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15 Free Printable Christmas Word Search To Spread Christmas Cheer

Make your holiday exciting with these free printable Christmas word search games.

Making a family word search competition part of your Christmas activities is never outdated. Whether you are a teacher or a parent, having Christmas-themed activities to help spread Christmas cheer while giving children something educational to occupy their time will be appreciated. The Christmas season can be complicated and hectic, but keeping your children entertained with free printable Christmas word searches doesn't have to be.

printable christmas word search

Part 1. Benefits of Playing Word Search Games

The combination of entertainment and immaterial gains offered by this game accounts for a large portion of its success. The advantages of playing Word Search range from improved learning to improved mental performance.

The following are some advantages to playing Christmas word search:

Aids in language fluency. This allows players to learn new vocabulary with an associated context, resulting in improved fluency and ease of expression.

Aids in learning strategy. These puzzles can be very helpful for students or individuals in memorizing or reviewing important terms.

It helps with spelling. This game trains the brain to remember the spelling of each term, thereby improving the player's spelling abilities.

It aids in concentration. Solving word search puzzles is one of the best activities for improving concentration and focus.

It teaches perseverance and patience. Players must also be persistent and patient in exploring the grid, searching for the desired word.

Maintains brain activity. Word Search forces the brain to conduct systematic searches all of the time.

It has a therapeutic and relaxing effect. Word Search aids in the reduction and prevention of anxiety and stress.

It is an excellent socializing tool. Word Search is thus an excellent activity for strengthening the bond between children and adults.

christmas word search benefits

Part 2. 15 Free Christmas Word Search Printable

Of course, printable Christmas word search games are entertaining at a classroom party or at home with friends. It's always a good idea to stock up on Christmas word search games to keep kids occupied when you hear those words that parents despise hearing "I'm Bored."

Here are some wonderful free printable Christmas word searches for you to enjoy:

1. Free Santa Christmas Word Search

A fun activity from Santa Claus for all the children waiting for their Christmas presents. This activity can be printed and distributed to your children, students, parents, friends, and teachers.

free santa christmas word search

2. Hard Christmas Word Search

Each difficult Christmas word search has 30 hidden words. The words can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal and spelled backward! If your children find all the words, they should be very proud of themselves.

hard christmas word search

3. Easy Christmas Word Search

Most common Christmas terms that children will recognize are included in the word search puzzle, such as Santa, elf, snowman, reindeer, and ornaments. All they have to do is find the hidden words in the puzzle.

easy christmas word search

4. Christmas Word Search Free Printable in PDF

This is an excellent option for entertaining the children. They can look for ten well-known Christmas characters. It's not a long, intimidating list, so it's best for kids aged 5 and up.

christmas word search free printable in pdf

5. Christmas Word Search Puzzles

Whatever your reason for needing a holiday game for kids, this Printable Christmas word search is the perfect solution. Would you like to make it even more festive? Give each player a holiday pen or pencil to use as they search for all Christmas words.

christmas word search puzzles

6. Difficult Christmas Word Search

This free printable Christmas word search puzzle is a fantastic way to get into the holiday spirit while keeping your mind sharp!

difficult christmas word search

7. Christmas Word Search Large Print

Everyone can participate in Christmas word searches in large print. The word search game has numerous advantages for both children and adults. This game can assist both children and adults in learning new words and correcting the spelling check.

christmas word search large print

8. Christmas Word Search With Answers

Santa Claus isn't the only popular Yuletide figure. There are a few other well-known and holiday-related characters hidden in this puzzle. How quickly can you find them all?

christmas word search with answers

9. Christmas Tree Word Search

Oh, your Christmas tree! This special decoration is highlighted in this printable word search. The word game reflects how beautiful a tree can be!

christmas tree word search

10. Christmas Wordsearch for Adults

This festive printable Christmas Word Search puzzle is great for kids and families! Also suitable for adults! Ideal for teachers and students in the classroom!

christmas wordsearch for adults

11. Giant Christmas Word Search

This entertaining word search puzzle printable contains many words and terminology associated with Christmas and the winter season. It is a fun activity for both children and adults.

