheel to reveal a new image every time you spin.

wheel christmas game

9. Free Christmas Matching Games To Print

Matching printable Christmas activity sheets are a great way to improve fine motor control, memory, and cognitive skills in children. All you need to do is download a template, cut out the images and ask the kids to match similar ones. There is no reason not to continue learning during the festivities. You can also ask the kids to name the images on the free Christmas activity sheets.

christmas matching game

10. Printable Christmas Scrambler Activity

The last Christmas worksheet activity on our list is tricky, so we suggest you reserve it for older kids and teens. To play this game, you ought to unscramble the words in the list until they make sense. You can involve the entire family and laugh out loud at the outrageous replies till you come up with all the right answers.

christmas scrambler game

[Bonus] Wondershare PDFelement – Great Printing Tool for Christmas Activity Sheets

If you are hosting numerous people for Christmas and would like to play some exciting games, you will need to print a couple of sheets for everyone. Naturally, you need a tool to help you print them as fast and as conveniently as possible. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is an excellent example of such a tool with many practical features to make editing your digital documents a breeze.

Perhaps you have numerous activity sheets you want to combine into one. The Combine PDF feature allows you to merge multiple PDFs into one, so you don't have to print each activity sheet on a separate paper.

After downloading an activity sheet from the Internet, you might discover that it has margins you don't like. The Crop Page feature allows you to eliminate unsightly or unnecessary margins that would ruin the outcome, leaving you with a beautiful finish.


PDFelement also has a Convert feature that allows you to convert your digital documents from one format to another. For instance, you might have downloaded a PDF but would like to convert it to a Word document. Check out the video below to learn how to convert printable Christmas activity from PDF to other formats.

Suppose you don't want to print all the PDF pages on your Christmas worksheets for kindergarteners and adults. The Print PDF feature allows you to select only what you need to print before sending the pages to the printer.

Lastly, you might want to send a digital copy of the activity sheets and puzzles to a loved one far away. The Share PDF feature makes it easy to send the digital document via email or a shareable link so they, too, can join in on the fun.


Christmas is no fun without great food and great company. As you have seen, activity sheets, Christmas games, and puzzles make the festivities happier and cheerier. If you had nothing special planned this year, we urge you to take a leaf from this article and play a few of the games we discussed.

You might get hooked and want to play them long after the Christmas season is gone! Since there is nothing like a sore loser, you don't have to worry about anybody being grumpy because they lost a round.

Another great thing about Christmas activity sheets is that they come in various difficulty levels, from easy to extra hard. Therefore, there will always be something for everyone!

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