giant christmas word search

12. Christmas Eve Word Search

Printable Christmas word search puzzles are excellent for children. They are not only entertaining but also educational.

christmas eve word search

13. Merry Christmas Word Search

With this super fun snow-themed word search puzzle, you can embrace the joys of Christmas. There are many terms to find, and it is free to print for classroom or home use.

merry christmas word search

14. Christmas Word Search Games in PDF

After a long day of sledding, skating, snowball throwing, or building snowmen, you can unwind with a cup of hot chocolate and this free Christmas word search printable puzzle

christmas word search games in pdf

15. Christian Christmas Word Search

This word search is appropriate for a Sunday school class or to enjoy as a reminder of the biblical Christmas story. You are free to print it and use it as you see fit.

christian christmas word search

Part 3. Best Tool To Print Christmas Word Search in PDF

PDFelement is the simplest way to create, edit, convert, and sign PDF documents on Windows and Mac. This software provides enterprise-grade PDF functionality and perpetual licensing at a fraction of the cost.

christmas pdf printable

Because of the following features, PDFelement is an excellent tool for printing Christmas Word Search games in PDF:

It can combine multiple PDF files. You can add as many printable Word Search games as you want and merge them into a single PDF file to make sharing and sending easier. To make the combined PDF look more professional, you can arrange, reorder, and edit it.

It can also convert other file formats to PDF. If your Christmas word search file is in Word, Excel, PPT, JPEG, or another format, you can convert it to PDF for better file management.

It is capable of printing high-quality printable materials. Users can print selected pages in a single PDF and change the margin, color, and page size.

It includes an OCR function. The OCR feature makes it as simple to edit scanned PDF and image-based PDF as it is to edit a Word document. Users can easily convert scanned Christmas word search free printable PDFs into editable PDFs.

Click the video given below to learn more features of PDFelement to facilitate editing and printing Christmas word search sheets in PDF.

Part 4. 4 Useful Sites to Download Christmas Word Search Printable

Word searches are a great homeschool activity for when the kids need to get away from it all. They're educational, but more importantly, they're entertaining. If you want more printable Christmas Word Search, here are four more websites that provide free resources.

1. Puzzles to Print

Puzzles to Print offers hundreds of free printable puzzles that are ready to print and PDF puzzle books that are simple to purchase and download. Most of the puzzles are designed for classroom and home use, so teachers and homeschoolers are sure to find what they need. Each Word Search costs between $1 and $6.

puzzles to print

2. WordMint

WordMint is a simple and popular tool for creating word searches, crossword puzzles, bingo cards, and much more! Word Searches can be customized and printed for free.


3. Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a marketplace where teachers can exchange instructional materials and gain access to simple digital tools. The materials range in price from free to $10.

teachers pay teachers

4. Puzzletainment Publishing

puzzletainment publishing

Part 5. Christmas Word Search Online Games

There are also online Word Search games that you can play on your devices. You don't have to print or download online options; you can even create your free word search for hours of entertainment. The game interface is quite simple; you can select a difficulty level, and the game will do the timing for you.

1. The Word Search

Puzzles are free to play and work on desktop computers, Mac computers, mobile devices, and tablets. You can also go old school and print them to enjoy later. Plus, if you're feeling more daring, why not make your own with our easy-to-use Word Search Maker and share them with your friends?

the word search

2. 24*7 Word Search

24/7 Word Search provides the best online, tablet, desktop, and phone gaming experience at home, school, work, or on the go. Launch your web browser and play for free on all your favorite devices, whether you have a few minutes or hours.

24*7 word search

3. Word Search 365

Word Search 365 is a fun puzzle game that will put your searching skills to the test. Explore a sea of letters to find and scratch out the words on the list. Challenge yourself by attempting to solve each word puzzle in the shortest time possible in three game modes: Campaign, Daily, and Classic.

the word search 365


Christmas is frequently cold, wet, and snowy. So put on your pajamas and curl up by the fire with this Christmas word search. They're fun and proven to challenge your brain, improve concentration, and get you in the holiday spirit!